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Lance Armstrong vs The World & Manny Pacquiao vs Boxing

Lance Armstrong vs The World & Manny Pacquiao vs Boxing

Modern Alchemy in Parts Per Trillion

Modern Alchemy in Parts Per Trillion

Sample equation


Drug Screens are reported as PASS, or FAIL with urine reported invalid or adulterated.

OK, you’ve seen the header, so you ask yourself, “Now what in the Sam Hill Dickens to Betsy????”

Patience, por favor as I neatly tie all this together.

DRUG TESTING-how many times are the modern day common folks gonna have that little two word-three syllable phrase shot through them like a never ending sequence machine gun fire before they pass out of this world finally free of drug tests and the talking of drug tests?

Let’s just simplify that to DRUGS and tie up the Gordian knot with the best cyclist and best boxer in the world. Why not since DRUGS seems to be most of what we hear associated with their names in the tabloid media that pass as the source of news these days.

To put this in context, until the US Congress passed the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, the public at large had nothing to do with drug tests, rarely even understanding the light drug testing administered to pro cyclists and Olympic athletes of the era.


Just 20 yrs later, there are near 200 substances/results banned from athletic competitions, half of which can be bought off the shelf at drug stores, grocery stores anywhere:


It is doubtful that few if any athletes have ever existed who has taken and passed more drug tests than Lance Armstrong who signed a waiver to allow testing 24/7/365 days a year, every second of the years he was in competition. Modern pro bike leaders are guaranteed to get tested nearly every day they’re in the top standings, near day to day for a 7X  Tour de France winner like Armstrong used to be before the nattering nabobs of the congenitally dirty pro cycling and drug testing cartels stripped him of his titles.

Manny Pacquiao is the Filipino firecracker who has fought, beat, knocked down, and knocked out more Ring P4Pers in history, there’s nobody even close to him, all in between fighting top ranked fighters in his 8 divisions. Nonetheless, the ever rotating gangs of commissioners, Poohbahs, and existential conmen who historically float in and out of pro boxing, a sport that was birthed in freefall and organized as free for all Battle Royale for most of it’s existence due to a lack of unifying leadership, well, they stripped him of his title and rank earlier in the year. His long time Boxrec/Ring #1 P4Per rank was stripped before he ever entered the ring. The next month his WBO welter title got taken away by the usual assorted sordid panel of boxing “judges” hired not to fairly judge according to accepted rules of scoring a bout, but to “appoint” a new champion who had to hang his belt on the wheelchair he was convalescing in after the bout.

The WBO appointed a panel of judges to review the fight and they awarded Pacquiao with a lopsided unanimous decision, yet the original decision still stands, who to thank?

A family of convicted felons currently operating in boxing had already attempted to strip him of his honor with drug accusations, but Pacquiao fought back, winning every court round before accepting a private settlement after the court ordered the thugs to pay the preliminary legal fees of his legal team. Pacquiao also got a public apology out of them, all of which means very little in that substantial portion of the boxing world that is devoid of any honor.

Lance Armstrong is also a fighter who has won near all his battles against his enemies, really his friends and admirers who cheered him on and built him the tallest pedestal in the world to perch him on for worship before they yanked it out from under him and cheered his crashing fall, such wonderful friends they were. The US Feds dropped their investigation of him because the only evidence they had against him was the ever changing lies from the sociopathic pack of liars and cheats in the bike world who were busted for performance enhancing drugs and/or otherwise forced into making statements to save their own bacon. Any spare kernel of truth gets buried in the pile of refuse streaming out of their dirty mouths, but to be fair, that only drops pro bike athletes down to the level of the common politician or businessman who shape the world in which we all live.

Historically, lying has as often as not been an accepted way of life though they can hit a citizen with felony perjury charges if the evidence shows they lied under oath on the witness stand. That’s what dragged down the infamous presidency of Willy Clinton who was impeached by Congress, but then cleared by Congress, now go figure that.

So if you head up a big nation like the US of A, lying is OK, an accepted part of the job description of a politician. Lying is obviously OK with corporate America as evidenced by the quarter billion dollar yearly tax returns the impeached former president been filing since he managed to finish his term of disgrace.

Luckily he never had to pass Lance Armstrong testing, nor did the dim dummy who followed him.

In the Lance Armstrong case, there is zero physical evidence, instead relying on the testimony of known liars who shift their stories in response to threats by federal investigators and prosecutors after an expensive waste of taxpayer money investigation was dropped. The Feds finally managed to get enough teammates and peers to testify against Armstrong in private hearings conducted by the USADA.

