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The Undefeateds~Carl Frampton vs Leo Santa Cruz

The battle for undefeated supremacy is always welcomed by boxing fans, so popular British superbanty, Carl Frampton, is doing his part to further the genre by moving up a division to challenge the current Super WBO Featherweight Champ Leo Santa Cruz. The fight takes place July 30th @ Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York. This represents a kind of compromise geographical midpoint for the Mexican born Santa Cruz who fights out of the California area, whereas Frampton fights out of the UK, so that disconnect combined with the lukewarm promotion of such a potentially great fight means this flies under the public radar of sorts.

Tip O The Top of New Yawk, New Yawk

Tip O The Top of New Yawk, New Yawk

Both are top shelf fighters in their primes with excellent skills and well battle tested. The 29 year old Frampton, 22-0, 15 KO gives up approximately 3″ of height and 7″ of reach to the rangy 27 year old Santa Cruz, 32-o-1, 18 KO, but looks to have a speed and power advantage that he needs to leverage since it’s obvious that Santa Cruz will be boxing at distance and with volume for the most part. Just think bob and weave and the quick leaping hooks and combos needed to derail such a distance fighter.

Lots of potential with this fight with plenty of upside for the winner. I don’t care what the odds are because I doubt they’ll mean anything to this particular style match up where the talents and experience are fairly balanced out. The best man on the night tends to win these type of dustups, so we’ll be waiting to find out.  

Big Mouths Mauling~~Adrian Broner vs Paulie Malignaggi

Boxing‘s newest wunderkind and jail’s latest bait Adrian Broner steps up 2 divisions to welterweight to challenge WBA champ Paulie Maliganaggi. The “bout” is today, June 22nd at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Big Broner vs Tyny Rees

Big Broner vs Tyny Rees

It was no surprise when Broner was arrested down Miami way not long ago for biting another man during a fracas outside a hotel. He seems hell bent on duplicating the style and the life of his mentor Floyd Mayweather Jr by way of flushing money down toilet videos to the accumulating rap sheet. Arrangements were quickly made and he was released on bond to be whisked straightaway into a training camp where his minders kept him on the short leash with no muzzle until ready to be released in the ring today.

As mouthy fighters go, these gentlemen are among the mouthiest with mouth flapping apparatuses in a freeflowing spewage of raw uncut sewage, not that many of us could ever bother listening, but that’s what the cacophony of headlines screamed in the leadup.

Broner will likely be the much bigger guy come fight night after rehydration. His team carefully selected the nominal WBA welter titlist Malignaggi as the smallest, weakest link in the Golden Boy stable of available fighters as the least risk to his division climbing ambitions. As with Mayweather, Broner previously had his JC Castillo moment of being beat up when former banty and featherweight champ Daniel Ponce De Leon more noted for his slugging prowess easily gave Broner a thorough boxing lesson, but was just too small to really do more than sting him at will. It takes a knockout to derail a touted Hayman/Golden Boy fighter, something Malignaggi is not likely to deliver.

For the big knockout, go to the supporting undercard where Al Hayman touted heavyweight Seth Mitchell hopes not to replicate his snake eyes exit against Klitschko promoted Johnathon Banks in their rematch. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Paulie Malignaggi is not only a weak champion, but something of an underachiever, best known for the game losing scrap he gave Miguel Cotto when both were undefeated in full pomp at the start of their primes. Since then he’s been more of a poser than fighter, a preener rather than a boxer, though former lightweight champ Juan Diaz had the pressuring style to put him in an entertaining pair of fights that they split. He did seize opportunity to beat the aging undefeated Vyacheslav Senchenko on a stupendous cut that ended his KO drought, but then lucky to scrap himself off the canvas to secure a hometown split in his first defense against Pablo Cesar Cano.

Of the few fights I’ve seen Broner in, he’s been a plodder, easy to hit in his Mayweather shoulder roll defense, but he has the power to overcome light swatters who stand in front of him like DeMarco and Rees did most recently. Malignaggi can stick and move pretty all night to make this fight tough unless his marching orders from Hayman/Golden Boy News of the Ring World are to stand and trade. Broner told Larry Merchant that he’s like dog doodoo on his opponent’s shoe once they sign the contract to face him, perhaps the most apt descriptor of his touted career progress thus far.

Black and Blue....yeah, right....

Black and Blue….yeah, right….

Could be modestly entertaining or more likely deadly dull, but never destined to be a great fight after The Problem leapt over the strongest division in boxing, the junior welts, to have an easier go at Paulie. It is what it is, a soundtrack of profaned and befouled sound and fury to promote a weak era in boxing where promoters rely on gimmicks after having done nothing to redevelop boxing into the spectacle sport it used to be.