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Floyd Mayweather Jr Off to “The Big House”

Well, folks, it finally happened. The other shoe finally dropped in regards to Floyd Mayweather Jr‘s plea arrangement on multiple charges of domestic abuse when the Clark County judge in Nevada sentenced him to 90 days detention at the Clark County Detention Center.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

The full sentence includes 3 suspended months which could be reinstated if Mayweather cannot mind his Ps and Qs during lockup. Part of the plea deal was the dropping of felony battery charges which could carry many extra years of imprisonment if reinstated. You can catch up to more of the history of his charges here:


Mayweather had recently reserved a May 5th date next year at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for his next bout, but that could well be “money” flushed down the drain given the length of the sentence. A desirable high profile fight is not likely be secured on such uncertain notice,  not that his last alleged fight against Victor Ortiz was such a fight.

Mayweather will be 35 years old at the time of his release, traditionally past prime for most fighters and athletes, but regardless of the plethora of Mayweather personal flaws, he tends to stay in some semblance of training between fights. Many fighters blow up their weights and have to constantly be trained down to make their division limits, so perhaps traditional age limitations cannot be placed on him.

The question is whether or not this represents a long drawn out process of the wheels coming off of his career during his “retirement and comeback” phase of his career. His bitter retirement after the controversial Oscar de la Hoya supermatch that smashed all PPV records for a single fight burned a lot of boxing bridges, but all was forgiven during his comeback fights that generated more interest than all of his entire previous career.

Vs JJMarquez

Vs JJMarquez

Though his comebacks have included Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, and Shane Mosley in high profile matches, the Philippine Pacific Cyclone storming out of Manilla named Manny Pacquiao has sucked all the wind out of his sails and left the well accomplished Mayweather short on the awards, accolades, and rankings as the last decade closed out.

You can read about their compelling parallel career developments through the decade here:


Needless to say, the fabled on again-off again super matchup against Manny Pacquiao seems to be no more than schoolboy fantasy at this point. The 33 year old Pacquiao has been on more than a tear through boxing’s ranks, he finally got elected to his congressional district after years of hard campaigning all while logging an incredible number of miles back and forth in international air travel as he pursued his remarkable fight career.

At some point, there has to be a toll on his boxing and life. His overriding ambition has always been to be elected to the Philippine Presidency, so the Floyd Mayweather Jr super fight is fading fast as his next career priority. He was supposed to be retired by now, but the money on the table is simply too big to walk away from, so he has amazingly carried on two very demanding careers.

If Mayweather does keep the May 5th date intact and is released in time for a reasonable training camp, there will be no shortage of lesser contenders and champs willing to strike at a low ebb in his career.

His last fight with Victor Ortiz may well to be the farce of the new millennium. The only thing missing was Big Show storming the ring to pile drive the lot of them during their frequent nuzzles as they exchanged sweet nothings. Nobody in boxing was calling for the Ortiz fight, and Mayweather even denied he was fighting Ortiz.

Could Ortiz be the last fight of his career?

Prior to that, he backed off the date of the showdown he requested against Manny Pacquiao and had to be forced into the ring against Shane Mosley he was so reluctant to fight again, but he desperately needed the money after the government put a lien on his Marquez purse for back taxes. Mike Tyson started exhibiting the same traits as his career wound down, and not surprisingly Tyson seems to have become a favored member of Mayweather’s large entourage.

It’s a long month before Floyd Mayweather is to report to serve his sentence, so his family and friends can only hope he doesn’t land in more hot water during that time. Then he has to play his get out of jail card according to the terms set by the prosecution and detention officials.

The glitter of Las Vegas will be a bit grittier and grimier in the immediate term as history and boxing anxiously await the final return of Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

Edited Update:

Mayweather has been granted a temporary stay to fulfil May 5th contractual agreements. The moveable date of incarceration begins June 1st. More details here:


The Brandon Rios Challenge of WBA Champion Miguel Acosta

Bam Bam Brandon Rios challenges the newly crowned WBA lightweight champion Miguel Acosta in his first bid for world title this Saturday, February 26th at Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Combatants

The Combatants

The 32 yr old Venezuelan Acosta has been boxing since 1999 in an up and down career going nowhere until he caught fire in two consecutive away bouts, torching the undefeated records of Urbano Antillon and Paulus Moses with big knockouts in their home environs for the WBA interim and regular titles in Mexico and Africa respectively.
Moreover, Acosta, 28-3-2, 22 KO, has been undefeated since 2004, so now he arrives at the apex of his career, his first defense of his title in another away bout as the headliner in the capital of boxing.

Quite a career turnabout by Miguel Acosta that merits big time respect, harkening back to the days of Danny Little Red Lopez going over to Africa to dethrone champ David Kotey and defending his title against a series of thrilling hometown challengers.

The 24 yr old Rios is just as easily undefeated since his pro debut, 2004, and already nailed his signature win over the equally undefeated Anthony Peterson at the Palms Casino Resort in a WBA title eliminator, so now he has his own fireworks showcase just for him in a comfortable home style setting not that far from where he lives and trains in Oxnard, California.

