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The Greatest “What If” Project in Boxing~David Price

The Greatest “What If” Project in Heavyweight Boxing, David Price, will be fighting a young, presumably game never was, Kash Ali, as an undercard support in Liverpool, England this Saturday, March 30th.

“Pricey” as he is still affectionately known by Brits has a record of 23-6, 19 KOs with all his losses by KO. That’s 29 fights total featuring 25 total KOs, a 83% KO win percentage with a total 86% of his fights ending in a KO win or lose.

Kash has a 15-0, 7 KO record against a “who’s that” cast of jelly beans. The only nondescript fighter he faced with a winning record he did manage to knock out though.

In comparison, Price is a 2008 Olympic Bronze medal winner who after several years of careful development, fired up in a meteoric flash across boxing’s horizon with resounding KOs of fellow fringe contender, Tom Dallas, followed by highly credentialed Brits, John McDermott, Sam Sexton, Audley Harrison, and Matt Skelton over a 2 year span. The world was his oyster as fans ooohed and ahhhed his every conclussive, concussive knockout to anoint him the savior and uncrowned champion of heavyweight boxing.

Alas, Tony Thompson, a cagey, highly experienced American southpaw makes his first of 2 entries to knock Pricey into Never Never Land that started Price’s 8-6 run with nary a win over a decent opponent while losing every step up fight. Previously adoring fans were now ravaging him over the internet, but his loyal fans remained steady, and so now he is at another seminal junction not only in his career, but as in Kash Ali’s career as well. Who you got?

Tony Thompson To Sic His Tiger on David Price

Tony Thompson scored the big upset of this year when he nonchalantly knocked the legs out from underneath the monstrous punching David Price last March. Price gamely wanted to set things right, so the rematch was agreed to this Saturday, July 6th at the Echo Arena in Liverpool.



Price had looked well on his way to another easy knockout victory for two rounds until Thompson landed what could best be described as a looping popcorn punch on the left ear of Price, and just that quickly the deal was sealed as Price and his fans scrambled to make sense of the impossible.

The usual descriptors of glass jaw, china chin, and horizontal British heavyweight got tossed around as new Price critics piled on, but now Price has another chance to box a more controlled fight and not try for the early KO as he looked to be in the beginning. Lennox Lewis felt compelled come out of a retirement of a sorts to right the sinking British heavyweight division by training Price on the nuances of the big man division.

Meanwhile, Thompson knows he can do it again, but will Price be so careless again?  Should be a fair to middlin’ fight me thinks, perhaps one of the better heavy series of this era, but we’ll just have to see what Saturday brings us.

Is The David Price Right or Can Tony Thompson Discount Him?

This coming Saturday, February 23 at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, British Commonwealth champion David Price will find out if he can increase his heavyweight value enough to secure a title shot when he takes on long time American contender, Tony The Tiger Thompson.

It’s a crossroads fight between the young lion in ascendancy and the wily old veteran looking to stay relevant with a return to Ring rankings.  Thompson is following in a long line of Americans imported to the British Isles to strengthen the breeding of local heavyweight hopefuls. No belt appears on the line although it is a 12 rounder as befits the aspirations of the two fighters.

Thompson is coming off a major knockout loss to the dominant champion Wladimir Klitschko. Thompson was never able to recover the strength in his shaky legs after the first few Klitschko blasts, and was soon was hitting the canvas often enough that the ref had no choice but to pull the plug. The 6-8 David Price is undefeated at 14-0, 13 KO with the size, strength, and punching power to reprise that fight for Thompson, but it remains to be seen if he has enough ring development and nuance to land such devastating punches as Wladimir is able.

By rankings and experience, Thompson represents the best fighter Price will have faced, and he’s a long, lean, 6-5 southpaw  with plenty of power to trouble any fighter he lands his big punch on. Price should be the betting favorite, yet on paper the fight is competitive enough to represent a danger that Price’s has yet to face, a fighter who could seriously knock him out. The Thompson record is 36-3, 24 KO, almost triple the ring experience of Price, but Thompson is also a grizzled 41 years old to Price’s prime age of 29 years, off-setting strengths and vulnerabilities that make for a potentially exciting fight.

No David Price fight is replete without the mention of his more highly ranked and younger domestic rival, the forever tweeting but never meeting Tyson Fury.  Price and his promoter have long been engaged in promotional one upmanship with team Fury, trying to take their domestic spat to the ring where it properly belongs. If Price does beat Thompson as expected, could be the moneytree finally bears enough fruit to make that fight happen. The promoters and networks  that the fighters are contractually bound need to iron out their own business rivalries, the big elephant in the room holding the big monkey wrench that typically kills these types of fights. See Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr for how that works.

The Test is Pass/Fail, so we will see soon enough who passes and who fails.