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Krusher Kovalev vs Andre The Ward of Oakland In Vegas?

Heresy I say! The boxing suits finally managed to drag out Andre Ward from his underground manger in Oakland out into the bright lights of the worst nightmare of his dreams, Sergey Kovalev @ the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, Saturday, November 19th in the aftermath of the post US presidential election apocalypse…And?

It was like waiting for the other shoe to drop as the weeks ticked forward. Son of Who? could have bung his knee, dislocated his shoulder, or even suffered a papercut or broken nail at the last minute, but since here is likely more money than he’ll ever see again, and it’s not really that much compared to the bigger boxing draws, his new beleaguered promoter, Roc Nation, finally bucked him up the best they could to send into the trenches.

“Man, how come you so down on Ward?”

Quick answer is, though he mouths off the usual pasty platitudes of respecting boxing and his opponents, in his last fight against Alexander Brand, SOW? took home $850,000 to Brand’s emaciated $30,000, so how is taking on the lowest, most pitiable bidder on the rung willing to fight him for next to nothing respecting the sport? He took 97% of the total purse, tossing the impoverished 3rd world citizen Brand 3% of the gristle, absolutely beyond the pale of common decency. He, boxing officials, establishment media, and his fans have proven to be utterly shameless in his orchestrated promotion to the top, so let’s move on to how this alleged “fight” goes in theory.

In my best loony Uncle Teddy voice shouting out abject TERROR on the air:

Ward is the impala on the savanna and Kovalev the leopard stalking in the grass. The impala knows he makes a good lunch for the leopard, so he has to keep moving and looking sharp. THERE’S A LEOPARD IN THERE HIDING OUT WAITING TO POUNCE ON HIM AND MAYBE LIONS TOO. So, how can the impala figure to get out of this stretch of savanna alive?

“Easy answer is he employs the smartypants loony Uncle Teddy plan.”

The impala needs to keep irregular lateral movements to keep the leopard from setting up to time him, maybe mesmerize him with a feinting shake of his heinie a time or two until he can sprint for more open ground. Sure, Mr. Impala’s got those scary horns that could do terrible damage and all that, but the leopard is smart enough to know not to jump into a dangerous frontal attack. Ultimately the impala has no chance against a leopard, so he has to do what impalas do best if they wanna survive. Don’t slug against a slugger and don’t box against a boxer, and don’t ever fight against a leopard! You run like your smartypants are on FIRE ’til you’re a FIREMAN, and then you run so fast that the fire is extinguished and the leopard becomes but a spot on the horizon before pulling up. Mission Accomplished.

No problems until you get matched against a cheetah, but not now. Better to delay that confrontation for a year or two as you pad out your time against journeyman leopards who don’t know no better, but in the here and now, this Kovalev is a different kind of spotted leopard who knows better than the rest of those bum leopards, so best to move on to Plan C which is pray like a crazy loon and hope the judges and ref bail you out like in your other hometown fights.”

Kovalev vs Ward

Kovalev vs Ward

In a more serious vein, this video might explain the reluctance of top light heavies, Adonis Stevenson and Ward to fight Kovalev. I know he has a family to think of, but if he’s so concerned about his life these past 5 years to effectively grind his career to a halt, he’s in the wrong business. Perhaps his master plan is to pad out his growing Imelda Marcos shoe collection hobby into a business, you know, creating a Son of Who? Museum where folks would travel from all over the world to see his personal collection of shoes. Needs some extra income for those upgrades, hence Kovalev.

Life After Death a video on the tragic Sergey Kovalev vs Roman Simakov bout, and BTW, Kovalev is reported to have donated his entire purse of his last fight in Russia against Isaac Chilemba to the Simakov family, not just a measly 3%:

So why do I think the first time poor Son of Who? gets hit clean, he’ll be wanting to take a little nappy with his shoe collection. How’s this:

Is Ward the last great African-American boxer?

“Boxing’s decline in the United States contrasts with its growth in Eastern Europe and elsewhere, writes Sunni Khalid.”

Folks, I don’t make this stuff up. Truth is Stranger Than Fiction Every Day…The End is Nearing…We’ve seen this house domestic American Ward in his home environs too many times spoil, run, butt, swinging elbows, hit on the break, low blow, and otherwise pull out all his illicit stinker tricks with no intervention by his personal referee whenever faced with a superior opponent, so this could never be a great fight unless the internationally tested Russian Kovalev knocks him out. There’s always the over and under wagers, so plan your stinker crap shoot accordingly.