So, the Manny Pacquiao team should ask themselves, why bother agreeing to non standard drug testing demands by a family of felons and a boxing promoter of liars when the cleanest athlete by the most drug testing in the world has been stripped of everything?

You could expand that to include every common man and woman in the world. It really doesn’t matter if anyone uses drugs any more if the drug tests are worthless and count for nothing when they show nothing.

Or, if a single one comes back positive for trace parts in millions, billions, or even trillions as has happened to a stablemate of Floyd Mayweather Jr, Andre Berto, his former WBC #1 mandatory that he conveniently never fought, well, it killed his rematch with Victor Ortiz in what would have been a lucrative IBF/WBC unification in Las Vegas. In boxing, no problem, Berto just moved his damaged act to California where CSAC isn’t so fussy about sanctioning fighters with positive drug tests.

Yet the felon that ran the BALCO show, Victor Conte and his hunched helper Angel Heredia aka Hernandez, why they’ve made further inroads into the eroding leadership of boxing, now training some top fighters with a pharmacy full of pharmacological dosages of black majic elixirs designed to create supermen. Additionally Conte has been spokesman for WADA, VADA, USADA dummy drug testing that he had already proven to be virtually worthless.

When his client Andre Berto tested positive for traces of a steroid byproduct that wouldn’t put muscles on an anemic ant, Conte fled to the hills when the story broke instead of accepting responsibility for his athlete. The sorry system he now promotes comes about after he crossed seamlessly from one dark seamy side to the other dark sleazy side as easily as a slimy shape shifter.

Who on God’s Green Acres is buying this sociopathic model of fairplay the rules of boxing are supposed to stand for?

Most boxers are the poorly financed boxers, they often have very little choice as to who their trainers are because they are nobodies in the boxing world as far as generating cash at the gate and broadcast booth. If Conte, Heredia aka Hernandez and their ilk are correct and their fighters turn into legal supermen with even more advantages over the poor club fighter types, that’s OK by the ABC orgs and the boxing and athletic commissions who oversee boxing?

Wow, who’d have ever thunk boxing could sink any lower?

Other pros in the publicly subsidized sports of basketball, baseball, football, they do minimal drug testing, but nobody is on their cases about performance enhancing drug use even though they all show all the expected results of steroid use, bigger, stronger, faster than athletes in the past. Remember, the BALCO scandal revealed that the Olympians involved had passed hundreds of drug tests, so it wasn’t drug tests that busted them along with Barry Bonds and even a boxer, Shane Mosley, it was a physical investigation into the illegal operations of BALCO itself.

Could the NBA, NFL, and MLB really endure a Lance Armstrong style investigation? Could be since big business can pool legal resources not available to a single individual to go up against the Federal juggernaut.

Could the NBA, NFL, and MLB really endure a Lance Armstrong style testing program? Of course not, kiss those publicly subsidized millionaire businessmen and athletes goodbye and watch the dwindling American economy take another hit not to mention the hue and crybabying from millions of fans and voters who support dirty business, so that’s why that ain’t ever gonna happen.

Status Quo stink don’t stink in Status Quo world.

Le Tour de France is a huge European industry making tons of money with TON$ of corporate sponsors financing their own teams, but you won’t hear TDF honchos talking about how their first TDF winner was stripped of his 2nd title the very next year and suspended along with a host of other cyclists. Their supposed top cyclist in history now that they stripped Lance Armstrong is 5x  Tour de France winner  Eddy Merckx. He only had to take a fraction of the tests that Lance Armstrong and other modern cyclists take, but he failed at least one of the few he took and was suspended, something than never happened to Armstrong, but are they stripping Merckx of his titles and good name?

Of course not. If the  Tour de France started applying modern witch hunt standards to their history, why they’d be left with nothing, zip, zilch, bankrupt with a bank vault of new shiny conmen men taking their place to run a new show of pro bike fraud.

Walking Stick That Bonked  Président de la République Française

Walking Stick That Bonked Président de la République Française

They don’t tell you that the Tour de France was founded on a lie to begin with after a French soldier,  Alfred Dreyfus, was charged with selling military secrets to the Germans and sentenced to Devil’s Island, an aptly name place of torturous living conditions. The scandal was a typical French riotous farce that saw the world’s premiere maker of the finest automobiles in the day, Count Albert de Dion, crack his silver and jewel encrusted walking stick on the French President’s noggin that raised a big enough knot to land him a jail sentence. De Dion was so enraged by the time of his release that he created a new paper to take on the existing Paris daily that had supported the acquittal of Dreyfus.

