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The Hue & The Cry To Ban Boxing

Not all boxing in this example mind you, just cadet boxing training at the elite Army, Navy, and Air Force academies.

A certain ex military captain now sitting as chairman on the civilian advisory board at Westpoint, Brenda Sue Fulton, seems to be leading the charge. Concussions are being blamed as being too numerous, some 20-25% of the academy concussions from boxing, but as befits the typical tabloid press mentality of the media these days, there no mention about banning the other 75-80% of training leading to concussions, nor were those other activities revealed. Facts are in the real world, US military training exercises kill and maim hundreds every year, but no mention of that in this article to provide any risk context at all.


Now, not to demean an honorably discharged officer and up and coming do gooder purporting to be looking after the best interests of our young officer/warriors in waiting, but how about Ms. Fulton look into banning war and disbanding the US Military Industry that is the biggest financial drain in this country, responsible for executing unceasing wars all over the middle east since the start of the new millennium. Hundreds of thousands US service folks are now dead, incapacitated or otherwise mentally and physically scarred for life not to mention the millions of foreign deaths, horrendous injuries, and population upheavals. Then we have the hamhanded US destruction of much their much needed infrastructure. Oh, and how’s about all the Islamic terrorist groups sworn to the destruction of America that their political masters in Washington DC have created by using the military as pawns in a high stakes international power game benefiting the elite One Percenters of the world?

No way Jose, it ain’t never gonna go down like that, too many trillion$ at stake for a lifetime of personal luxury and power mongering.

No sir, that would be far too difficult not to mention imperil her cushy big shot position that 99.9% of Americans could never hold no matter their qualifications. Best to pick a basket of the low hanging fruit and pronounce easy feel good success and sweet dreams at night after the hundred well feted and lubricated dinners and balls held yearly in Washington DC as all bask shamelessly in their despicable deeds. All’s well that ends well for these types of folks no matter the cost in American and foreign lives and futures.

One mother working at the Pentagon, outraged over her son being concussed by boxing, plaintively asked, “All the research and prevention going on in the Department of Defense right now on this, and we are still forcing kids to give other kids head injuries? Have we learned nothing from 10 years of war?”

Again, noting the millions of tragedies in this millennium of US propagated war in the middle east not to mention trillion$ wasted internationally, I say, “No, you people have learned nothing from 10 years of war, nor from thousands of years of war, nor anything of history other than to invent new strategies and devices to kill, maim, destroy, and seize power. 

Noted boxing author Thomas Hauser makes his case for keeping boxing here:


Lest I come across as Scrooge, let me note I have always personally given the highest respect to our honorable veterans who too often end up sleeping on the streets in this supposed patriotic country because they can’t find jobs. Ask Washington and Big Inc, “Why is that?”

One of the problems these academies and other basic training camps have is many young men coming in have a serious weight and inactivity problem such that the military has had to “expand” their physical weight ranges. So how do you train folks who have never trained physically at any sport and spent a lifetime indoors eating and playing video games? How do you teach a klutz how to box?

An Incalcuable Debt

An Incalcuable Debt

The answer is very carefully with longer training camps that should be looked into. I’d say specifically their boxing programs could be looked at carefully for improvements as some women are now also being trained. They’ve already made adjustments according to the article, but maybe they need to be closer matched in weights and delay any sparring until they get the feel for the moves and strategies involved. Get some US amateur coaches in there. Ama boxing in the US is just about dead already, so now is the time to partner up to use their dying knowledge.

I agree with the points Hauser makes about boxing teaching how to deal with personal fears and physical challenges, after all, most people are simply not brave by human design, preferring to flee rather than fight. Boxing can teach them something very elementary about fighting and themselves that will prove useful in combat as needed.

Our Best

Our Best

These cadets will be leading the charge, and the last thing our troops need is some candy ass blowhard freezing up when the action gets too hot and heavy as has happened too many times in the past. Yes, we can do better training our officers, but it’s going to take better military leaders at the top. I do believe our lower ranking officers have surpassed the military brass at the top where the most egregious mistakes are made. Don’t blame boxing.