Old Lion Manny Pacquiao vs Young Lion Jessie Vargas

Jessie Vargas is the WBO welterweight champ holding Manny Pacquiao‘s old title he won from Timothy Bradley Jr back in April before retiring. Now Manny wants to reclaim it come Saturday, November 5th @ the Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The collective howls of derision from the antisocial media monkeys who were desperate for Junior Welt champ Terence Crawford to get the call promptly soiled any reasonable public expectations for this fight, but just looking at both the excellent title credentials of Vargas coupled with his natural attributes that include significant height, reach, youth, and presumably strength, this looks like a really good action fight. Manny turns 38 next month with 431 rounds waged professionally and Vargas is in a traditional range of athletic prime at age 27 with 189 professional rounds logged, so this the classic battle of the Old Lion against the Young Lion.

Manny’s PPV numbers for Bradley III were about the same as the Floyd TUE Mayweather PPV against the hapless Andre Berto, in other words the expected blow back of fans against both for their sham “Fight of the Century.” So is the public ready to embrace their former favorite again?

Old Lions vs Young Lions

Old Lions vs Young Lions

Boxing is in a major rebuild thanks to that pathetic grubbing of greed and corruption, so nobody should ever expect big PPV numbers again until some legit new crossover stars are born. The much ballyhooed Sergey Kovalev vs Andre Ward PPV that follows this probably won’t clear more than 300-400K if even that because Kovalev is Russian and Ward a P4P STINKER who has made himself irrelevant these past few years. And speaking of pathetic, Vargas should be undefeated after knocking out Bradley only to have the silly putty ref change his mind AFTER he stepped in to save Bradley. How could such blatant idiocy ever be more convenient than that? Amazingly Vargas seems not to have let it get to him, instead turning around disappointment for a very excellent upswing after that robbery, a vicious KO of the undefeated Sadam Ali that earned him this fight. That said, if Manny gets in a half decent camp, he should handle Vargas in a great fight for fans, but it’s hardly the given win his critics complain about. See the Bradley/Ali KOs for proof. Young Vargas has the lean and hungry look of being reborn with cracking power and confidence.

Crawford has a chance to grow a few more fans, humility, and the understanding he won’t dictate the weights and finances like he attempted. Manny’s still the boss and most obviously as a welt if he wins back the WBO title. I didn’t see the alleged Crawford shutout of Postol, but I did see a very crafty Crawford using his speed and power to get the two knockdowns that insured in an otherwise well contested fight he would get the win. That was some smart boxing from the kid instead of trying to match brute strength against a bigger, stronger guy. Now he needs to better calculate his appeal after drawing 60K PPVs for that fight. At any rate, Manny is still the fastest in the division with power enough and more experience at top levels than any fighter going today. He too seems to be reborn after his shoulder surgery, so if the Vargas fight reestablishes his star power, he won’t go away quietly if he can come back once every year like clockwork. His greedy Uncle Bob is already talking about the Crawford fight next April, way too much return action for what is now a full time Senator.

And speaking of politics with this being a particularly low brow, low blow waged American presidential election year, the Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte is as harshly hard line conservative and vulgar as they come. He slandered US President Obama as the son of a whore and demanded US troops stationed there exit the Philippines post haste. America is not his friend, instead looking to Asia and especially China for economic and military allegiances. The last time Manny got caught up in presidential politics during an election year was 2012 when he was baited by the press into offering his negative views of gay marriage in the liberal state of Nevada. That faux pas cost him one of boxing’s worst decision losses ever against Tim Bradley that reduced his earnings by multimillions of dollars. So here we go again with Manny perfectly framed for an identical political crunching moment in time, literally a deer in the Vegas headlights against a really rough, tough, game Mexican for boxing promotional purposes, but who is as native born and endemically American as breakfast tacos have become.

It’s an embarrassment to have to broach the historic reach of boxing corruption in the land of the free and home of the brave where all are guaranteed Constitutional rights in theory, but not boxing decisions. A few days later the big Presidential election occurs, and a few days after that comes the “hated” Russian destroyer Sergey Kovalev  fighting the last American Olympic Gold Medalist Andre Ward in another title fight in Las Vegas. We will see with these two boxing events just how fair America is for honorable visiting foreign nationals these days.

The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple

An interesting development in this fight is the PPV structure will be in house on Top Rank’s own website where they have broadcast fights in the past. The results of this experiment should be interesting, but one problem I picked up early is that the promotion seemed a little weak, and on their website I saw no place to purchase the PPV stream just 2 weeks away from fight time, but we could purchase tickets to the fight, c’mon now Bob. I had to research to google to a completely different website, http://www.toprank.tv/index.jsp where the fight costs $59.99, and which is backlinked to the main Top Rank website. Why their main site has no forwarding link that I see can only be answered by their website designers, but dumb is still dumb by any other name. When I checked back days before the fight, Hallelujah, the forwarding link is there. Better late than never.

