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Mexican Carlos Molina vs Cornelius Bundrage

Mexican Carlos Molina as opposed to American born Carlos Molina finally has a chance to defend his lightly regarded IBF junior middleweight title against 41 year old former beltholder Cornelius Bundrage on Oct. 11 in Cancun, Mexico. Cancun ain’t a bad place for a deported Mexican “sexual offender” to land given his entanglement at the good ol’ US of A Homeland Security detention facility. Could have easily been a much worse outcome had he not had some high level suits working on his behalf.

His situation is similar to that of former lightweight champ Jesus Chavez who was deported on criminal charges and had to work his way in Mexico back to the US of A through legal means. Likely Molina makes that attempt in a much more difficult climate rearranged under ever more stringent “Homeland Security” regulations that encourage permanent deportations amidst the ongoing US/Mexico border crisis that contemptible political establishments have created for illegal economic gain for some 30 decades now.

This fight has a look of a dying gasp at the top for Bundrage who has been a rated contender in a weak division without ever looking to be a top fighter, so here we go again for him against another weak contender cum current ABC champ. The good news for him is that Molina technically won’t be the hometown fighter after having lived his most relevant years in America, but the bad news is Molina is a Haymon signed fighter and tough to knockout which is just about the only way Bundrage can win this fight.

Aggressive offense goes against the grain of the defensive nature of Bundrage even if the aggressive pressuring Molina can’t pop a cherry with a pile driver. The fight is likely be a dreary, sloppy affair like most Molina and Bundrage fights, but hey, ho, boxing does sloppy as well as any other profession, so there you go.