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January 28th~Carl Frampton vs Leo Santa Cruz~Boxing Shoots Itself Again?

You’d think the dramatic drop of fan interest in boxing after boxing’s epic 2016 bunglings might signal a shot across the bow of boxing overseers, but noooooo way Jose. These crooks make their money on the wagering and kickbacks, so why should they care about their inferior oversight of their product when it supports them so lavishly?

Here we have two of the finest, most honorable and well trained fighters in the world, the two best in their superfeatherweight division, Carl Frampton, 23-0 defending the Super WBA belt he won off Leo Santa Cruz, 31-1-1. They rematch this Saturday, January 28th @ MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, so what’s wrong with that you might ask?

Top O The World

Top O The World

Well, after the monumental fraud of 2015 that generated near a half billion dollars of lawsuits followed by a miserable 2016 scoring fights, boxing kicked off 2017 with another FAIL when they scored the James DeGale supermiddleweight unification against Badou Jack a draw. Jack not only knocked some of Degale’s teeth out that sent his gumshield flying through the air several times, but also burst his ear drum and had him looking like he’d just been run over by a Mack Truck. That New York transgression near replicated the 2015 Vegas fight and subsequent robbery of what  Sergey Kovalev did to Andre Ward in the biggest fight of 2016. That PPV bout could only command 160,000 PPVs, a pittance compared to the last 20 years of boxing PPVs thanks to sadistic matchmaking and officiating that continues to lose fans all while the UFC has grown into a 4 billion dollar business.

These are two game, highly competitive warriors with most in agreement of the scoring and results of their first highly contested fight. Frampton was a clear winner in a most excellent fight, and likely these two may provide another classic, yet it is never a given on the night if boxing can come up with a decent performance by the ref and judges who in this case tend to be the same 3 blind mice Vegas has been recycling for decades now.

OK, I’m done skewering the suits who run boxing and will let this fight play out. Last time I picked Frampton with no great conviction in my predictor league, but this time I’m picking Santa Cruz to make some adjustments to better leverage his physical imposition on the fight. Thankfully I never wager on such shady officiating, so let’s see what happens next.

The Undefeateds~Carl Frampton vs Leo Santa Cruz

The battle for undefeated supremacy is always welcomed by boxing fans, so popular British superbanty, Carl Frampton, is doing his part to further the genre by moving up a division to challenge the current Super WBO Featherweight Champ Leo Santa Cruz. The fight takes place July 30th @ Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York. This represents a kind of compromise geographical midpoint for the Mexican born Santa Cruz who fights out of the California area, whereas Frampton fights out of the UK, so that disconnect combined with the lukewarm promotion of such a potentially great fight means this flies under the public radar of sorts.

Tip O The Top of New Yawk, New Yawk

Tip O The Top of New Yawk, New Yawk

Both are top shelf fighters in their primes with excellent skills and well battle tested. The 29 year old Frampton, 22-0, 15 KO gives up approximately 3″ of height and 7″ of reach to the rangy 27 year old Santa Cruz, 32-o-1, 18 KO, but looks to have a speed and power advantage that he needs to leverage since it’s obvious that Santa Cruz will be boxing at distance and with volume for the most part. Just think bob and weave and the quick leaping hooks and combos needed to derail such a distance fighter.

Lots of potential with this fight with plenty of upside for the winner. I don’t care what the odds are because I doubt they’ll mean anything to this particular style match up where the talents and experience are fairly balanced out. The best man on the night tends to win these type of dustups, so we’ll be waiting to find out.