The backdrop of this in house PPV was that HBO had already committed to Kovalev vs Ward the very next week and didn’t have the funds left in their reduced boxing budget to finance this, and also didn’t want to have two PPVs on the same month for business reasons known only to them. Top Rank is desperate to develop alternatives after taking a financial bath on both the Manny/Bradley fight and the Crawford/Postal one as well, but criminy, next time put the freaking livestream link on their main site well in advance with the ticket sales for folks to buy the stream at their convenience…duh!

Of course after doing decuple duty, that’s 10x duty as Senator, husband, father,fighter, movie star, basketball player and coach, singer, lover, and the softest touch for money for the needy, Manny could get proverbially old overnight, but I say let him do it his way. He looked dominant in his last P4P battle against Bradley and has earned his chops at least as hard as any fighter in history and harder than most all. Jessie not only earned his opportunity, but is also the hungriest for it in the welterweight division. That counts for a whole lot more than just picking up a payday like many fighters do in big fights these days.

Here they were out of training 2 months away already looking in shape and fight ready. This is gonna be great, guaranteed.

Manny vs Floyd~Dumbed Down 4.0 Version Fo’ Duh $$$

OK, Manny vs Floyd, Vegas, MGM Floyd, May 2nd, Cinco de Mayo weekend @ MGM Floyd…most $$$$$ evah…all time great legacies on the line…blah, blah blah and such, the endless steaming, streaming consciousnesses of “boxing experts” blushing forth orgasmic prematurity. We get it. We the poor, the huddled, the bedeviled, the unwashed rubes are supposed to be impressed.



Impressive: The projection for just the live gate is $74 million, more thrice the gate record of $20 million set by Mayweather in his 2013 “event” against Canelo Alvarez. Projected $200-400 million net PPV projections aside, from a historical fighter’s perspective, this megamillions boxing lottery has all the impotent impetus of the “For The Money Only” rubber match between Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran when both were in their late 30s. Leonard ran like a chicken thief in the chilly Vegas night against an ancient fighter with over 90 fights on his odometer, about as classic as most of your modern day garden variety American runners and squawkers gloved in pillows tiptoeing and blowing kisses at each other today in empty arenas. Whats left of today’s few American boxing fans love their humongous big events with showy ring entrances, all while ogling oodles of rich celebs and screaming announcers preening and strutting their stuff. The main bout typically  produces opiate  inducing sleep properties late at night needed for drunken, besotted insomniacs who populate the fan base. Unless, of course, blatant Referee interference or Judges’ scoring bias insults the public, resulting in uproarious bowels befouling and clogging up the antisocial media boxing sites as feeble attention spans fizzle out to reload for the next outrage of boxing.

Not so impressive: Floyd is near that same gunshy, semi-retired Leonard level and style now propped up by the powers that be, but the hope is for those hardcores who pain over the dismal future of boxing that Manny’s still relative high level relevance will be able to close those retreating, clinching, running gaps to corner Floyd to make a fight of the century out of it. If it takes two to tango, then it follows that it takes two to tangle, and to put it simply, Floyd ain’t built for the big tangle. He did supposedly shake loose with a credible tango in his foray into Dancing With the Stars and was willing to be jangled by Big Show in his Pro Wrestling Foray, but he ran from Manny for 5 years. That’s Cinco Cinco de Mayos ago until finally forced by his Showtime masters and sugar daddy Haymon to make this fight so they could make their money back on his stupendous contract before his wheels fall off.

Forgive me my lifetime of hard earned cynicism: I first saw Floyd on the main card against Jesus Chavez with Manny on the supporting card against Agapito Sanchez. I tuned in to specifically watch Floyd as he was being heavily touted by various internet aficianados. Floyd struggled immensely against the tiny, but game Chavez who was quick on his feet, a very dynamic pressure fighter. The HBO crew had Chavez winning, but finally Floyd got untracked with a very sharp combination just before the end of round 9. Chavez’s mercenary for hire trainer, Ronnie Shields, brought in to give Chavez credible leverage against referee bias, immediately stopped the bout during the rest time in spite of ballistic protests of the bogus stoppage by Chavez’s real trainer, Richard Lord. I’d never heard of Manny who was also fighting a smaller tough guy, Agapito Sanchez, not so skilled as Chavez, but rather very much nastier with 90% of his offense consisting of low blows and headbutts anytime Manny jumped in for a flurry. I thought it quite stupid that Manny couldn’t figure out to just box and move at a distance and take the easy decision. Instead, even after Sanchez was deducted a measly 2 points when he should have been disqualified, the ring doc stopped the bout in the 6th round based on a horrendous cut exacerbated by the final headbutt on Manny to send the bout to the cards. The Three Blind Mice then rendered a bogus draw, so I could see boxing was back in business on this card in all it’s shamelessness. All my statements and conclusions that follow are based upon extensive study of the histories of their careers both before and after that night above when neither looked like more than a decent fighter at best.

