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Old Lion Manny Pacquiao vs Young Lion Jessie Vargas

Jessie Vargas is the WBO welterweight champ holding Manny Pacquiao‘s old title he won from Timothy Bradley Jr back in April before retiring. Now Manny wants to reclaim it come Saturday, November 5th @ the Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The collective howls of derision from the antisocial media monkeys who were desperate for Junior Welt champ Terence Crawford to get the call promptly soiled any reasonable public expectations for this fight, but just looking at both the excellent title credentials of Vargas coupled with his natural attributes that include significant height, reach, youth, and presumably strength, this looks like a really good action fight. Manny turns 38 next month with 431 rounds waged professionally and Vargas is in a traditional range of athletic prime at age 27 with 189 professional rounds logged, so this the classic battle of the Old Lion against the Young Lion.

Manny’s PPV numbers for Bradley III were about the same as the Floyd TUE Mayweather PPV against the hapless Andre Berto, in other words the expected blow back of fans against both for their sham “Fight of the Century.” So is the public ready to embrace their former favorite again?

Old Lions vs Young Lions

Old Lions vs Young Lions

Boxing is in a major rebuild thanks to that pathetic grubbing of greed and corruption, so nobody should ever expect big PPV numbers again until some legit new crossover stars are born. The much ballyhooed Sergey Kovalev vs Andre Ward PPV that follows this probably won’t clear more than 300-400K if even that because Kovalev is Russian and Ward a P4P STINKER who has made himself irrelevant these past few years. And speaking of pathetic, Vargas should be undefeated after knocking out Bradley only to have the silly putty ref change his mind AFTER he stepped in to save Bradley. How could such blatant idiocy ever be more convenient than that? Amazingly Vargas seems not to have let it get to him, instead turning around disappointment for a very excellent upswing after that robbery, a vicious KO of the undefeated Sadam Ali that earned him this fight. That said, if Manny gets in a half decent camp, he should handle Vargas in a great fight for fans, but it’s hardly the given win his critics complain about. See the Bradley/Ali KOs for proof. Young Vargas has the lean and hungry look of being reborn with cracking power and confidence.

Crawford has a chance to grow a few more fans, humility, and the understanding he won’t dictate the weights and finances like he attempted. Manny’s still the boss and most obviously as a welt if he wins back the WBO title. I didn’t see the alleged Crawford shutout of Postol, but I did see a very crafty Crawford using his speed and power to get the two knockdowns that insured in an otherwise well contested fight he would get the win. That was some smart boxing from the kid instead of trying to match brute strength against a bigger, stronger guy. Now he needs to better calculate his appeal after drawing 60K PPVs for that fight. At any rate, Manny is still the fastest in the division with power enough and more experience at top levels than any fighter going today. He too seems to be reborn after his shoulder surgery, so if the Vargas fight reestablishes his star power, he won’t go away quietly if he can come back once every year like clockwork. His greedy Uncle Bob is already talking about the Crawford fight next April, way too much return action for what is now a full time Senator.

And speaking of politics with this being a particularly low brow, low blow waged American presidential election year, the Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte is as harshly hard line conservative and vulgar as they come. He slandered US President Obama as the son of a whore and demanded US troops stationed there exit the Philippines post haste. America is not his friend, instead looking to Asia and especially China for economic and military allegiances. The last time Manny got caught up in presidential politics during an election year was 2012 when he was baited by the press into offering his negative views of gay marriage in the liberal state of Nevada. That faux pas cost him one of boxing’s worst decision losses ever against Tim Bradley that reduced his earnings by multimillions of dollars. So here we go again with Manny perfectly framed for an identical political crunching moment in time, literally a deer in the Vegas headlights against a really rough, tough, game Mexican for boxing promotional purposes, but who is as native born and endemically American as breakfast tacos have become.

It’s an embarrassment to have to broach the historic reach of boxing corruption in the land of the free and home of the brave where all are guaranteed Constitutional rights in theory, but not boxing decisions. A few days later the big Presidential election occurs, and a few days after that comes the “hated” Russian destroyer Sergey Kovalev  fighting the last American Olympic Gold Medalist Andre Ward in another title fight in Las Vegas. We will see with these two boxing events just how fair America is for honorable visiting foreign nationals these days.

The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple

An interesting development in this fight is the PPV structure will be in house on Top Rank’s own website where they have broadcast fights in the past. The results of this experiment should be interesting, but one problem I picked up early is that the promotion seemed a little weak, and on their website I saw no place to purchase the PPV stream just 2 weeks away from fight time, but we could purchase tickets to the fight, c’mon now Bob. I had to research to google to a completely different website, http://www.toprank.tv/index.jsp where the fight costs $59.99, and which is backlinked to the main Top Rank website. Why their main site has no forwarding link that I see can only be answered by their website designers, but dumb is still dumb by any other name. When I checked back days before the fight, Hallelujah, the forwarding link is there. Better late than never.

The backdrop of this in house PPV was that HBO had already committed to Kovalev vs Ward the very next week and didn’t have the funds left in their reduced boxing budget to finance this, and also didn’t want to have two PPVs on the same month for business reasons known only to them. Top Rank is desperate to develop alternatives after taking a financial bath on both the Manny/Bradley fight and the Crawford/Postal one as well, but criminy, next time put the freaking livestream link on their main site well in advance with the ticket sales for folks to buy the stream at their convenience…duh!

Of course after doing decuple duty, that’s 10x duty as Senator, husband, father,fighter, movie star, basketball player and coach, singer, lover, and the softest touch for money for the needy, Manny could get proverbially old overnight, but I say let him do it his way. He looked dominant in his last P4P battle against Bradley and has earned his chops at least as hard as any fighter in history and harder than most all. Jessie not only earned his opportunity, but is also the hungriest for it in the welterweight division. That counts for a whole lot more than just picking up a payday like many fighters do in big fights these days.

Here they were out of training 2 months away already looking in shape and fight ready. This is gonna be great, guaranteed.