I’m guessing Acosta will be the favorite, however I’ve learned that odds can be strangely puzzling sometimes. Mainly the fighters seem evenly matched and I only note projected odds as part of the sport, not wishing to direct any betting.

In the Rios corner will be Robert Garcia, the hottest up and coming trainer in the biz. One notable attribute about Rios is his size, entering the ring bigger than most middleweights in history, but Acosta is hardly a dainty flower himself and may be the hungrier, more self made fighter than Rios who still has a bit of the kid in him needing direction.

The undercard features fast charging 21 yr old featherweight prospect, Robert Marroquin, stepping way up in class against an experienced Mexicali fringe contender, Gilberto Sanchez Leon along side some other Top Rank prospects.

Great card to see some of the future names in boxing, so peel your eyeballs off in that direction this coming Saturday if you like action packed knockout type of fights.

The Real McCoy P4P War—Montiel vs Donaire

Fernando Montiel and Nonito Donaire may not register with the average boxing fan who tend to concentrate on the heavier divisions that better reflect the size of the general populace, but these are two Ring ranked P4P bantys, a rarity to see two little fellas so highly ranked from a lower division.

The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen

Rarer still is a genuine banty superfight Saturday, this February 19th at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas when the  modern day Mexican legend Montiel puts up his rankings along side his WBO and WBC belts against the latest Filipino Flash, Donaire.

Now, rankings are a funny thing with Donaire, 25-1, 17 KO ranked P4P higher at #5 to Montiel, 43-2-23, 33 KO at #7 according to Ring, yet the vastly more credentialed Montiel is properly #1 in his banty division whereas Donaire is #5.

Boxrec, the “other” major independent rating medium, doesn’t see fit to rate them highly as P4Pers, so go figure the intractable mysteries of boxing rankings in between figuring all the known physical laws of the universe and solving the immutable human condition if you dare.

More compelling from a fight point of view is that both are on a high arc of development, probably at or close to their peaks as fighters, and little men have a tradition of being the most exciting fighters of all the weight classes. Add in the considerable ring achievements of both, and boxing purists are salivating in anticipation of what could be a knockdown, drag out war or a finely tuned boxing classic.

The interesting part for me is that we may have already had something of a stylistic preview of the fight last year when Montiel flew over to Japan to take on another P4P banty champ in the monstrous Hozumi Hasegawa who was in the process of delivering a pitch perfect boxing beating on Montiel before being suddenly derailed by a left hook. It would seem obvious that fight might be a bout of interest that Team Donaire could focus to observe how Montiel might fight a tall, technical boxer that Donaire is. The Jhonny Gonzalez fight that Montiel dropped  a decision would be another example of a tall, technical boxer having much his own way with Montiel.

The Credentials

The Credentials

Montiel may be shortstuff in height and reach, but this fighter with his proven power and credentials is never truly out of any fight. The latest training reports have him using some modern training wrinkles not usually associated with traditional Mexican warriors, so he’s fine tuning his own strengths for his own game plan and timetable for this fight. If he prevails, he could be known as the Asian Assassin to counter the Manny Pacquiao moniker as the Mexican Assassin.

Young Donaire is no slouch in the power department though, being the only fighter to ever knockout champions Vic Darchinyan and Volodymyr Sydorenko, so any fighter coming in on Donaire is potentially in grave danger of being whacked out muy pronto.

The Power

The Power

I suspect that Montiel will be a slight favorite, but really, this is a pickem fight. I favor young Donaire who has been held back somewhat since his signature win over Darchinyan almost 4 yrs ago, but damned if I’d bet the skinny dime that separates the ability of the two.

I see Donaire outboxing Montiel early on, but what happens next depends on who pulls their fistic genius out of the vast reservoir of talent to nail down the win.

The dustup is for far more than skinny dimes, bragging rights, or ABC trinkets though. The future financial rewards to the winner might be the greatest ever bestowed on a little man, so mucho grande dinero is riding on the outcome.

And they said boxing was dead……NOT!!!!!!!

Future Shock—What Caused the Ruination of Floyd Mayweather Jr?

~The immediate ring future of Floyd Mayweather Jr looks tenuous at best as the time to face the growing chorus of accusations against him comes due this January 24th, 2 weeks from now.

With early winter being somewhat of an off season for boxing, not much is going on in the boxing world to interfere with the attention that these court maneuverings will garner. Be interesting to see how many boxing scribes based in the Los Angeles/Phoenix/Las Vegas triangle attend the hearing, or is it a trial?

Is it confusion or an incredible stroke of coincidence that his Uncle Roger’s trial for felony assault is also scheduled for January 24th? I guess we’ll know soon enough.

It's a Mug's Game

It's a Mug's Game

Floyd Jr’s latest problems began with an ill advised moment stemming from a “confrontation” with his children and their mother, resulting in him being slapped with some eight felony and misdemeanor offenses.