Included are well deserved relevant observations about referees and judges that are less than complimentary.

Plain P4P facts: Manny Pacquiao is the best P4P fighter in the history of boxing as measured by available data, win, lose, or draw in this “event.” No matter if all the Al Haymon/Golden Boy News of the Ring World ‘arses and all the Ring’s metromen lack the Ring IQ to understand by Ring’s own historical ratings enough to put anything truthful together again, P4P, Manny looms over the rest of his era. That would be Wladimir Klitschko and then Floyd Mayweather specifically.

Manny’s official record against Ring rated P4Pers is 8-3-1, 5 KO, a record that could easily have been 10-2, 7 KO but for bungling refs and judges in the first two JMMarquez fights and the first Tim Bradley fight. Manny’s hit list including Erik Morales x3, Marco Antonio Barrera x2, Juan Manuel Marquez x4, Ricky Hatton x 1 and Timothy Bradley x2. That’s 12 P4P fights as opposed to Floyd Mayweather’s 6 total Ring rated P4P fights, the last two P4Pers being installed just weeks before Floyd fought them in a blatantly dishonest yet futile Ring attempt to close that gap between he and Manny.

Comprehensive P4P breakdown here after their first two proposed fights collapsed:


A review of current Ring P4P ratings: Whoops, this just further exposes just how weak Floyd’s resume is in comparison. Manny has fought Ring P4Pers JMMarquez and Timothy Bradley x 6 for an “official” career record of 3-2-1 that should be more properly 5-1. Floyd has fought only a poorly prepped Marquez that one time 6 years ago when he made Marquez jump up two divisions at that Floyd didn’t even bother to make the contract weight of 144lbs. Manny fought a prime Marquez at Marquez’s two best weights and then twice faced the Balco trained Marquez, a much bigger, stronger, and better prepared version than the pisswater sipping, rock throwing version Mayweather faced. Moreover, Manny has been a Ring ranked P4Per already in his 12th consecutive year, almost 600 weeks by the time of this fight. Wlad Klitschko, ranked over him at #2, is in his 5th year and Ring #1 Floyd is in his 4th year, combined not even coming close to equaling Manny. Both Bradley and Marquez have also been currently P4P ranked longer than Floyd and also have more current P4P fights than him, so it’s not just Manny looming P4P over him, it’s become a collection of Floyd’s peers who have been fighting legit P4P fights to much less acclaim, but, yupsir, it’s Floyd with the supreme Al Haymon/GoldenBoy News of the Ring World media ranking and the biggest, most profane money.

Folks, I don’t make this stuff up, but enough of the easy pickings of Ring’s rotten, low hanging fruit, it’s too easy to digress tapping into all of boxing’s servile idiocy. What about the actual fight comparisons?

It’s all Manny again: He is clearly the fighter and the slugger in this shotgun arranged wedding as Floyd wears his veils of extra wraps, extra glove padding, and extra large doses of cortisone to protect the fragile china in his hands. It should go without saying that when the unknown, scrawny 19 year old Filipino waif was fed to the highly regarded prime aged Thai champ, Chatchai Sasakul, in  Thailand in his own backyard, the kid not only dethroned the champ in a big highly partisan outdoor stadium type fight Asians are noted for, but utterly brutalized him before knocking him cold out. That single act is much greater than any single act Floyd has ever accomplished while being carefully preened, promoted, and protected by the two biggest promoters in the world, Bob Arum’s Top Rank and later Oscar de la Hoya’s Golden Boy the entirety of his career. This is his 11th straight fight at the MGM Floyd and 14th of his career, about 30% of his career…. More telling, the last 9 years going into this fight he has been fighting in the MGM Floyd, almost half his career by the timeline.

