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Another Boner for Broner vs Khabib Allakhverdiev

Adrien Broner looks to have pulled yet another boner by “attempting” to fight Khabib Allakhverdiev for the vacant 140lb WBA title somewhere in Cincinnati, Ohio, Saturday, October 3rd. Nobody has let on where they will fight yet as befits his diminished profile in boxing. His omnipresent sugardaddy Al Haymon has leveraged his influence to secure Broner yet another undeserved title shot after stinking up the Ring against Shawn Porter in spite of Porter being weakened by a catchweight of 144 lbs.

Meanwhile, the winner, Porter, sits idly on the shelf being ignored by top fighters and their promoters if you want a clue on how stuff works in boxing these days against the interests of some of their best fighters. I’ve never seen such an inept P4Per as Broner was touted by the Haymon/Gimpy/Golden Boy News of the Ring World only a couple years back. That sure didn’t last long as he continues to be exposed at the higher levels as not having a punch, he can’t box, he can’t really fight, and probably can’t dance, but like he stated to Larry Merchant earlier in career during an interview, “Larry, when they sign to fight Adrien Broner, I’m like dog doo-doo on their shoe. They can’t get me off them.” It’s telling that thus far the boxing public has been unable to get Broner off their shoes either.

Here’s Broner pulling a boner on anti-social media websites as he’s been doing in the ring with his career.

Broner Pulling a Boner

Broner Pulling a Boner

Kahbib may not register as a name with the general public, but this is another in a long line of very tough Russians these days who can fight as he proved in pounding the undefeated zero off Joan Guzman, a far more accomplished fighter than poor Broner. Don’t think Kahbib is signed with Haymon, but if not, it is a virtual certainty that he won’t get a decision over Broner unless he pounds him from from stem to stern and pillar to post with a few knockdowns thrown in like Maidana did. Kahbib does have the advantage of the better trainer here in John David Jackson which should help his cause immensely with the Haymon appointed ref in Broner’s hometown.



Kahbib recently lost a tight decision to Top Rank’s latest darling, Jesse Vargas, so he knows what he has to do here by staying patient and not getting frustrated as the ref pulls him off Broner anytime Kahbib is getting through. Just steadily hunt down to pound away and let the chips land where they may.

Sad that boxing these days has come down more to insider politics than actually fighting, but such are the historical cycles as this poorly managed sport is mostly circling the drain of ignominy with the general public these days thanks to boxing’s reprehensible monkey shines, ie; The Dud TUE 49-0 Mexican Holiday September non-event. At this point in time, boxing could be banned tomorrow and nobody but the fractional remains of 1% would care.

Slugger Paridiso–Brandon Rios vs Mike Alvarado II

Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado reprise their blunt force fan thriller to go mano a mano again Saturday, March 30th at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas. The undercard has the potential for even more fireworks when unrepentant sluggers Breidis Prescott and Khabib Allakhverdiev go toe to toe, tooth and nail in the same division. Could be the winners fight each other in the next promotion with the losers fighting each other in support.

Unfortunately the card suffered a premature knockout when Allakhverdiev pulled out with a damaged shoulder. An unsung American fighter Terence Crawford is making a big step up the division as the replacement. He has a 22nd lightweight rank in Boxrec with an undefeated 19-0, 15 KO. Go figure Boxrec if you can, 18 of his fights have been above the lightweight limit, but guaranteed Prescott and Crawford will be near the 140lb limit at the weighin.

Tête à Tête

Tête à Tête

Rios has become something of a star for Top Rank. They have floated his name in potential bouts against Timothy Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez, and supermegafighter, Manny Pacquiao. He won the last dukem up with Alvarado by way of spectacular knockout, but not before using his face to block a furious blizzard of shots from the smart boxing Alvarado who must have thought he was beating on a block of granite by fights end. That was for the WBO Latino title, this time around they’ll fight for the WBO interim title.

If Rios is to enter into the mega fight promotions, he absolutely has to win again and should be a substantial favorite to do so. The sticking point for him is how much more face first punishment can he absorb in a career before the wheels come off his express? To a lesser extent, the same applies to Alvarado who took similar punishment against Breidis Prescott before knocking him out in another spectacular fight.

Speaking of, Breidis Prescott briefly became an up and coming star of boxing after back to back wins, a gritty split decision win against current WBA lightweight champ Richar Abril, then a spectacular first round knockout of British darling, Amir Khan. The Prescott name was plastered across front pages of British tabloids for whom Khan had been tapped as the King in waiting. Unfortunately boxing is vicious at the business end and Prescott was never properly developed as mismanagement butchered his momentum and title aspirations. Newly signed under the Top Rank banner, he was finally challenging for the WBA light welterweight title against  Khabib Allakhverdiev, but no more since that fight was nixed.

Now Prescott is fighting to stay busy for his next shot at glory, but you can bet that Terence Crawford would like to take that shot instead. That’s what they all fight for, future opportunity, and perhaps a minor belt on the line by the time of the fight.

The 140 division currently has the lean and hungry look of the most dangerously stacked division in boxing, thank goodness for that.

*** Noted development in advance of fight: Brandon Rios and trainer Robert Garcia have revealed they are using BALCO derived elixirs of disgraced Angel Heredia/aka Hernandez to assist the Rios physical development.

Alvarado for his part doesn’t seem to care, but the news highlights further inroads the infamous BALCO tag team of Victor Conte and Angel Hereria have made into elite boxing circles.