Since then he was additionally investigated for allegedly running a former employee off the road, the same employee who was a victim of a Mayweather’s security personnel shooting rampage. Floyd Jr was also charged with assaulting a security guard and not abiding by the rules of the gated community that he lives in. It’s quite possible the homeowner’s association could force him out of the community as happens daily across America.

It seems trouble has found Mayweather and piled on big time with no end in sight yet.

Never say never, but at least for now his ring career seems over. It’s hard to believe he can slip the flurry of charges leveled against him given the number of probations and convictions he has already previously absorbed. His rap sheet has been as carefully crafted as his ring career.

It wasn’t supposed to end like this.

Floyd Jr had finally arrived at the hard earned fame and acclaim he had been seeking and had money raining at his feet as he and his supporters maintained he was the best fighter in boxing history. He seemingly had established the financial security of his family and was looking towards community leadership when he founded The Floyd Mayweather Jr Foundation:


About Us

Foresight, generosity and a desire to help underprivileged youth in Las Vegas, Nevada prompted boxing champion Floyd Mayweather to establish the foundation that today bears his name, The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation (FMJF).

Floyd Mayweather has been referred to by major sports magazines as the “best boxer of this era.” Without a doubt, a six-time world champion with endless accolades from the Boxing Writers Association of America Fighter of the Year, Ring Magazine, BET, and the coveted ESPN Espy Award, Floyd Mayweather’s prominent status as a young achiever gives credence to the idea that anything is possible if “we are given the opportunity.”

In 2007, Floyd decided to put to use his star power by founding FMJF, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to empower and promote the social development and advancement of struggling adults and adolescents.  The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation’s focus is on: community health and wellness, economic growth and development and youth education.

…… Mayweather sees it as his charge to help impact the lives of troubled youth through education and empowerment, and has made it the mission of the FMJF to help change the mindsets of the leaders of tomorrow to realign their goals to head down a path that will afford them an opportunity to contribute to society. Mayweather has spent time at the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (NPHY) to help homeless adolescents ages 16-21, begin their journey in the right direction. He also paid visits to the Shade Tree Women’s Shelter which houses up to 300 battered women and their children. During these visits needed items were donated and words of encouragement and inspiration were offered the women and children by Mayweather.

“I want these kids to see that they too are the leaders of tomorrow,” Mayweather said. “It takes hard work, determination and focus, but if they are ambitious, they can have opportunities to contribute to society and have a prosperous future.”

~Sounds great, so what are all those kids thinking now? What are Mayweather’s own kids thinking?

Has the perfect Mike Tyson/Tony Ayala/Ike Ibeabuchi moment arrived for Mayweather to be whisked away to the Big House for a few years?

Age 34 is just a month away, so he could end up in his late 30s, maybe even 40s or 50s before he completes his sentence. I guess it’s possible that he could fight while out on bond and appealing the likely sentence. I guess even probation is possible if his lawyers are good enough, and they have been good enough on his behalf to keep him out of prison thus far, but for how long?

So what caused this sudden rampage by Floyd Jr that looks to be the ruination of the best earning years of his life and perhaps his personal freedom as well?

Was it more money than he could count before throwing it all away?

It's a Money Game

It's a Money Game

Is there a genetic propensity towards criminal violence that was triggered by his Uncle Roger’s alleged assault on that young lady?

Peace & Love

Peace & Love

Or was it the accumulation of punches in consecutive bouts against Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, and Shane Mosley that has caused some accumulated brain damage? He looked particularly shaky against the big shots of Mosley early in their fight before mounting a comeback.

No Free Spritzers

No Free Spritzers

Or is it a long career in boxing that sees him fighting from early grade school on, nearing 30 yrs of accumulated amateur and pro ring time?

Or is it a hostile reaction to being supplanted by Manny Pacquiao who has swept all the accolades these past 5 yrs by broad consensus?

Or is it Floyd Jr’s reluctance to make the biggest fight in his career, the biggest money fight in boxing history against Pacquiao?

I don’t have the answers and it could be that nobody ever will ever have more than their own theories, but after the Fight of the Millennium seemed to be a dead lock at the start of 2010 and then again at the midpoint of the year after all parties agreed to the terms, I just don’t see how Floyd Jr can manage to squeeze in this fight in 2011 given Manny’s burgeoning political career and narrowing windows of fighting availability.

It’s ye olde “squeezing a camel through a keyhole” dilemma.

It’s not for certain when Floyd Jr and his uncle Roger will be free enough to once more pursue their professions though I suppose a quickie type of fight could be cobbled together against a lesser fighter at some point this year. Undefeated Paul Spadafora has been mentioned in that vein.

The boxing landscape surely has been almost completely repainted over from when I penned my first article article examining the proposed Pacquiao/Mayweather P4P Superfight a year ago.


Whatever the future holds for Floyd Jr, one supposes it will also be additionally difficult for his family and likely to be the end of his massive entourage of pumped body guards and support staff.

Well, like Yogi once said, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over,” so stay tuned for final results.