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The Remaking of Tomasz Adamek Into a P4P Fighter.

 For the record which can be confusing, Polish heavyweight Tomasz “Goral” Adamek is the champion being referenced as opposed to his namesake who lost his “z,” Tomas “Jumbo” Adamek who fights in Goral’s old lightheavy division.

Tomasz "Goral" Adamek

Tomasz "Goral" Adamek

Goral is becoming something of a modern day boxing legend as a former fight of the year type lightheavy and cruiserweight champion who is being groomed for a major heavyweight title challenge. As a relocated Polish national living and fighting in the US in a waning era of boxing, he may not tick all the ideal celebrity boxes to be marketed to the larger American general public yet, but he has become a celebrity to Poles across the globe and has serious respect from the boxing community.

Since moving up to heavyweight, he’s picked up a new trainer, Ronnie Shields, to complement Roger Bloodworth, both widely respected in the boxing community, and they are adding even more nuance to Goral’s underrated boxing skills as they transform his body into the ideal targeted heavyweight form they have selected, currently 217lbs.

With all the moaning about the heavyweight division that has gone on for well over century now, the handwringers now have a heavy to soothe their tortured souls if they can only dry their eyes as to watch. Adamek really shows up to fight and he is the most decorated prime fighter in the division not named Klitschko, which is good news for next year when it looks like he will want to challenge one or the other.

Goral vs Grant

Goral vs Grant

First he has to get through the intimidating size, strength and power of Michael Grant, a former highly ranked contender who’s career started to sputter after Lennox Lewis demolished him so many years ago. Standing 6-7, 261 lbs of solidly packed muscle, Grant cannot be so easily dismissed as his critics are want to do with careless language.

Even more impressive is the astounding 86” reach of Grant, somewhere approaching off the scale in heavyweight history. Michael Grant was chosen because of that size that is similar to the Klitschko brothers, with a chin dismissed as glass as is a common Wlad descriptor. The assumption is Grant will fight cautiously to protect that fragile chin, looking for his experience to pick a spot for his big shots which are his only chance in this fight.

Which is pretty much the way the Klitschko brothers fight at a higher level of precision and acclaim, thus the need of Adamek to promote his title challenge to them as a genuine threat with a stellar performance ending in a knockout.

Now, Adamek took a little stick when he announced this fight, and maybe a little more when the when even his own team has confessed to turning down title offers from the brothers, but they feel that they are on a fast enough track by being ready next year, so it’s up to them to take care of business to make it so.

As it is, both the brothers are having to defend against inferior opponents, having previously knocked out all the available highly ranked contenders, leaving them bereft of ranked contenders for the big fights they desire.

So everyone has to take care of business since between the three of them, Wlad, Vitali, and Tomaz. They will be facing big punchers weighing in the 240-270 lb range, and surely everyone knows the biggest danger in the BigBoy division is the Big Punch which has derailed many aspirations.

This is the opportunity for Grant to make one last splash in the heavy division and he has Eddie Mustfa Muhammad in his corner, the former lightheavy champ who trains Chad Dawson among other to counter Ronnie Shields. They have their own dreams and have girded their preparations accordingly.

Adamek won’t win many accolades by winning this fight because he is a wide favorite to do it. However, if he fights one of the brothers and does manage the near impossible, to derail their near impregnable defense and near unmatched offensive capabilities, I would imagine putting him near the top of any p4p list as a 3 division record setting champ knocking off one of the all time champs near his best and giving up considerable size to do it.

That is the definition of what an elite pound for pounder is supposed to stand for. Or Adamek could take an easier route to a mega Klitschko bout by picking up the weak WBA belt.

We shall see soon enough where the dreams and Big Money sweeps the fate of Tomasz Adamek to, but he’s already exceeded many expectations and given inspiration to many, not the least being that he has a pronounceable and easily spelled name, a rarity for a Pole, so there ain’t nothing not to like.

Adamek and Grant are two of the nicer gentlemen of boxing, so we wish them well with a good showing by both in their fight tonight.