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Shawn Porter Sez~First Bone & Now Broner

Shawn Porter is playing with fire by boiling down to 144 lbs in a catchweight fracas with boxing’s most reprobate potty flusher, Adrien Broner, but maybe it’s Broner playing with fire by following in the footsteps of Porter’s 5th round knockout of Erick Bone a few months back . Even with the the catchweight advantage, Broner may have pulled another boner here as he’s one of the easiest fighters to hit, his defense on par to James Kirkland, but without Kirkland’s massive power and stamina.

Shawn Sez He's Showtime

Shawn Sez He’s Showtime

Such hoops fighters jump through just to make more money, but Porter best be at his starving best because the ref will be pulling him off Broner all night like they did to Maidana. The good news is that blocky Porter, who turned pro as a supermiddle as he slowly worked his way down to welter over the years, actually did make 144 lbs in 2011 with no apparent problems. Beating up Broner may be easy, but fighters seldom get credit for it because he’s got the hottest sugardaddy goin’ for him, Al Haymon, who looks to Broner as the #1 Floyd Mayweather future replacement. Broner will be needing the coddling catchweight confines of MGM Floyd in Las Vegas to secure the dirty deed against all boxing fairness, but sometimes the best laid plans go awry.

Thus to enter Showtime Shawn Porter, the quiet type who lets his fists do all the talking, so let Broner flush his money all he wants whilst he’s still flush with his crazy cash.