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SuperSized British Heavyweight Showdown!!!

British superheavyweights are starring this Saturday, July 13th when Joe Joyce, 9-0, 9 KO takes on former American title contender Bryant Jennings, 24-3, 14 KO, and Nathan Gorman, 16-0, 11 KO, a great nephew of famed Irish Traveler bare knuckler Bartley Gorman takes on Daniel Dubois, 11-0, 10 KO. The 3 Supersized Brits are all undefeated fringe contenders looking for their title shot, so fair play to them. The O2 in Greenwich is a top shelf venue and should be packed by boxing crazy Brits not wanting to miss out an an all English Super Dreadnought dustup.

THE LINEUP: Joyce, Dubois, Promoter Frank Warren, Gorman, and Jennings.

The “Juggernaut” as Joyce is known by has style is somewhat baffling in that he is slow and even ponderous both of feet and hands, but he sets a solid pace in a sorta grind em up and spit them out piece by piece style. Jennings the more expensive fighter is coming off a heavy knockout loss to heavyweight contender Oscar Rivas in January, so he must’ve been dangled so good $$$ to fly over to England to get heavily pummeled again. As a late comer in the boxing biz and as such a small heavy relying on speed of foot and hand and at age 34 entering those years of athletic decline of those attributes, I guess he feels now is the time to run circles around Joyce, and maybe he can. Big gamble type of fight for both if they want to progress.

Gorman is reputed to be fast of hand and a solid boxer whereas Dubois is noted as the puncher with both being light on opposition thus far, so this also a big step up for them. This is what prospects and fringe contenders used to do, ie fight each other for primacy, something that has too often been cast aside by the multiple ABC boxing orgs and the multiple belts in each division that has become the running joke.

No matter, this Saturday at the O2 in England is the place for the entire British boxing fraternity to shine, and so it shall be!

Bryant Jennings Challenges WBA Heavyweight Interim Luis Ortiz

Wow, Bryant Jennings Challenges WBA Heavyweight Interim geegaw holder Luis Ortiz, Saturday, December 19th @Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, New York, so where to start with this one in the current reprehensible state of boxing?

Well, how about we begin with a positive in that Jennings has proven to be a worthy challenger and this another big opportunity for him. Ortiz is to be commended by his quick turn around after beating little known Argentine Matias Ariel Vidondo for the belt in October, a mere 2 months from the time of this fight. Those spare positives thusly acknowledged, it must be noted that the manner in that Ortiz won the belt befits the current soiled ills of boxing after one of this era’s more dubious knockouts of Lateef Kayode last year was changed to a No Contest.

The reason you ask?

Only the usual, stupid, positive drug test for steroids by Ortiz. Was the victim Kayode offered this fight? Of course not, that would be too fair of boxing, which as everyone knows is becoming less and less a fairly officiated, regulated sport as fans flee their viewing fleecing by the thousands yearly. Just scare up some ring rusty 38 year old Argentine medical student as fodder for drug cheat Ortiz to have another dishonorable crack at the most pathetic geegaw in modern boxing history, the WBA heavyweight interim title.

As to this upcoming bout, let’s face facts, the winsome, 31 year old American, Bryant Jennings, is the money fighter here with a future, not the 36 year old Ortiz, who, like most Cubans, looks older than his listed age, and a lot fatter than 237 lbs in his last fight would suggest for a 6-4 slugger, his numbers just not jibbing to what we see on the screen. Jennings is a very low mileage 31 years of age coming off 12 sometimes competitive rounds against the best heavyweight of this era, Wladimir Klitschko. He has a very underrated trainer in John David Jackson at his camp to soak up all his experience. In spite of the Ortiz storied Cuban ama career, save for a puncher’s chance, and Ortiz does pack a solid punch not to be sneered at, he is likely to be outclassed by Bryant speed of hand and foot based on their styles. Might even get knocked out since Jennings should possess more power than his career shows thus far and has likely been working on his biggest weakness in camp.

Maybe Jennings can restore a bit of shine to the long time befouled WBA belt, but he has to go through Ortiz first, so let’s see it.

Jennings vs Ortiz

Jennings vs Ortiz



Coming To America~Wladimir Klitschko vs Bryant Jennings

Wladimir Klitschko makes his historic return to America this Saturday, April 25th when he puts up all his baubles against undefeated American contender Bryant Jennings, 19-0, 10 KO. This will be his 3rd fight at Madison Square Garden, that’s New York, New York FYI, his last two appearances being too many moons ago to count.