Say It Ain’t So, Flo~Floyd Mayweather Jr Finally Busted

As I mentioned in my leadup to Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto, Mayweather has gotten so arrogant in always getting his way @ MGM Floyd that he is increasingly acting out in unprofessional ways empowered by the unholy alliance with USADA and the Vegas commish who, ahem, happens to be the former FBI director if you want to consider all the problems with credibility that department has had over these many decades.

Drip, Drip, Drip

Drip, Drip, Drip

Now days before the Berto fight, another big shoe has finally dropped on Mayweather in a riotous circus of backbiting revelations involving him illegally being administered IVs of saline, vitamins, and water in his home hours after the weighin of the Manny Pacquiao fight. Such a procedure is banned by most drug testing protocols due to it being a prime method of masking drug use in athletics. Since Mayweather has never had a weight problem and would only need to lose about 4 lbs from his walking around street weight which also happens to be his fightweight, there is no reason for him to be needing IVs unless something was medically wrong with him, in which case he would be in a proper medical setting.

He was caught in the act by the USADA who are supposed to notify the
Vegas commish, but didn’t. Mayweather applied for an exemption many days later which unbelievably was granted by the notorious Travis Tygart run USADA that has now caused a bureaucratic rift with the Vegas commish in a typical American ham-handed power struggle over who’s preeminent in this circle of jerks.

Like Will Rogers noted folks, I only know what I read and don’t make this stuff up. “It” happens as the saying goes and “it” happens a lot in boxing since the general intelligence level of the hacks associated with boxing and drug testing is almost exclusively self serving. They certainly don’t test themselves, you can bet on it. Not only, incredibly they couldn’t even get their scorecards right in boxing’s biggest fight ever, Pacquiao vs Mayweather, only in boxing do these kind of monkey shines go on and on and on and on in perpetuity.

While sounding impressively damning on top of Mayweather’s other 3 alleged failed tests, I don’t discount his ability to slip these accusations since his stink never stinks after his minions at the commish and USADA hose everyone down with rosewater. We’ll have to follow the sordid story to see what happens next. Might they suspend Mayweather before the Berto fight…nah, probably not, only in boxing!



A Time to Flush~Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto

This scorching, boring, simmering summer has spawned yet another canned Floyd Mayweather Jr “event,” this time with Andre Berto in perfect metronomic sequence as befits the stupendous Mayweather Showtime contract. As always, to be “contested” within the climate controlled confines of MGM Floyd in Las Vegas on a Mexican Independence Day weekend, September 12th this year. To be officiated by the usual well stuffed cabbages who will manfully tuck in Mayweather’s bib and cut up his steak into teensy bits before bowing and scraping to all his majesty as they spoon feed him the most ethereal, nothingness points wins in history.

The Marketing

The Marketing

Toddlers in a game of tiddly winks generate more explosive action than a Mayweather fight. If he were a baseball team, every game would be in his home park and in every scoreless innings he would be automatically awarded a run, 2 if need be. If a football team, he’s always playing at home and in every scoreless possession he’d be automatically awarded a touchdown. In a tennis match on his personal court, every time a deuce score came up he would be awarded the game. Everytime absolutely nothing happens in the ring as in the first round against Manny Pacquiao @ MGM Floyd, his cheerleaders burst out of their shorts with, “Mayweather wins the first round EASY,” as one silly putty scribe tried to convince us in his report. That’s why we have to see the “events” to better place in context where all this phoney Haymon/Golden Boy News of the Ring World baloney comes from. I’ll guarantee that if boxing ever goes to scoring even rounds 10-10, or better yet, 0-0, the unceasing scoring outrages Boxing self-creates every fight week would be reduced by a factor of 10. The unwashed public could better see who really wanted to fight and who really wanted to run and duck and cry, but then Boxing would lose that extra control of the fight results and subsequent rewards. We likely won’t see that happen as they continue to dumb down the fight game near to zero relevance with the public because they can still make their silly money as they have done with Pacquiao and Mayweather and now projected to do with Canelo.

Three judges are supposed to have scored the last “event” for Mayweather in the red corner when he was really in the blue corner. Manny was in the red corner, so Manny in the red corner wins the fight, right? So the question arises who ever really wins in Vegas when these commish anointed clowns can’t even fill out their cards correctly not to mention historically adding up their scores “wrong” requiring “recalculations” after the fact along with other gross errors that would shame an 4th grader? Conveniently, they have no shame. Circuses are run better than boxing because when they make mistakes, people get chewed up by lions and tigers or quashed by elephants. Las Vegas gets away with it because they’re part of the untouchable gaming industry that always ensures the odds favor them before the rubes ever set foot in their casinos. My previous musings regarding the irredeemable ills of modern scoring here:



Sure, Mayweather knows to dole out just enough warm, squishy mush for the punch monkeys to swoon over much like he tosses out $100 dollar bills at his strippers. Once in a blue moon he might even score a showy direct hit, but it’s mostly running around with his back turned, twisting and ducking down below his waist before arm locking or choking fighters while lacing their faces in between displaying his patented Hopkins upperbutt, and so much more if we include his patented hitting on the break and the rest of his monkeyshines. It’s been an interesting odyssey watching him morph into a quitting, bawling, superannuated Bernard Hopkins in his later years. I can’t ever think of a pair of lessor “American greats” but it is what it is, a new American era of posing and crotch grabbing that produces non-fighters posing like Tarzan, yet not even able to put up a fight so much as Jane.

Mr. Pinky Finger Comeuppance Mr. Pinky Finger Comeuppance

Cry Baby, Cry

Cry Baby, Cry

How did American boxing ever come to stink so much as this after so much glory with Sugar Ray Robinson, Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Marvin Hagler, and so many other great fighting champions? You could write an biographic encyclopedia of a hundred and twenty years of the most wondrous American fighters known to mankind.

In hindsight however, it does seem apt that Mayweather’s biggest events befit our new millennium that has now seen the US Supremes overturn in one fell swoop tens of thousands of years of world history to rewrite the marriage contract between men and women to also include same sex and presumably other alternative sex marriages. Such turns out to be the perfect national backdrop as Al Haymon and Floyd Mayweather in cahoots with the Nevada commish have gone even further by redefining boxing rules of scoring without even needing to rewrite the existing rules…BRILLIANT!