Whereas Manny is used to fighting away from home and getting the royal screw at the MGM Floyd starting with the first Marquez fight. Manny knocked Marquez down 3x in the first round, breaking his nose only to secure a draw. Most refs would have stopped the bout after the 3rd KD, but worse, one of the judges later admitted to a mistake in shortchanging Manny by a point in that first round that would have secured him the split decision. Several MGM egregious errors and outrages against Manny later, here he is willing to fight Floyd within the strict straight jacket officiating confines of Floyd’s self styled boudoir. It was always probable the judges and ref chosen will be the usual suspects carefully selected over these many years to consistently favor Floyd, so yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus on Mexican Holidays at MGM Floyd if your name is Floyd Mayweather. The Floyd Platinum Protection Plutonium Plus Program has been rolled out in full force for this fight with the appointment of his buddy Kenny Bayless as ref with Burt Clements and Dave Moretti of Nevada along with Glenn Feldman of Connecticut as judges. Manny will surely be wearing Bayless as a ball and chain in the ring and the judges as a wet blanket all night.

OK, surely Floyd has some legit natural attributes over Manny, right?

Of course, not the least being that his 72″ reach is significantly greater than the stubby 67″ reach of Manny and he’s likely to be a few pounds heavier on fight night. He’s also the dirtiest fighter and the best grappler with the better overall defense. It must be noted though that he seldom faced any of the acclaimed sluggers in his era, overall his chin has been topnotch, meaning Manny has his work cut out to be able to knock him out, the only probable way Manny can win the fight if Manny can manage to stay clear of the clutches of Bayless for a few seconds here and there to pick his spots.

Where Floyd really reigns supreme is his sheer audacity as the most numismatic fighter in history, indulging his every whim in his own boudoir that he has made the MGM Floyd. That “his team” could entice Forbes magazine to lie about his being the highest paid athlete by using 2 years of earnings instead of one the year before he actually did become the highest paid athlete speaks volumes about the American muscle and money backing his career, perhaps also revealing the fatal crack in his supposed ring invincibility. He has been the most insecure supposed great to ever done gloves, always needing a sugar daddy massaging his ego and a literal ton of security beefsters/gofsters/ guarding his spare public appearances.

What’s he afraid of, assassination?

Floyd's team vs Manny's team

Floyd’s team vs Manny’s team

The unspoken X rated factor favoring Floyd: Manny’s previously stated political stance against gay marriage in a liberal state headed by the US senate majority/minority leader Harry Reid. What with Mayweather Sr publicly “outing” Mayweather Promotions prez, Leonard Ellerbee, as being the biggest &*#*& in Vegas combined with Mayweather’s avowed mancrush on Justin Bieber, we can more additionally presume the politically appointed judging won’t be going Manny’s way much like the first Bradley fight where his press planted comments first surfaced days before the fight. Manny stepped on a land mine in that one, but the next fight it was his team that betrayed him during the hellacious 4th fight with Marquez. Unbelievably they allowed former presidential nominee Mitt Romney in the dressing for a conference minutes before the fight. “Hi, I’m Mitt Romney and I just lost the presidential election” was the way of his introduction, a horrid way to mentally prep for what was known in advance to be a very tough fight against the BALCO trained Marquez, a disastrous team mistake.

And speaking of BALCO: In the truth being stranger than fiction world of Floyd and boxing, after all his self-promoted publicity of wanting to clean up boxing with Olympic style drug testing, his own fighters failed conventional drug tests and he’s refused commentary on 3 of his own alleged tests that can be said to have been covered up by GoldenBoy and the USDA since they refuse to address the issue. Now Floyd is on record as refusing a $5 million penalty for failing a drug test for this fight. Of course the private drug testing terms were already agreed to by contract, so this can be seen as the first shot across the Floyd bow by Manny who previously won his lawsuit settlement from Floyd for slandering him, making Manny 1-0 against Floyd in advance of this fight:



Four fights ago: Manny was knocked out in a knockdown, dragout fight for the decade against freshly BALCO trained JMMarquez, but since has recovered with three domineering wins over slugger Brandon Rios, P4P boxer Timothy Bradley, and undefeated Chris Algieri, all significantly bigger, stronger, with awkward styles, and all in their prime years. Compare four fights ago when post prison  Floyd promised a toe to toe battle against Robert Guerrero, but backed out of that promise after Guerrero’s father publically accused Floyd of being serial women beater. Floyd instead ran for 10 of the 12 tap-tap rounds to claim another noneventful hometown decision. Then the anticipated fight of undefeateds against Canelo Alvarez where Floyd finished a nothing opening round with what is now his best punch, a leaping upperbutt to no warning by his buddy Kenny Bayless. A few rounds later a frustrated Canelo was warned severely by Bayless for being choked and laced by Floyd before responding with a light, “What are you doing” tap on the thigh. Thereafter the thoroughly frustrated Canelo was “guided” into exchanging long distance taps for taps that Floyd could only win two judges over with a majority decision. He replicated those types of scores against Marcos Maidana who pretty much beatup Floyd as he wished. That lead to a rematch where Maidana scored a delayed but uncalled hard knockdown in the first round when Floyd rebounded off the ropes and collapsed at his feet, unable to even weakly grab Maidana on the way down. In the 5th round only a second before the end of round bell, Maidana landed another concussive right that spun Mayweather a full 180 degrees into his corner as the bell sounded. Later on it was a sad moment for future boxing historians when Floyd quit in the middle of round 8 to go cry in his corner to his daddy. Floyd was using his signature move of trying to choke Maidana in a headlock while lacing his face for cuts and stuffing his glove up his mouth. Crying served it’s purpose though, buying Floyd plenty of time and the sympathies of a clearly muddled Kenny Bayless who couldn’t quite understand the intergalactic magnitude of The Best Evah Floyd’s little pinky being so viciously nipped with a soft rubber gum shield through the extra padding in his gloves. He eventually had to do something to get the fight going again, so he warned Maidana with disqualification, no kidding.

The Real Pretty Boy Floyd Old gods are terrible to look at when they weep, all bloated like spoiled fish.

Never been a fan of ring interviewers always grilling confused, concussed fighters in the immediate aftermath of such a tough fight, but reading the tea leaves in the fighter comments points to a disturbing trend for Floyd. He’s been getting clocked hard and often, and the judges have been marking him down a few grades, but here he is his own words:

Floyd Mayweather: ” …I felt dry and dead…I’d give myself a C-…I got hit with some shots tonight I should’t have got hit with…”

Marcos Maidana: “… if judges like to give the fight to fighters that run I guess they gave it to him…“He kept holding and pushing, but the ref wouldn’t do anything about it. Instead he took points away from me…”

Punch Monkey Adjustment: If Compuhoax and the rest of the punch monkey world had a shred of honesty, they’d multiply Maidana’s punch totals by a factor of FIVE which is about how much harder Maidana hits in comparison with the tap-tap pitty-patty popcorn Floyd gets credited with. They’d also tabulate feints, throw away punches, and concussive punches, but that would destroy the myth of their marketing tool used support various vacuous “boxing experts” in desperate need to fill in some fluffy nonsense in their dim noggins.

Common Opponents: Manny pretty well shuts out Floyd here. Fought prime JMMarquez, busting up him so badly that Marquez turned down a record rematch payday to go get trounced in Indonesia for literally peanuts. Nobody runs from record paydays against Floyd as Marquez proved when he jumped two divisions and accepted a $3 million purse plus a bonus $600K that Floyd paid as a penalty for being 2 lbs over the 144 contract weight. Manny knocked out a prime version of Miguel Cotto who years later turned down their rematch with and a record purse for considerably less against Floyd because Cotto thought he could beat Floyd even with the short notice for training. Floyd did fight a rusty version Shane Mosley first, but was lucky to survive the first two rounds with an assist from Kenny Bayless who kept Mosley from roughing up Floyd on the ropes in the rounds that followed. Manny completely dominated a better prepped albeit year older Mosley, effectively making him quit trying after knocking him down early, many more knockdowns over these common opponents than Floyd has.  Manny also beat the unholy dingdongs out of Oscar de la Hoya and Ricky Hatton, making Oscar quit, and coldcocking Ricky  out in a brutal slaughter, both relatively easy fights for Manny. Floyd may have fought them first, but, he struggled and then suddenly retired as both were in heavy training preparing for their rematches with him. Manny took up their cause, even moving down to Hatton’s best weight to retire both Oscar and Ricky permanently. Beat’em so bad they fell prey to drug and other substance abuse and needed much rehabilitation to reclaim their lives.

Fact, nobody “runs” from a fight with Floyd: The irony has been lost in this new short attention span generation that he’s become the ultimate poster boy for the typical opponent running from Manny. Eric Morales was the only fighter ever wanting to fight Manny immediately after their first fight which brings us to the legacy factor after that great trilogy. Manny has some great all time series against Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, JMMarquez, Tim Bradley, all top P4Pers of their era. Floyd has no great series of fights period though he has had a few somewhat great fights, but his cautious, hometown, defensive style and matchmaking lacks the flash and power that most every truly great fighter had.

Nonetheless, periodically there are inexplicable twists in the time continuum and this could be one. The last man to beat Floyd did so in the Olympics of 1996, Serafim Todorov of Bulgaria, yesssss, that Serfim Todorov!