De Dion’s new paper struggled until they created the first Tour de France bike race, considered a physically impossible race with no significant entries until they sweetened the pot with big prizes. Suddenly they were deluged with entries, a resounding success too big to properly manage, but serving it’s purpose by quickly overtaking and then bankrupting the newspaper that correctly supported the innocent Dreyfus.

So, the business running the Tour de France based on the lie of Dreyfus’ guilt was rewarded by French citizens who went with the LIE, and they’ve been rolling downhill in lies ever since, now stuck in the bottom in a pit of lies and gnashing teeth as their world has been exposed, yet still in denial about their glorious, storied premiere bike race in the world.

Armstrong in his comeback posted his mandatory drug results ONLINE for the web community to see and comment on, something he did voluntarily, and he placed 3rd that year in his unprecedented comeback from retirement and a broken collarbone that hindered his training going into the race, AND THEY EVEN STRIPPED HIM OF THAT INSPIRING RESULT!!!!!!!!!!!

Folks, I can guarantee that if you tested ALL the honchos at all money sucking drug testing cartels currently siphoning off money from pro sports with dubious drug tests often based on trace results in parts per trillion, why ALL WOULD FAIL!

Lance Armstrong passed all his tests, yet somehow athletes who are pulled from the general populace are held to higher standards than the folks who do the testing and the folks who run the show, now why is that?

Same deal in business and politics all over the world. 98% of the big and little honchos who run the world couldn’t pass a Lance Armstrong drug test because the test has no rational basis for existence other than making money for the illicit drug testing cartels and holding the power of scientific voodoo over business and political leaders too corrupt to meet standards they require in others.

Now, I ain’t interested in saving cycling, ball sports, or any of the other sports, but boxing is the great, great, too many greats to mention great grandaddy of pro sports. Top fighters were almost always at the top of the heap in acclaim and earnings going back to even before the Greeks.

I’m not stupid enough to think I can save boxing which has survived without any of my input for thousands of years, but being stupid would at least alleviate the pain I feel when hard training, hard fighting pros are set up to be fleeced and knocked down on their future earnings or even bounced out of the sport. But I tell you that this, the drug testing lie promoted by much of the tabloid boxing press has got to go. It ain’t Olympic Drug Testing, not even close, but that’s all most of them drone about, introducing Olympic style drug testing. What most of the media monkeys shoeshining the public know about Olympic drug testing wouldn’t even merit a strawman ranking.

Golden Boy Promotions owner, Oscar de la Hoya, he publically apologized to Manny Pacquiao as part of a settlement of his lawsuit against them. Floyd Mayweather Jr apologized for his family and settled out of court, so the only honorable thing for Ring Magazine to do is apologize to the public at large, a front and center cover, the whole nine yards.

I’m talking about the GBP/Ring promotion of previous specious drug testing baloney about cleaning up the sport marketed to the public. They’ve done no such thing. It’s no good for the sport and promotes such a gutter level foulness and profanity in their comments section that would gag a sewage pond. None of their social media commentators could pass Olympic or Lance Armstrong styled drug testing anyway any more than any of the Ring staff could.

But, it ain’t my business they’re dragging down. If they want to shoot off their feet, pluck out their eyes and drink poisoned illicit drug testing cartel koolaid, well then, let it be so. They already killed the biggest promotion in the history of the sport, Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr by insisting on what they claimed was Olympic Style drug testing. Now that fight has gone bust just as sure as Mayweather went bust and had to serve out a 90 day prison term on reduced multiple felony charges. Now Mayweather’s alleged to have failed at least three of the drug tests that he had insisted on that were covered up by his promotional agreement between GBP and the USADA. Here is the first of a two part investigative report by renown boxing author Thomas Hauser:


In a perfect world, judicious intelligent folk would take a look at the Byzantine world of drug tests and come up with a modest random program to fit the unique situation of boxing. How the program would be administered is the devil of the details what with all the feudal state commissions and ABC orgs littering the boxing landscape vying for their piece of the boxing pie, but in a perfect world, judicious intelligent folk could easily figure this out.

Oh, the irony would be sweet indeed, but judicious intelligent folk appear to have gotten the evolutionary heave-ho from the business of boxing judging by their failure to make the richest boxing match in their history not to mention the more obvious evidence of dumbed down modern fans befouling the comments sections of their media articles.

So much for the evolutionary model of the ascension of man. Like I stated, it doesn’t matter if anyone uses drugs any more if the drug tests are worthless and count for nothing when they show nothing. Damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead, more and more drug tests, this time testing for parts in quadrillions!