When Mayweather enters the ring, he has no need for any definitive offensive effort which is why so many fighters want to be his next dancing partner, it’s the easiest work they’ll ever have and quite lucrative as we know. His new game of winning is by not playing, leveraging his defense of refusing to fight that has replaced the 100+ year history of the sweet science to usher in a new type of American stink science. He claims victory by making everyone look as stink as him, except his stink don’t stink according to Vegas officials who always hose down his cards in rosewater. His fans claim preeminence by use of punch monkey numbers as they endlessly troll out the ol’ platitude of “hit and don’t be hit,” except with Mayweather it’s more like a toddler’s game of tag with him posing a single punch one at a time that almost never makes an impression on the pillows he wears as gloves because he’s at full extension at the furthest distance he can safely maintain, the most minimal if any contact possible before he takes off on a duck and run. It’s no wonder that little UFC girl Ronda Rousey challenged him, he can’t dent a gummy bear to save his life. He’s afraid of gummy bear being too close and might hit him. Unless of course Mayweather  decides to foul by grabbing, choking, and lacing until the ref can break them up and warn Mr. Gummy Bear that he’s in danger of being disqualified.

The New Age of Touch

The New Age of Touch

Andre Berto, ahem, was ranked 22nd by Boxrec less than 6 weeks out from the fight, the 13th rated American if we want to really be technical. No need to beat up on him as the latest Mayweather TBA chosen on short notice since he’s already being terribly savaged as worse than unworthy by antisocial media misanthropes. Of course this always happens in every Mayweather event. According to Mayweather’s diehard subjects, none of Mayweather’s opponents are ever worthy to fight him until he records a win over them, and then poof, they suddenly become some of the best ever fighters that he’s beat, “beat” of course being the nonoperative word here. Look up featherduster in the dictionary and see his gloved hands pictured. He missed his calling as a housemaid me thinks what with his speed afoot combined with his featherdusters, but housemaids don’t make his kind of money, so can anyone blame him for making free money that they throw him for showing up to pose, foul, duck, and run?

Where else can Mayweather opponents make that kind of easy noncombatant money in such luxurious air conditioned facilities with all those glittery ladies of the night hanging out at the ready for post fight fun?

One trend about Mayweather continues that is inescapable, some of his judges and many of his fans have started to turn against him for poor performances. We’ve seen this before when he emotionally melted down over the pressure of his fans constantly haranguing him as to why he wouldn’t fight Manny. Predictably, his Mayweather genes took his frustration out against defenseless women that resulted in his 2012 incarceration. In 2014 he had consecutive Majority Decisions against Canelo and Marcos Maidana where he was marked down with draw scores after some judges officially failed to see his ring genius that his minions insist upon. In particular he clowned away the last round against Canelo that turned out to be relatively close on the cards. He lost that final round on all the cards that his loyal subjects subsequently cried about, but the canned nature of his fights has so stroked out his ego that he now tends to act out in nonprofessional ways that his loyal subjects project as “dominance.”

Moreover he always needs his usual performance boost with cortisone injections for his fragile hands as authorized by the Vegas commish, something they denied Manny for his fragile right shoulder that was operated on a week after their fight. That was never ever going to be a fair fight as I first noted in my lead up to their grossly mislabeled “Fight of the Century.”  At one point Manny landed 3 consecutive right hands in a row that knocked him well backwards. With the injections in a fair contest, that sequence might have resulted in Mayweather going down and so on. Mayweather was widely derided by most fans after that nonperformance, and now, he, through his sugar daddy Al Haymon, is currently being sued for $300 million by Golden Boy and $100 million by Top Rank for illegally trying to take over boxing. Additionally, thirty two separate lawsuits have been filed against Pacquiao for not disclosing his injured shoulder that Team Mayweather and the USADA knew about. Mayweather is also listed in most of those suits, so now the stink of boxing’s greed is being booted up the shark chain of civil lawyers for a good ol’ fashion turkey carving.

Will Mayweather clown away this fight against Berto? Here’s a compilation of some of the more recent athletic boners in track, football, soccer, biking, and baseball from lessor athletes.


Bookies have Mayweather as the favorite variously listed as a range from a cartoonish 80 to 1 down to 40 or 50 to 1 over Berto as he looks to “smash,” re: tie Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record which of course he could never do because Rocky also had 43 KNOCKOUTS packed into some of the most violent 8 year careers of boxing history, his last fight being just after turning 32. Mayweather has languidly feathered in his 49 over a 19 year span with 26 KO, in his 9th year of posing his last of 12 “events” at the MGM Floyd. That’s 9 years of averaging a meek 1.3 fights a year, but hey, ho, it’s all about the money stupid. That’s really all that really counts to his loyal subjects when they talk about him, his PPVs and purses.

No surprises with officiating.

Kenny Bayless was chosen as the ref, now in his 4th out of the last 5 “Mayweather events.” Judge assignments went Adalaide Byrd in her 3rd run of Mayweather’s 12 consecutive “events” at MGM Floyd, and Dave Moretti in his 9th of those 12 “events.” Steve Weisfeld of New York is the imported rookie Mayweather likes to use for his 3rd judge to ostensibly keep everything “fair.” Each judge officially earns $8,000, but unofficially?

Mayweather is saying he’ll retire after this, but he said that a few times already and always came crawling back to Golden Boy and HBO before finally landing his Showtime contract, so his word is about as good as the drug tests his team has failed and he has alleged to have personally failed. Not once has his team or the unholy alliance with the USADA and Vegas commish ever officially answered the allegations against him to the public. As it turns, Berto is also the 2nd fighter having used PEDs in the past that Mayweather will give a big payday in spite of vowing to “clean up” boxing.


How could Floyd ever cope with eternal life in the Great Pantheon of Boxing? In Valhalla where all the greats go, mo’ money has no value. Greats lust to fight the best every day, so they’re still waiting on Floyd Mayweather’s little pinky to man up to fight Manny Pacquiao. Even his own daddy refuted him for running from Manny. That he essentially refused to fight in his most signature career moment may well turn to be his lasting legacy in the ring. Now any correction may be too late for him, but like the now broke Mike Tyson, he earned all that money.