More importantly, Wlad makes his official challenge this year at the great Joe Louis heavyweight records that have withstood the test of time as well as Babe Ruth’s baseball records. New athletes may come along and nip away here and there at specific records, but none will ever capture the elemental primacy that Joe and Babe displayed in dominating their eras in the richest histories of boxing and baseball.

None of that matters to Wlad since a fighter can only fight in context to his own era, one that he has been instrumental in making boxing more international. It helps that he and his brother Vitali are up there in the great pantheon of dominating fighters, their collective records of 63-3, 53 KO and 45-2, 41 KO add up to an amazing 108-5, 94 KO, not only dominating in knockouts but also in winning rounds, something like 90% of all rounds contested.

The 39 year old Wlad is 24-2, 19 KO in championship bouts going against the prime aged 30 year old Bryant Jennings with a guarantee to tie the Louis 27 total title fight record. The Louis total win record of 26 may well be tied at the end of the year or perhaps broken if Wlad fights three times this year, however, as invincible as Wlad looks by recent performance and record, being 39 years of age is not a typical invincible age for a fighter. He is fighting way past the primacy of any previous heavyweight champion save perhaps how any might evaluate the career of George Foreman. Foreman retired for a decade before coming back to fight his way back to becoming a contender, champ, and on well into his late 40s.

What about the hopeful American contender, the new kid on the ratings block, Bryant Jenning you ask?

For All The Marbles & Baubles

For All The Marbles & Baubles

Well, on paper he has about a fractional chance just above zero, however, at Wlad’s age, stuff can happen, so if Jennings plays it cool and smart, he could be around for if and when some bad stuff happens. I haven’t seen Jennings in a true jab and run fight that he’ll need to survive the early going, so he’ll have to pull it out fresh and hope it’s enough to stay out of Wlad’s range. Unfortunately for him though, Wlad and his brother Vitali are among the best long range boxing heavies  in history. Jennings could try to go inside, a dangerous gambit for a smaller, weaker fighter as Wlad excels at locking fighters up to wait for the ref break in between muscling around fighters to wear them out.

Win, lose, or draw, Jennings has made a bold statement to the rest of America’s light in the loafers, faint in the heart heavyweight wannabes. He’s a fighter and won’t be hiding behind some sugar daddy promoter feeding him the dead and dying like they’ve grown used to. He’s right at his athletic prime in which any young man tends to feel invincible and is willing to go for the biggest prize in boxing. I’m looking forward to this.

Deontay Wilder Finally Steps Up Vs Bermane Stiverne

Freshly crowned WBC heavyweight champion Bermane Stiverne (24-1-1, 21 KOs) defends against his mandatory, Deontay Wilder (32-0, 32 KOs) this Saturday, January 17 at the MGM in Las Vegas. Unfortunately for boxing, more specifically American boxing, Wilder is only a modest prospect by his limited achievements, yet by hook and crook has managed through dubious rankings in the WBC and shady maneuverings at Al Haymon/Golden Boy News of the Ring World to become top rated contender.

Perhaps more telling has been the tepid promotional push since the fight was announced. That this deal is a backroom deal seems more and more apparent as it flies under the usual radar of hyped American heavyweight title fights. The bigger story is news that Golden Boy Promotions has given up his interest in Al Hayman signed fighters and settled his lawsuit against Richard Schaefer the week before this fight.

In contrast look for the planned Wladimir Klitschko/Bryant Jennings fight at Barclays in Brooklyn to be very well promoted as a legitimate heavyweight challenge by a worthy American against the growing legacy of the long time champ. Though the monetary terms have been agreed to, the other big boxing story is the advances Roc Nation has made by the recent signing of Jennings which may complicate the final details.


Yes, “It” Happens!

The Don King promoted Stiverne manage to earn his limited chops and the WBC title by beating long time contender Chris Arreola, once in 2013 and again in 2014 for the belt. Arreola himself had something of a specious record after never having beat a top ten contender, the ultimate scourge of the last decade of faint hearted US heavyweight prospects and their promoters. The last US Olympic boxing medalist, Wilder, was last seen buried in California on the undercard of little known IBF Welter champ Shawn Porter when he defended against even less known British contender Kell Brook. In spite of Wilder’s bronze medal in 2008 and perfect 34-0, 34 KO record, only a couple dozen fans were in the seats of the Stubb Hub to watch him pad out his choreographed streak against long time journeyman Jason Gavern.