Serafim Todorov

Serafim Todorov

The Styles: As to how the likely scenario of the way this past it’s sell date “event” will be fought, we might as well have some fun with an analogous situation from way back, 1835, when Bendigo, the preeminent defensive specialist of his day met Ben Caunt for a spurious trilogy thanks to the negative, spoiling fighting style of Bendigo anytime he faced a physically superior foe. Bendigo was also the epitome of Floyd’s long rapsheet, typically being in and out of jail for “disturbing the peace.” The inexperienced but bigger and stronger Caunt was only 20 years of age the first go round and found himself thoroughly ticked off by Bendigo running around the ring before flopping down with every Caunt swing. These were London Prize Ring Rules fights to the finish with knockdowns only meaning the round was over. Caunt finally stormed to the Bendigo corner at the end of the 21st round.

“Wilt thou stand up and fight fair thou damned hound?”

Caunt then delivered a single sweeping backhand that knocked Bendigo and his trainer to the turf, thereby earning an immediate disqualification. The rematch was even worse, some 75 tedious, tortuous rounds with Bendigo defensively “flopping” most all of those rounds before finally being ruled as to have flopped without taking a blow. That finally earned Bendigo the disqualification which led to Caunt subsequently being jumped in the ring riot to be roughed up by the maniacal supporters of Bendigo upset over the verdict. And by Jove, it only got worse for the rubber, some 93, count em, 93 ever more tortuous rounds, amplified by Bendigo supporters storming into the edges of the ring while fighting with spectators, thereby sending the referee fleeing for his life. Floyd had a fight like that when his Uncle Roger stormed the ring to go after Zab Judah and Richard Steele, leading to a ring riot that took 10 minutes to quell, normally a disqualification under modern rules that preclude a corner for even having a foot on the ring apron. After heavy persuasion, the ref returned to even more fighting and threats during which Caunt landed a legal knockdown blow before walking to his corner to sit down as per the rules of the day. Bendigo jumped up to follow yelling along with his anarchic supporters that Caunt went down without taking a blow, Caunt was thus stuck with a disqualification by the faint ref only wishing to wash his hands of this misbegotten bout ASAP to save his hide. Bell’s Life, a much more independent boxing magazine of the day than the current Ring Mag mouthpiece for Golden Boy and Al Haymon, lamented, “a disgraceful and disgusting exhibition…a blow has been given to the boxing school from which it can never recover. Boxing Illustrated started with, “For years the practice of pugilism has been revolting to mankind,” and on and so forth…

The Venue: Perhaps such an olde English bare knuckled match stretches modern comparisons for some, so let us return several years later, 1858, for the American bout that first established boxing on those shores that ultimately led to a century of American domination of boxing. The New York Tribune scathingly noted the derelict nature of the gamblers, crooks, murderers and sports, “the most vicious congregation of roughs that was ever witnessed in a Christian city,” noting by the conclusion of the bout, “…so much rowdyism, villainy, scoundrelism, and boiled down viciousness concentrated on so small a space.”

And no, they weren’t referring to Austin, Texas or Washington, DC, the most prominent American capitols of cretaceous era cretin legislatures bulldozing the locals whilst filling their pockets with always handy lobbyist cash and perks, nor were they referring to Las Vegas which had yet to be founded, but what goes around ultimately comes around in boxing. American “hero” John Camel Heenan took on John “Old Smoke” Morrissey whose best offensive weapon had been the persuasion of the drawn guns of his supporters. The bout had to be held on a barren island on the Canadian side of Lake Ontario to evade American law enforcement, so Buffalo, New York was the steamship departure point. Heenan had been confined to bed the week before the fight, deathly ill because of an infected leg, all well known in advance. He went for the KO early to beat the stink off Ol’ Smoke who was in his prime at 27 years of age. And Heenan almost got the knockout before soon running out of steam, launching a big swing that screwed him face down in the turf for for good much like the asthma challenged Shannon Briggs against Lennox Lewis. Like I mentioned, what goes around in this world usually comes around again as world and boxing history has shown us.’

On the ultimate historical side note, it’s an old story, the most ancient, but worth a retelling again.

This is the “approximate” 5000th year anniversary of the first ever recorded fight of rivals, The Epic of Gilgamesh, Sumerian King of Uruk, first chiseled in clay tablets circa 3000 BC, but the story theme is doubtless much older, passed along by oral storytelling emanating from the mists of time at the dawn of human development. Gilgamesh was 2/3rds God and 1/3rd man when he spontaneously erupted into combat with Enkidu, the great natural beast-man of the Steppes who ran with the antelopes and drank at the springs with lions. Enkidu had been seduced by the prostitute sent out by Gilgamesh in the first recorded sexual ensnarement of a man by a woman. Enkidu had been scaring the holy bejabbers out of the local “ranchers” as it were before being tamed, and then inexplicably led into the city for the showdown.