My guess is that Berto’s has been daily watching one of the few truly dynamic upsets this year when Krzysztof Glowacki rose from certain death off the canvas to utterly obliterate the record setting Marco Huck. Lord knows the shaky boxing Berto’s confidence is in desperate need of stoking these days, so his time is now or never.

 Americans do so love to prop up their “special” fighters at the end of their careers like Ali who was finally embarrassed one time too many by a crazed amateur lightheavy novice, Neon Leon Spinks. Larry Holmes managed to straggle to a disputed 48-0 before Leon’s younger brother, Michael Spinks, slapped him upside his noggin with Rocky Marciano’s big jock strap. Anything is possible in boxing, especially if officials decide to stage a fair fight, but, nahhh, probably not this time. Next year’s silly money is already in the queue…

BIG vs little

BIG vs little

VADA/Conte/Donaire vs USADA/Rigondeaux for the Cleaner Than Thou Crown

Nonito Donaire will be fighting Cuban Olympic Gold Medal legend Guillermo Rigondeaux at Radio City Music Hall in New York City this Saturday, April 13th. On paper, Rigondeaux has no chance but a puncher’s chance, and he’s not a big puncher though he is a skilled and shifty boxer. The bottom line is that he’s too small and still on a professional learning curve, a baby as it were.

Filipino vs Cuban

Filipino vs Cuban

Nonetheless, the boxing world has been agaga over Cuban Olympic boxers even though most of them simply never got further than where Rigondeaux is, a WBA strap holder for a short while with few wins of any significance on his ledger, currently a mere 11-0, 8 KO, with 59 pro rounds in the bank. His achievements are certainly admirable at a certain level, but nowhere near the top mark that  Cubans typically seem to think they rank. The best of the modern Cuban pro boxers has to be Juan Carlos Gomez, the well credentialed cruiserweight champ and heavyweight contender, yet he had numerous personal issues that set him back, including disputes with managers and promoters, drug use, suspensions, lack of training.

Most noteworthy is that Cuban fighters didn’t get rich like they were promised when they were lured into the pro game. Few want to see them box save some few other Cubans and the ever diminishing remnants of boxing aficionados due to their boring, light punching amateur styles, often showing no heart or guts in the ring and needing plenty of referee intervention and dubious points decisions to keep them going.

It’s always a nice promotional PR stunt with a lot of political push when they get signed, Fidel Castro giving up ever more of his tired, his poor, and his hungry, capitalism starved fighters to come to America to set the world afire, but then? Into the virtual void of “Who Cares” they go.

The reasoning behind making this specific bout is that of convenience, both fighters being promoted by Top Rank, both highly rated, and both in need of a “big” fight, particularly Rigondeaux who has somewhat languished in spite of his heralded amateur success and obvious talents. Donaire  is wanting to silence the unceasing hordes of moaning critics littering the antisocial internet who insist he has been ducking the Cuban, the Mexican, the (insert nationality of your choice here).

In spite of  the positives for making the fight within Top Rank, it almost didn’t come off after stalling too many times to keep up with. Frankly, Rigondeaux  hasn’t looked pleased that he finally landed his signature big bout, perhaps upset with his manager and promoter and his purse, but that has been a longstanding problem with too many Cuban stars. Pro boxing is a cutthroat business and few pro fighters are pampered like the Cubans were used to in Cuba. Fighters in America have to be a star attraction to achieve the pamper level that Cubans were massaged with under the Castro regime.

Rigondeaux can last the 12 round distance if he shows up to spoil and run, but he won’t improve his future earnings with that strategy, see Timothy Bradley for how that works. He’s has to risk going out on his shield and really taking to Donaire in a controlled, clever way, fighting at a level much higher than he ever had to before.

Does Rigondeaux have the desire and the will to endure the big hurt Donaire is guaranteed to hit him with? Does he have the creativity and natural attributes to come up with a strategy that can really take it to Donaire offensively while protecting himself defensively?

Nobody knows what Rigondeaux has in him yet, not even Rigo, but wait, there’s the hope of a new development coming into this fight for him.

Donaire may somehow be weakened after the divorce from his ex-con BALCO trainer, Victor Conte. His tap of the majic swill elixirs that turn run of the mill store clerks into supermen able to leap over multiple divisions and rated fighters with a single bound has been turned off. Donaire may be in his Clark Kent mode for this fight.

Yes, folks, the sad truth is the boxing business has welcomed discredited trainers from the BALCO illicit performance drug operations that netted multiple felony convictions into their sordid, unseemly fold, a perfect fit if you study up on the history of boxing. Indeed, these n’er do well PED pushers have wormed their slimy hooks into top ranked fighter training camps everywhere. New supermen have been resurrected in the form of Nonito Donaire, Andre Ward, Andre Berto, Juan Manuel Marquez, Jorge Arce, Zab Judah, Brandon Rios, and too many others to keep up with. Give Conte and his hunched assistant Angel “Memo” Heredia your sickly, anemic, low testosterone count weaklings and voila, Showtime and HBO will come calling with big money in hand just to see their newly hulked out frames do a cartoon style seek and destroy on their opponent.

Currently we have WADA, VADA, NADA, and USADA all vying for a piece of the drug testing pie as slimy illicit drug testing cartel business operations merge with the sleaze of boxing. Do a web search on the dirty drug testing business after the recent upset by Sam Soliman over long time WBA middleweight champ Felix Sturm to see dozens of sordid press releases and updates all these many weeks later as both parties sling back and forth the kind of stuff you see slung by apes in zoos, and this just one fight!

One thing is for sure, these little banties are gonna be blood dripped bone dry in a head to head fight between VADA and USADA to see which operation is the sleaziest in the land. Nonito Donaire was extracted minutes before an early morning sparring session for example.

What kind of idiotic program is that?

Regardless, the new news is the same as the old news of hundreds of years prior with new fighters taking the most risks being ill advised or otherwise set up by neferious boxing “advisors.” The human condition never changes.

Ahem….is the time ripe for old school Panama Lewis glove tampering cheats to make a return to even up the balance on the PED ledger, ya think?