Mutt & Jeff Monkeyshines

Mutt & Jeff Monkeyshines

The physical aesthetics of this fight are something akin to a modern day rendition of the old Mutt & Jeff cartoon given the sleek 6-7 tattooed physiology of 29 year old Wilder in contrast to the stubby blubber of the 36 year old Stiverne, generously listed at 6-2 on boxrec in spite obviously challenging the 5-11 mark. In a styles make fights sport, the fight becomes a real puzzle since nobody knows what kind of style Wilder will use since he’s never faced any fighter near the danger of the limited Stiverne who can easily be outboxed in the early going. Does Wilder have the stamina to go the distance against a tough guy like Stiverne? Does he have the power to knock him out? Does Wilder have the chin to stand up to the inevitable shots landed on him? Does he have the innate moxie to know when to move and box and when to stand and land?

We know what Stiverne brings but in spite of 34 fights we don’t know what kind of fighter Wilder really is other than heavily protected and we may not find out given the shaky promotional natures of Don King and Al Hayman for whom fairly officiated fights are an anathema. This is a roll of unknown dice for the public, however there’s little doubt that young Wilder represents the future American boxing interests as opposed to the unheralded Haitian Stiverne who can never generate a decent sized purse unless the unspeakable happens and he knocks out Wilder. Then he would have to sign to fight Wladimir Klitschko in a unification bout, not likely given his promoter Don King’s reluctance to risk one of his last meal tickets.

Speculation aside, the model for this “event” is likely found in the first Michael Dokes vs Mike Weaver confrontation when the unsung Weaver was stopped controversially in the first round in spite of having all of his faculties just because he took some hard punches as was always his style. Naturally Don King secured the rematch which did nothing to settle the controversy with the draw result.

Stiverne is the closest heavyweight to the Weaver style today and there is no historical parallel to the limitations of Wilder, so the big question is whether the ref will favor Wilder or not. Regardless, I don’t see these guys going the distance and the potential for controversy is about as high as it can get for a fight.


And The #1 Boxrec Heavyweight Loser Ending 2014 is:

A fantastical 49 year old heavyweight Frantisek Pacalaj from Slovekia with a record of 0-10, 0 KOs with 8 KO losses is currently ranked last of the hundreds of 877th ranked heavyweights out of the 1075 total heavyweight population. Then we have one Miguel Sanchez unrated below even that.

Been a great year for heavyweights overall with some dynamic up and comers in the mix with Wladimir Klitschko making his last all time run at the heavyweight records. 2015 should be a heavyweight breakout year with America’s strongest heavyweight contender Bryant Jennings likely to challenge Wlad at Barclays in New York.

See you then and stay safe for the New Year celebrations….

Big Heavyweight Undercard: Bryant Jennings Vs Mike Perez

Undefeated heavyweight title aspirants, Bryant “By-By” Jennings and Mike “The Rebel” Perez contest a WBC heavyweight title eliminator Saturday, July 26th. They will be in support of the featured main card, middleweights Gennady Golovkin vs Daniel Geale at Madison Square Garden, New York, New York. Their fight was originally scheduled for May 24th in Corpus Christi, Texas, but Perez injured a shoulder, so it was rescheduled with an “upgrade” to Madison Square Garden, a mighty fine deal me thinks. 

Bryant Jennings vs Mike Perez

Bryant Jennings vs Mike Perez

Bryant Jennings is a highly touted Philly fighter in his second straight Madison Square Garden appearance and should be the “hometown” favorite after coming off his biggest win ever, knocking out Artur Szpilka in a fantastic heavyweight scrap that mixed in high level boxing, heady brawling, and heavy duty slugging. Jennings closed the show in old school Bob Fitzsimmons style with a classic solar plexus shot that Szpilka amazingly managed to beat the count, but could never recover from.

Too many stoppages in today’s boxing landscape are premature and perhaps this one was a smidgeon so, but clearly Szpilka looked done after a brutal fight of give and take. We can understand when the ref walks that fine line in juggling official rules with the spirit of the intended purpose of the rules. Referee  Mike Ortega deserves plaudits in overseeing an action packed classic by use of excellent judgement as he respected the fighters roles, something his peers would do well to take note of.

Mike Perez fights in a stark southpaw contrast, a Cuban refugee washed up in Cork, Ireland where he sheltered before launching his world tour in Germany, UK, Canada, and the US.  He is also in his second MSG appearance, the first being when he beat fellow undefeated prospect Magomed Abdusalamov  into a coma that left him on life support for many months and permanently damaged for life. Though Mago has recently shown signs of improvement, Perez and the boxing community have since struggled to deal with the backlash, most significantly the reputed lax oversight by the New York commission that has resulted in a nasty lawsuit. Perez returned to the ring only a couple of months later for an understandably lackluster showing against a big, tough prospect Carlos Takam in Canada that by hook or crook Perez managed to scrape out a draw.

