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Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin

Anthony Joshua continues to take the heavyweight world by storm when he laces up against the long time top ranked fighter Deyonce Wilder shamelessly ducked out on, Alexander Povetkin, taking place Saturday, September 22 at Wembley Stadium.

For the 39 year old Olympic Gold Medalist, Povetkin, this could be his last chance saloon moment in the High Noon of sun if he can pull off the upset in the unified champ’s own backyard. Any fighter worth his weight will have dreamed of this opportunity, but previously Povetkin, 34-1, 24 KO, was never so ambitious. He turned pro to much acclaim, yet was soon seen as too small with no mitigating power to offset this behemoth generation of heavyweights and could only net nominal titles. When he finally stepped up after his own spate of ducking to take on the legendary Wladimir Klitschko, what an humiliating, man verses boy beating he took, but he took it well and is as tough as they come.

For Joshua who is 28 years old and 21-0, 20 KO, this is another moment to carve his name into fistic stone as one of the greatest fighters ever, so I expect both fighters to be in great shape with great battle plans, and given the stylistic and size differences, I expect a high end tactical fight early as each runs through his gears to test the other out. However, if only looking at the traditional boxing numbers that can be crunched on paper regarding the assets and liabilities of both fighters going into this fight, they heavily favor Joshua.

It would take the exceedingly rare, one off fighter to overturn the immutable laws of the universe, but not this time.