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SuperSized British Heavyweight Showdown!!!

British superheavyweights are starring this Saturday, July 13th when Joe Joyce, 9-0, 9 KO takes on former American title contender Bryant Jennings, 24-3, 14 KO, and Nathan Gorman, 16-0, 11 KO, a great nephew of famed Irish Traveler bare knuckler Bartley Gorman takes on Daniel Dubois, 11-0, 10 KO. The 3 Supersized Brits are all undefeated fringe contenders looking for their title shot, so fair play to them. The O2 in Greenwich is a top shelf venue and should be packed by boxing crazy Brits not wanting to miss out an an all English Super Dreadnought dustup.

THE LINEUP: Joyce, Dubois, Promoter Frank Warren, Gorman, and Jennings.

The “Juggernaut” as Joyce is known by has style is somewhat baffling in that he is slow and even ponderous both of feet and hands, but he sets a solid pace in a sorta grind em up and spit them out piece by piece style. Jennings the more expensive fighter is coming off a heavy knockout loss to heavyweight contender Oscar Rivas in January, so he must’ve been dangled so good $$$ to fly over to England to get heavily pummeled again. As a late comer in the boxing biz and as such a small heavy relying on speed of foot and hand and at age 34 entering those years of athletic decline of those attributes, I guess he feels now is the time to run circles around Joyce, and maybe he can. Big gamble type of fight for both if they want to progress.

Gorman is reputed to be fast of hand and a solid boxer whereas Dubois is noted as the puncher with both being light on opposition thus far, so this also a big step up for them. This is what prospects and fringe contenders used to do, ie fight each other for primacy, something that has too often been cast aside by the multiple ABC boxing orgs and the multiple belts in each division that has become the running joke.

No matter, this Saturday at the O2 in England is the place for the entire British boxing fraternity to shine, and so it shall be!

All Brit Grudge Match~Chris Eubank Jr vs James DeGale

Fallen Rising Star Chris Eubank Jr finds himself in a handbag slanging match against former champ, James DeGale this Saturday, February 23rd@O2 ArenaGreenwich  “mean” time, the standard reference point by “wich” the 24 global time zones use to set their own 24 hour day.

The southpaw DeGale, who turned pro as a lauded Olympian gold medalist, won and then defended a vacated IBF title a few times before losing, but then winning it back before vacating. Stylistically he was a lackluster snoozer in his boxing performances and may be a bit jaded by now, perhaps only motivated by the barbarous slings and arrows hurled his way by Junior.

As to Junior, he seems to have the requisite summation of fine physical attributes and conditioning to be a well regarded champ, yet also has under performed, seemingly never having learned how to fully box and utilize sound ring strategy, nor being a “natural born” fighter to pull him out of the abyss, an attribute that most of the greats had. Blame is generally offloaded onto Chris Eubank Sr, a brilliant and stylistically and intellectually bizarre boxer of British legend who stands accused of stealing all the limelight in Junior’s fight corner by his incessant ring posing and posturing in his role as manager and trainer.

Not all has been woe and gloom and doom for Junior, after all he did win an IBO supermiddleweight bauble with a somewhat credible performance over the ancient German great, Arthur Abraham before defending and then losing his title much like DeGale lost his. It is this “lost” IBO title that will be fought for.

The undercard features latest of the supersized British heavyweight prospects when Olympic silver medalist Joe Joyce aims to step sprightly down the well trod path of the grizzled 40 year old former WBC champ circling the drain these past few years, Bermane Stiverne. “B’Ware” seems to have lost most of his few skills and punch resistance, yet remains hungry for another dance on the championship stage that he held for a nanosecond. The boxing aphorism here is that power is the last thing to leave a fighter, so the thought is Stiverne may have a slight punching chance, but that’s pretty much it for him barring that miracle.

Junior in his last week before the fight announced he’d signed a 3 fight deal with mogul puppetmaster Al Haymon, so perhaps now has more financial motivation than ever on paper, but if DeGale upsets him, DeGale could cash in on his next fight if he chooses. That’s the way boxing works, so here the fighters only need to step to the scratch line for a mighty fine opportunity.