All talents, ages, and experiences otherwise being somewhat equal, 29 year old Jennings at 18-0, 10 KO and 28 year old Perez at 20-0-1, 12 KO, the compromised mental state of Perez will be key to how this fight goes as he returns to the “scene of the crime.” I expect Jennings to use his speedy boxer/puncher form to take the early lead with the animated MSG crowd roaring in ecstatic delight. Will that be punishment enough to jump start Perez out of his recent ring lethargy to make the good fight for this golden fleece?

The main card is emblematic of two foreign nationals having top billing over Americans on American soil these days. One of the most formidable champions currently holding a title, 32 year old Kazakhstani Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin  and former IBF/WBA champion Daniel “Real Deal” Geale Daniel out of Australia are top class operators willing to travel to wherever for a good fight. Geale is in the mold of a fancy dan stylist who can also fight if need be. He has some terribly hard work cut out for him as Govolokin makes his 11th defense of what has been upgraded to the Super WBA title, all previously won by knockout.

Nice Guys Scrapping For Glory

Nice Guys Scrapping For Glory

Overall these fights could prove to be quite interesting in their fashions, so boxing fans and any casual fans who happen to tune in could score big time, but only if the New York commish can oversee an equitable enforcement of their rules and regulations, sadly never a given in boxing…fingers crossed…XX…

Heavyweights Bryant Jennings & Artur Szpilka Vie For Top 10 Ranking

Finally, after near a decade of corpulent lethargy, the first of America’s big men this year will actively look to crack what used to be their native born birthright as heavyweight contenders and champions starting Saturday, January 25th at Madison Square Garden in New York. Rising fringe contender American Bryant “By-By” Jennings, 17-0, 9 KO goes against Polish rival Arthur “The Pin” Szpilka, 16-0, 12 KO in a 10 round battle of closely matched undefeated records.

Artur Szpilka

Artur Szpilka

If nothing else their ring aliases will breathe a some fresh air into the run of the mill copy cats Cobra, Hitman, and other standard fearsome aliases that seldom match the fighters. They’re also matched well by size with Szpilka at 6-3, 230+plus to Jennings 6-2, 220+plus. Szpilka reach not noted in boxrec, but certainly Jennings’ listed reach of 84″ is in the very highest range of heavyweights, so he’ll have that significant advantage, but only if he knows how to make use of it. Jennings is also at the traditional peak age at 29 years, so he needs to move fast to develop for a title shot within a couple of years. Szpilka is 24 years, just now entering the traditional prime years and and what a gig he landed on HBO. Not bad for a wayward Polish tough only recruited to boxing after a coach noticed his form in a brawl of soccer fans. Form good enough to land him an 18 month incarceration.

Bryant Jennings

Bryant Jennings

Significantly Szpilka is also a southpaw with a diverse range of styles. He can box upright or in a free flow, or brawl as he showed against Mike Mollo in a pair of knock down, drag out classics. Oddly enough I’ve seen less of Jennings who has been on NBC broadcasts, but he seems like the classic American boxer/puncher mold maybe with a touch of Philly dark arts he may use. Also significant after his booming year of 2012 with five fights, Jennings only fought once in 2013 and seems to have realigned with a new promoter, broadcaster, manager, and trainer. How that works for him is unknown, but this fight looks very competitive on paper. I’d favor Szpilka slightly as a fighter since he’s already been mixed into the American scene against slightly stiffer competition overall, but it goes without saying that Jennings is the home money fighter for this nontitle 10 round bout.

I’d imagine HBO hopes to leverage Jennings for a subsequent American world title challenge they can broadcast. The Jennings team has also arranged a top five ranking in both the WBC an WBA if proof is needed about how highly he’s regarded by the suits. If he has any fans in Philadelphia, it’s only a quick skip over to New York, however Polish fans usually outnumber Americans at these types of venues. Szpilka should have plenty of moral support if he can clear Homeland Security after a snafu sent him packing back to Poland to secure more papers. Be a shame if Homeland Security killed what could prove to be the most important American heavyweight fight of the year, but such are the signs of the despairing times in the American big man division now desperate for a resurgence.

The anchor fight of the HBO broadcast also reflect a sign of the times featuring two half sized, very game and skilled fighters, undefeated two-division world champion Mikey Garcia (33-0, 28 KO) defending his WBO junior lightweight title against current #1 contender Juan Carlos “Mini” Burgos (30-1-2, 20 KO).

The big man war has a chance to go head to head against the little man war for the best fight of the night, a perfect duke’em up session for die hards. Might even see an early contender for fight of the year, so don’t be shy now. Best two fights of the month of January me thinks.

All Cleared~Jennings 225~Szpilka 223

All Cleared~Jennings 225~Szpilka 223