Lance Armstrong vs The World & Manny Pacquiao vs Boxing

Lance Armstrong vs The World & Manny Pacquiao vs Boxing

Modern Alchemy in Parts Per Trillion

Modern Alchemy in Parts Per Trillion

Sample equation


Drug Screens are reported as PASS, or FAIL with urine reported invalid or adulterated.

OK, you’ve seen the header, so you ask yourself, “Now what in the Sam Hill Dickens to Betsy????”

Patience, por favor as I neatly tie all this together.

DRUG TESTING-how many times are the modern day common folks gonna have that little two word-three syllable phrase shot through them like a never ending sequence machine gun fire before they pass out of this world finally free of drug tests and the talking of drug tests?

Let’s just simplify that to DRUGS and tie up the Gordian knot with the best cyclist and best boxer in the world. Why not since DRUGS seems to be most of what we hear associated with their names in the tabloid media that pass as the source of news these days.

To put this in context, until the US Congress passed the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, the public at large had nothing to do with drug tests, rarely even understanding the light drug testing administered to pro cyclists and Olympic athletes of the era.


Just 20 yrs later, there are near 200 substances/results banned from athletic competitions, half of which can be bought off the shelf at drug stores, grocery stores anywhere:


It is doubtful that few if any athletes have ever existed who has taken and passed more drug tests than Lance Armstrong who signed a waiver to allow testing 24/7/365 days a year, every second of the years he was in competition. Modern pro bike leaders are guaranteed to get tested nearly every day they’re in the top standings, near day to day for a 7X  Tour de France winner like Armstrong used to be before the nattering nabobs of the congenitally dirty pro cycling and drug testing cartels stripped him of his titles.

Manny Pacquiao is the Filipino firecracker who has fought, beat, knocked down, and knocked out more Ring P4Pers in history, there’s nobody even close to him, all in between fighting top ranked fighters in his 8 divisions. Nonetheless, the ever rotating gangs of commissioners, Poohbahs, and existential conmen who historically float in and out of pro boxing, a sport that was birthed in freefall and organized as free for all Battle Royale for most of it’s existence due to a lack of unifying leadership, well, they stripped him of his title and rank earlier in the year. His long time Boxrec/Ring #1 P4Per rank was stripped before he ever entered the ring. The next month his WBO welter title got taken away by the usual assorted sordid panel of boxing “judges” hired not to fairly judge according to accepted rules of scoring a bout, but to “appoint” a new champion who had to hang his belt on the wheelchair he was convalescing in after the bout.

The WBO appointed a panel of judges to review the fight and they awarded Pacquiao with a lopsided unanimous decision, yet the original decision still stands, who to thank?

A family of convicted felons currently operating in boxing had already attempted to strip him of his honor with drug accusations, but Pacquiao fought back, winning every court round before accepting a private settlement after the court ordered the thugs to pay the preliminary legal fees of his legal team. Pacquiao also got a public apology out of them, all of which means very little in that substantial portion of the boxing world that is devoid of any honor.

Lance Armstrong is also a fighter who has won near all his battles against his enemies, really his friends and admirers who cheered him on and built him the tallest pedestal in the world to perch him on for worship before they yanked it out from under him and cheered his crashing fall, such wonderful friends they were. The US Feds dropped their investigation of him because the only evidence they had against him was the ever changing lies from the sociopathic pack of liars and cheats in the bike world who were busted for performance enhancing drugs and/or otherwise forced into making statements to save their own bacon. Any spare kernel of truth gets buried in the pile of refuse streaming out of their dirty mouths, but to be fair, that only drops pro bike athletes down to the level of the common politician or businessman who shape the world in which we all live.

Historically, lying has as often as not been an accepted way of life though they can hit a citizen with felony perjury charges if the evidence shows they lied under oath on the witness stand. That’s what dragged down the infamous presidency of Willy Clinton who was impeached by Congress, but then cleared by Congress, now go figure that.

So if you head up a big nation like the US of A, lying is OK, an accepted part of the job description of a politician. Lying is obviously OK with corporate America as evidenced by the quarter billion dollar yearly tax returns the impeached former president been filing since he managed to finish his term of disgrace.

Luckily he never had to pass Lance Armstrong testing, nor did the dim dummy who followed him.

In the Lance Armstrong case, there is zero physical evidence, instead relying on the testimony of known liars who shift their stories in response to threats by federal investigators and prosecutors after an expensive waste of taxpayer money investigation was dropped. The Feds finally managed to get enough teammates and peers to testify against Armstrong in private hearings conducted by the USADA.

So, the Manny Pacquiao team should ask themselves, why bother agreeing to non standard drug testing demands by a family of felons and a boxing promoter of liars when the cleanest athlete by the most drug testing in the world has been stripped of everything?

You could expand that to include every common man and woman in the world. It really doesn’t matter if anyone uses drugs any more if the drug tests are worthless and count for nothing when they show nothing.

Or, if a single one comes back positive for trace parts in millions, billions, or even trillions as has happened to a stablemate of Floyd Mayweather Jr, Andre Berto, his former WBC #1 mandatory that he conveniently never fought, well, it killed his rematch with Victor Ortiz in what would have been a lucrative IBF/WBC unification in Las Vegas. In boxing, no problem, Berto just moved his damaged act to California where CSAC isn’t so fussy about sanctioning fighters with positive drug tests.

Yet the felon that ran the BALCO show, Victor Conte and his hunched helper Angel Heredia aka Hernandez, why they’ve made further inroads into the eroding leadership of boxing, now training some top fighters with a pharmacy full of pharmacological dosages of black majic elixirs designed to create supermen. Additionally Conte has been spokesman for WADA, VADA, USADA dummy drug testing that he had already proven to be virtually worthless.

When his client Andre Berto tested positive for traces of a steroid byproduct that wouldn’t put muscles on an anemic ant, Conte fled to the hills when the story broke instead of accepting responsibility for his athlete. The sorry system he now promotes comes about after he crossed seamlessly from one dark seamy side to the other dark sleazy side as easily as a slimy shape shifter.

Who on God’s Green Acres is buying this sociopathic model of fairplay the rules of boxing are supposed to stand for?

