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Hercules Cleaning Out Al Haymon Stables~Anthony Joshua vs Dominic Breazeale

IBF Heavy Champ Anthony Joshua, 16-0, 16 KO,  ever more looking to be a modern day Hercules cleaning out Al Haymon‘s stable of heavyweights, defends against Dominic Breazeale, 17-0, 15 KO, at the O2 Arena (Millenium Dome), Greenwich, London, Saturday, June 25.

Joshua looking American & Breazeale looking British, go figure...

Joshua looking American & Breazeale looking British, go figure…

The USurper Breazeale wants us to know that he’s no Charles Martin, the soft Haymon heavyweight that Joshua blew out in two rounds two months ago. Well, bully good for Breazeale to step up for this title shot, however in his last fight where he did indeed step up for the first time against a 43 year old southpaw fringe contender, Amir Mansour, it is exceedingly rare to see a fighter so greatly outclassed as was Breazeale. Mansour swept the first five rounds on the judges’ scorecards by 50-44, 50-44, 50-44, even knocking down Breazeale in the third round for a 10-8 round.

Mansour, however, was so sick with the flu before the fight that he could barely breathe, so his trainers gave him a mouthpiece fitted for his upper teeth only. That contributed to what proved to be a disastrous injury when he almost bit tongue in half during the 2nd round when Breazeale caught him. It remains a mystery how the partial mouthpiece was even allowed by the California State Athletic Commision other than to note these are the same knucklenoggins who approved Antonio Margarito handwraps that turned out to be loaded with a few plaster crumbles in an insert. Nobody in these commissions is ever publicly reprimanded for these rules violations that they are supposed to be screening for, which begs the question, why are they even there if all they are is empty suits?

As the fight finally played out, Mansour had to retire on his stool after gulping a quart of his blood. He was rushed off to the hospital to undergo five hours of surgery requiring 36 stitches to sew everything together. Amazing the amount of heart he showed under such painfully debilitating conditions to dominate for as long as he did.

So while we have to credit the 30 year old Breazeale for enduring such a terrible beatdown, and he did come up with some big punches that hastened the end over his wounded prey, as far as demonstrable skill levels goes as to what normally constitutes a contender, he miserably FAILED his first real test. Thus the prime aged, rampaging Joshua will be the big favorite with Breazeale in desperate need of a Hail Mary punch.  If the flabby Breazeale makes it halfway through round four, the “over” wagers would triple their money, so the oddsmakers are anticipating a huge flux of wagers on the KO of Breazeale before 3.5 rds is up.

That’s just the way it is for this one. If the 26 year old Joshua’s ego doesn’t swell up up beyond containment from the ease of his victories, and he stays in training and progressing, he could finish out as one of the best ever and maybe even undefeated to boot. Gonna be a platoon of big boys out there in his future just waiting for that one shot to obliterate him, so this one more step at a time, easy as she goes sailor.

The Mesomorph vs The Endomorph

The Mesomorph vs The Endomorph

Gut Check Time For Amir Mansour vs Gerald Washington

The 43 year old fringe contender Amir Mansour fights up and coming novice, the 33 year old Gerald Washington in the northwest corner of the US of A, Tuesday, October 13th @ Little Creek Casino Resort, Shelton, Washington.

Mansour passed his biggest test against the longtime problematic contender, Steve Cunningham, beating the holy ding dongs out of him and knocking him down twice in the 5th only to see the ref, Steve Smoger, decide to join the dark side and give Cunningham extra time to recover as has been happening a lot with refs the past few years. A ten count extends into 15 or 20 seconds or even more now as boxing continues to enforce a different set of rules in the ring than are on the books whenever they choose. Nor did he count the 3rd knockdown later in the fight even as Cunningham was reeling about on spaghetti legs when he finally got up.

Any wonder why American fans have been fleeing in droves from lowest fringe sport of all the fringe sports when it can’t properly regulate itself for fair results?

Of course Mansour has himself partially to blame by being an felony ex-con two times over. He made the mistake of whomping one of the “nicer” fighters in the US of A. Cunningham while very game, frankly looked shot and continues to drop bouts right and left, but not this time against Mansour. Judges gifted him with a fairly wide decision, and fairplay, he did come back in the 10th and last round to drop Mansour for a flash knockdown that was a genuine slip causing a glove to touch so to rub salt into Mansour’s wounds from having to fight both the ref and Cunningham.

So now comes Washington as one of sugar daddy Al Haymon’s special projects being groomed to fight his super duper special project. That would be Deontay Wilder, the recent “winner” of the WBC “regular” belt in a canned fight against Bermane Stiverne who “mysteriously” entered the ring dangerously dehydrated, so dehydrated he was hospitalized for tests after 12 rounds of relatively light action in climate controlled environs…YEAH, RIGHT, only in boxing folks. Washington is still largely untested, but he does have some good attributes in size, 6-6, 250 lbs, with strength from a football background and a dynamic, interesting style that has been successful so far, 16-0, 11 KO. Assisted by the backing of Haymon, the modern day Wizard of Oz who controls boxing in a Vegas bunker out of sight where the sun don’t shine, Washington may well turn to be The Next American Heavy that the public has been clamoring for to restore the stained honor of American boxing, but then again pro football and basketball players have never played a significant role in boxing for a good reason. They  can’t box at the higher levels.

The southpaw Mansour is around 6 foot and generally a solid 220 or so lbs, so he has his hands full getting inside without getting clipped, but his style is like a very busy left handed Mike Tyson with plenty of power, speed, and moves in spite of his advanced age. If he steps in to land one of his combos, could also be Washington quickly goes timber via the Seth Mitchell route and disappears from the boxing landscape.

Cunningham vs Mansour

Cunningham vs Mansour

I certainly don’t discount Washington in a fair fight, but, sadly, this may prove be another Haymon canned fight. The officiating in boxing has gotten so bad they can get away with anything these days. Mansour has proven in the ring to be good enough for a title shot, but unless he’s signed with Haymon, it won’t be against the softest belt holder going today, Deontay Wilder. Mansour not only has to fight Father Time and Washington, but also the suits lined up against him as well as the officials. Can he do it?