Most boxers are the poorly financed boxers, they often have very little choice as to who their trainers are because they are nobodies in the boxing world as far as generating cash at the gate and broadcast booth. If Conte, Heredia aka Hernandez and their ilk are correct and their fighters turn into legal supermen with even more advantages over the poor club fighter types, that’s OK by the ABC orgs and the boxing and athletic commissions who oversee boxing?

Wow, who’d have ever thunk boxing could sink any lower?

Other pros in the publicly subsidized sports of basketball, baseball, football, they do minimal drug testing, but nobody is on their cases about performance enhancing drug use even though they all show all the expected results of steroid use, bigger, stronger, faster than athletes in the past. Remember, the BALCO scandal revealed that the Olympians involved had passed hundreds of drug tests, so it wasn’t drug tests that busted them along with Barry Bonds and even a boxer, Shane Mosley, it was a physical investigation into the illegal operations of BALCO itself.

Could the NBA, NFL, and MLB really endure a Lance Armstrong style investigation? Could be since big business can pool legal resources not available to a single individual to go up against the Federal juggernaut.

Could the NBA, NFL, and MLB really endure a Lance Armstrong style testing program? Of course not, kiss those publicly subsidized millionaire businessmen and athletes goodbye and watch the dwindling American economy take another hit not to mention the hue and crybabying from millions of fans and voters who support dirty business, so that’s why that ain’t ever gonna happen.

Status Quo stink don’t stink in Status Quo world.

Le Tour de France is a huge European industry making tons of money with TON$ of corporate sponsors financing their own teams, but you won’t hear TDF honchos talking about how their first TDF winner was stripped of his 2nd title the very next year and suspended along with a host of other cyclists. Their supposed top cyclist in history now that they stripped Lance Armstrong is 5x  Tour de France winner  Eddy Merckx. He only had to take a fraction of the tests that Lance Armstrong and other modern cyclists take, but he failed at least one of the few he took and was suspended, something than never happened to Armstrong, but are they stripping Merckx of his titles and good name?

Of course not. If the  Tour de France started applying modern witch hunt standards to their history, why they’d be left with nothing, zip, zilch, bankrupt with a bank vault of new shiny conmen men taking their place to run a new show of pro bike fraud.

Walking Stick That Bonked  Président de la République Française

Walking Stick That Bonked Président de la République Française

They don’t tell you that the Tour de France was founded on a lie to begin with after a French soldier,  Alfred Dreyfus, was charged with selling military secrets to the Germans and sentenced to Devil’s Island, an aptly name place of torturous living conditions. The scandal was a typical French riotous farce that saw the world’s premiere maker of the finest automobiles in the day, Count Albert de Dion, crack his silver and jewel encrusted walking stick on the French President’s noggin that raised a big enough knot to land him a jail sentence. De Dion was so enraged by the time of his release that he created a new paper to take on the existing Paris daily that had supported the acquittal of Dreyfus.

De Dion’s new paper struggled until they created the first Tour de France bike race, considered a physically impossible race with no significant entries until they sweetened the pot with big prizes. Suddenly they were deluged with entries, a resounding success too big to properly manage, but serving it’s purpose by quickly overtaking and then bankrupting the newspaper that correctly supported the innocent Dreyfus.

So, the business running the Tour de France based on the lie of Dreyfus’ guilt was rewarded by French citizens who went with the LIE, and they’ve been rolling downhill in lies ever since, now stuck in the bottom in a pit of lies and gnashing teeth as their world has been exposed, yet still in denial about their glorious, storied premiere bike race in the world.

Armstrong in his comeback posted his mandatory drug results ONLINE for the web community to see and comment on, something he did voluntarily, and he placed 3rd that year in his unprecedented comeback from retirement and a broken collarbone that hindered his training going into the race, AND THEY EVEN STRIPPED HIM OF THAT INSPIRING RESULT!!!!!!!!!!!

Folks, I can guarantee that if you tested ALL the honchos at all money sucking drug testing cartels currently siphoning off money from pro sports with dubious drug tests often based on trace results in parts per trillion, why ALL WOULD FAIL!

Lance Armstrong passed all his tests, yet somehow athletes who are pulled from the general populace are held to higher standards than the folks who do the testing and the folks who run the show, now why is that?

Same deal in business and politics all over the world. 98% of the big and little honchos who run the world couldn’t pass a Lance Armstrong drug test because the test has no rational basis for existence other than making money for the illicit drug testing cartels and holding the power of scientific voodoo over business and political leaders too corrupt to meet standards they require in others.

Now, I ain’t interested in saving cycling, ball sports, or any of the other sports, but boxing is the great, great, too many greats to mention great grandaddy of pro sports. Top fighters were almost always at the top of the heap in acclaim and earnings going back to even before the Greeks.

I’m not stupid enough to think I can save boxing which has survived without any of my input for thousands of years, but being stupid would at least alleviate the pain I feel when hard training, hard fighting pros are set up to be fleeced and knocked down on their future earnings or even bounced out of the sport. But I tell you that this, the drug testing lie promoted by much of the tabloid boxing press has got to go. It ain’t Olympic Drug Testing, not even close, but that’s all most of them drone about, introducing Olympic style drug testing. What most of the media monkeys shoeshining the public know about Olympic drug testing wouldn’t even merit a strawman ranking.

Golden Boy Promotions owner, Oscar de la Hoya, he publically apologized to Manny Pacquiao as part of a settlement of his lawsuit against them. Floyd Mayweather Jr apologized for his family and settled out of court, so the only honorable thing for Ring Magazine to do is apologize to the public at large, a front and center cover, the whole nine yards.

I’m talking about the GBP/Ring promotion of previous specious drug testing baloney about cleaning up the sport marketed to the public. They’ve done no such thing. It’s no good for the sport and promotes such a gutter level foulness and profanity in their comments section that would gag a sewage pond. None of their social media commentators could pass Olympic or Lance Armstrong styled drug testing anyway any more than any of the Ring staff could.

But, it ain’t my business they’re dragging down. If they want to shoot off their feet, pluck out their eyes and drink poisoned illicit drug testing cartel koolaid, well then, let it be so. They already killed the biggest promotion in the history of the sport, Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr by insisting on what they claimed was Olympic Style drug testing. Now that fight has gone bust just as sure as Mayweather went bust and had to serve out a 90 day prison term on reduced multiple felony charges. Now Mayweather’s alleged to have failed at least three of the drug tests that he had insisted on that were covered up by his promotional agreement between GBP and the USADA. Here is the first of a two part investigative report by renown boxing author Thomas Hauser:


In a perfect world, judicious intelligent folk would take a look at the Byzantine world of drug tests and come up with a modest random program to fit the unique situation of boxing. How the program would be administered is the devil of the details what with all the feudal state commissions and ABC orgs littering the boxing landscape vying for their piece of the boxing pie, but in a perfect world, judicious intelligent folk could easily figure this out.

Oh, the irony would be sweet indeed, but judicious intelligent folk appear to have gotten the evolutionary heave-ho from the business of boxing judging by their failure to make the richest boxing match in their history not to mention the more obvious evidence of dumbed down modern fans befouling the comments sections of their media articles.

So much for the evolutionary model of the ascension of man. Like I stated, it doesn’t matter if anyone uses drugs any more if the drug tests are worthless and count for nothing when they show nothing. Damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead, more and more drug tests, this time testing for parts in quadrillions!

Robert Guerrero vs Andre Berto–Guerrero Means WAR!

The Interim WBC welterweight title is up for grabs Saturday, November 24, Citizens Business Bank Arena, Ontario, California when Robert Guerrero defends against former champ, Andre Berto. Guerrero has been making steady inroads on his way up in the boxing world while Berto has been on the way down after a hard loss of his title to the oft disparaged Victor Ortiz. Then Berto booted their lucrative rematch over a positive trace of nandrosterone in the prefight drug tests done by VADA.

Let's Do It!

Let’s Do It!

Robert The Ghost Guerrero is a fine champion long relegated to the back pages of boxing due a myriad of problems beyond his control.  However, when opportunity came knocking with a chance to secure Floyd Mayweather Jr‘s old WBC welterweight belt, The Ghost jumped all over it. Floyd Mayweather has been in his sights for a couple of years now with Guerrero making some prominent challenges, but he needed to step up 2 or 3 divisions to make the fight, so nobody took him seriously.

Guerrero means Warrior in Spanish, and War is what he waged against Selcuk Aydin, a bruising, brawling undefeated WBC Silver Belt holder from Turkey who always shows up to fight hard. Guerrero fought a tough, gritty fight to show he could step up 2 divisions to handle the strongest fighter he’s ever faced in his career. Mayweather may not be as strong as the young Turk, but he’s got boxing savvy oozing out of his pores and is a tough nut to crack, and tougher to get into the ring, only fighting once a year, so it may take a ghost to track a ghost down, we’ll see.

Enter Mayweather stablemate, Andre Berto, who has taken a different tact from Guerrero. After shoeshining his way up the rankings to become Mayweather’s old WBC #1 challenger, he  won the vacated belt in the cushy way too many modern fighters go about it, that of fighting a set up against a fighter who shouldn’t even be ranked.

Berto was disgraced when he tested positive, a real shame since he scored a TKO on cuts over IBF beltholder, Jan Zaveck to set up the lucrative Ortiz rematch, all blown to smithereens now. Redemption will have to come about the hard way, a classy win over the ascending Guerrero who will be the best fighter Berto has ever faced. He can thank the much beleaguered California commission for giving him a license after his failed drug test. Golden Boy is Cali based, and you know how that works.

Andre Berto’s strengths are a left jab, good conditioning, and some heart he showed against Luis Collazo and Victor Ortiz after he was knocked down. It could also be said he’s the naturally bigger man and easy to hit.

Guerrero looks to be the hungrier fighter with more to prove to himself. He should be the better overall boxer and has more experience. He’s also shown plenty enough grit and heart when needed, so on paper, this is a pretty even match, but Berto will also be the best welter he ever faced, a prime boxer type with some hand speed compared to the brawling, looping Aydin.

I like Guerrero to outbox and outslug Berto when needed. He’s a smart boxing southpaw going against the record of Berto against top boxing type southpaws; a knockout of Carlos Quintana, a disputed win over Luis Collazo who knocked him down, and a hard loss to Victor Ortiz where Berto tasted the canvas again.

I see a fight going the distance since neither is a big puncher at the weight. I only hope the judges can score a bout as well as the fighters are gonna fight it,  likely a highly competitive fight fought at a higher level than the typical boxing judges could ever be counted on.

Beating Berto would be another line drawn in the sand for Guerrero who might be seeing the end of his career coming and is pulling out all the stops trying to make a megafight, but talk is cheap and the best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

Soon enough it will be one fighter mano a mano against the other fighter,  and with luck the ref will stay clear and let them decide who it’s gonna be.

Floyd Mayweather Jr–Will He Really Fight Victor Ortiz?

The fight has been officially announced with attendent press conferences and 24/7 tapings and is now less than a week away. Floyd Mayweather will be coming out of his latest retirement to challenge Vicious Victor Ortiz for the WBC welterweight title at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas this Saturday, September 17th.

Apparently Mayweather has a residency at the MGM Grand since his last 5 fights spread over these past 5 years have been fought there starting with his hotly contested win over Oscar de la Hoya in 2007. He skipped the previous 5 years at the MGN Grand after his hotly contested win there over Jose Luis Castillo in the first fight, so maybe he has a numerology thing goin, but wait, there’s more.

Mayweather vs De La Hoya
Mayweather vs De La Hoya

Mayweather’s last 5 fights will have also been promoted by Golden Boy, so he has definitely settled into the comfy confines of scheduling in his advancing years. He’s become the proverbial “house” fighter after a career of consecutive WBC belts, flitting in and out of retirements and fights on personal necessity.

Ortiz won the WBC  title from Mayweather stablemate Andre Berto, outboxing, outworking, and outslugging the surprisingly game Berto who looked tired and out on his feet at times but couldn’t be stopped. Then Ortiz shocked the boxing world by announcing via Twitter that he would be fighting Floyd Mayweather who promptly shot down that idea as foolish in a fluster of twitterings that pass as the fighters’ press releases these days.

Mr. Muscles

Mr. Muscles

Then lo and behold, a month later the big announcement that the fight’s on, so Vicious Victor wins the opening salvo, but wait, you just had to know, there’s more.

Mayweather as most know is highly compromised legally, facing down more than a half dozen criminal and civil lawsuits in what may prove to be the meltdown of his career. He has pulled out of fights before and now he’s back needing a new cash infusion, so what happens in the ring?

The usual suspects will run off on the sublime boxing skills of Mayweather, dismissing any chance by the 24 year old Ortiz as too raw, too crude, too inexperienced to properly match up against the highly credentialed Mayweather.

This of course ignores the rich history of aging all time greats being beat by lessor fighters too many times to be counted. Stuff happens, and sometimes it happens for well known reasons that are ignored or glossed over.

The talented Victor Ortiz was heavily promoted by Golden Boy as the new star in the making. Things then came unstuck when he was matched against the huge hitting Marcos Maidana in an entertaining slugfest that saw them swap knock downs until Ortiz pulled the plug. Howls of outrage followed with no shortage of insultive suggestions regarding what Ortiz could do with himself.

Since that time, he’s been sucessfully matched against light hitting, top boxer types, Nate Campbell, Vivian Harris,  Lamont Peterson and Andre Berto, all but former champ Harris being Ring ranked. Ortiz pretty much had his way with them though he was most unfortunate to only secure a draw against Peterson who was knocked down twice. Again Ortiz took criticism for backing off and not going for the kill, but that’s the typical unsupported bias through boxing history used against sluggers when they sucessfully use their boxing skills instead of slugging. We seldom see boxers criticized for knocking out opponents, so go figure the average boxing critic if you dare.

But guess what folks, Mayweather is the tip of the top boxer types who has proven to be a featherduster since he moved to welter. He needed an assist from the turnbuckle to finish off the game Ricky Hatton, a fluke accident rarely seen and not likely to happen again in his career.

Ortiz is still a developing fighter, so it’s hard to gauge his realistic chances, but he has the raw size, strength, and talent to win the fight against the 34 yr old Mayweather who may be losing his focus. Ortiz has at least made the first part of his dream come true, a signed fight with Floyd Mayweather who ain’t the easiest guy to get a pen to.  

The short of it is that the 24 year old Ortiz is in ascendency whereas Mayweather may or may not be in decline, but now is when their career timelines intersect. Does Ortiz have the heart and skill to finish what Sugar Shane Mosley started? Will Mayweather be distracted by legal woes and handicapped by ring rust or will he outclass the kid at every turn? Has Ortiz’s recent stint at modeling underwear gone to his head?

Or my favorite Mayweather question: Any controversial reffing or judging decisions?

I know this, Mayweather was rocked harder than he had ever been rocked by Shane Mosley who has modest power at the weight. He showed great instincts to not only survive, but have Mosley on the back foot by round’s end.

Can he do it again?

The southpaw Ortiz was a very powerful junior welter, so he’s a dangerous fight for anyone, but maybe team Mayweather see the typical flaws of a young gungho fighter still trying to please everyone yet pleasing no one yet. Ortiz has shown he can be put down on a regular basis, so if Mayweather can put Ortiz down, could be he could showboat his way to victory with no further effort.

In an special Golden Boy promotional co-PPV arrangement, unbeaten Mexican sensation Saul Canelo Alvarez will be making his WBC defense of his light middle title against Alfonso Gomez in what should be a breezer. Is this the setup for Mayweather’s challenge to his old WBC belt that he never defended, a battle of undefeateds against Alvarez?

Here they are looking rather chummy as they keep their options hot:

Canelo y Money

Canelo y Money

It’s up to the fighters now. Could well be the kind of fight you’ll remember for the rest of your life or one of the worst, so let’s hope for the best and leave the worst for later.

Something to Prove–Andre Berto vs Victor Ortiz

A very underrated fight takes place at the Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket, Connecticut, Saturday, April 9th when WBC welterweight titlest defends his title against young junior welter contender, Victor Ortiz.

Andre Berto

Andre Berto

While Berto looks the part of a skilled operator, truth be told his career has been carefully orchestrated against a series of some of the softest touches in boxing considering the reputation the WBC belts holds in some circles. The only legitimate Ring ranked welter contender he has faced, the light hitting Luis Collazo, knocked him down hard and gave him more than he ever wanted to see in the ring again.  

It’s an odd career for the man who won Floyd Mayweather Jr’s title back in 2008 against the unheralded and never heard from again Miguel Angel Rodriguez. I guess some credit goes to beating former titlest Carlos Quintana, but Quintana has never been up in the contender class again after the montrous Paul Williams knocked him cold in the 1st round back in 2008. And Berto did outpoint Juan Urango, the IBF jr welter titlest, so maybe I’m being a tad harsh, but this is one of the deepest welter divisions in ages and Berto has been largely missing in action, so maybe I’m on target.

Victor Ortiz

Victor Ortiz

Vicious Victor Ortiz just turned 24 and has already been in against stiffer competition overall, and now looks to jump a division for opportunity. The positives about Ortiz are that he is a more skilled, versatile boxer with some killer power, the likes of which Berto has never tasted. The negatives go back to his fight of the year type of bout against Marcos Maidana that saw them trade some hard, highlight quality knockdowns, only to see Ortiz quit on his feet after the last one, earning him the derision of armchair fans and hardened boxing people.

We now know that Maidana was very underrated and has that kind of bone shattering power that causes fighters to question their health once they taste it. I can’t say what was in the kid’s heart that night after having his wiring scrambled by Maidana, but that he continued his career with great success against high caliber oposition tells me he’s still in the game to win and make a difference.

The last time out, Ortiz got a most unfortunate majority draw against Lamont Peterson, a bout I thought he won hands down with his slugging, one knockdown, and comprehensive boxing, but truth be told, the critics savaged him for backing off going for the KO, choosing the more careful route of boxing.

So we have two talented fighters with some serious question marks about their true status as top fighters which leads me to think both will be trying to prove something to the public which usually translates to at least a pretty good fight if not a great fight.