They leapt at each other’s throats like wolves, bellowing like bulls, gasping for breath like horses having run all day as they crashed into the great gate of the Marriage House, crushing it. Great billows of dust bellowed up as the people shrieked and children cried. Dogs tore in between their legs as they engaged in the dance of life that hovers near death. The battle was in a freestyle form with no hometown referees to spoil the action, no deliberate fouls committed, no gamblers…errr…perhaps a few spontaneous wagers made we would have to assume knowing what we do about general populations. No weapons were used, just an innate code of honor. Innocent bystanders served as the judges as the two finally fell against each other in utter exhaustion and profound respect, so a noncontroversial draw was the first recorded fight result and the rest is history.

The #1 Bauble:All Emerald All Emerald

Dominating personal intangibles: Manny emerging from his teeming, cockfighting, disposable impoverished Filipino kid culture to become the most internationally known fighter on the planet based on his compelling raw fighting talent is the irresistible intangible he brings to the ring. Floyd endowed with his stubborn Mayweather family pride, training all year round for fights he knows well in advance as his American heritage is the immovable intangible that sustains him in time of need.

Curse of the Haymon/GoldenBoy News of the Ring World Experts: Floyd is the slight betting favorite but most of the money in advance is on Manny, a fight seen as “even” overall. Yet Ring “experts” are picking Floyd by a margin of 42-6-2. Well, now, guess they looked around and saw the same location venue, refs, judges, ect as the previous 11 straight Floyd decisions the past 9 years, so maybe boxing experts ain’t as dumb as they look to outsiders. Still, the grazing herd mentality of the fighting boxing press stands out in sharp contrast to what boxing under fairly regulated rules is supposed to represent, and speaking of…

What the non boxing cognoscenti are saying about boxing…Greed Rules, not Marquis of Queensbury Rules:

Boxing Fans Shift Focus To Small Men, Big Money : NPR

How can Floyd ever cope with eternal life? In the Great Pantheon of Boxing Valhalla where all the greats go, mo’ money has no value. Greats lust to fight the best every day, and since some days are better than others, taking a loss is of no consequence other than the temporary loss of bragging rights. It’s not easy living like a boxing god if you can only claim to be a greedy mortal.

We could go on forever about natural attributes and styles to no avail: We can hope for the epic great fight, but unfortunately this is as much about the ref and the judges not to mention the immediate aftermath of a bleak future for boxing. Will the 3rd world Filipino wonder get the justice he deserves in the corrupt Vegas setting? He did score big in the  largest alltime great poll poll staged by some scribes in Las Vegas that drew in millions of international votes. Manny was chosen #2 all time between #1 Sugar Ray Robinson and #3 Muhammad Ali and the #1 featherweight all time as I recall. Floyd could only secure #3 lightweight alltime, so I guess in advance Manny moves to 2-0 against Floyd not to mention Freddie Roach is currently 1-0 against fellow trainer Senior who took the knockout hit on Ricky Hatton against Roach and Manny, so let’s make that 3-0 for Manny.

Manny and Freddie Roach always wanted the fight, but it was Senior that put it in Junior’s noggin that Manny was too dangerous to fight. Fast forward cinco Cinco de Mayas later, thanks to big boxing bosses’ preference for past their sell date bouts, here Junior is against his worst nightmare come true. Will Floyd’s little pinky finger be able to man up against Manny or is this a repeat of his last Bayless orchestrated crybaby fest? The darnedest things he did to avoid the fight, backing off both the date, March 13th, 2010, and venue at MGM Floyd to avoid going head to head on PPV against Manny vs Joshua Clottey in their Cowboy Stadium debut and so on and so forth. Now each finally poised to rake a bigger purse than all but a few fighters have exceeded in their career earnings. That my friends is the sad legacy of this fight in a nutshell…R.I.P.

Edit: Wow, Only two days before the greediest fight in history, this blackeye hits the news outlet:


Al Haymon Makes Boxing Debut of Sorts~Keith Thurman vs Robert Guerrero

Well, Al Haymon did say he wanted to take over boxing, and he did utterly ravage what is now the wreckage of Golden Boy promotions, and he has set up a boxing network of sorts working with small promoters so he could secure the reported $20 million deal with NBC, and he did sign what is probably the largest population of fighters currently working today, nearing the 200 mark if media talk amounts to anything, so with all that big hoopla going into the March 7th WBA welterweight challenge of Keith Thurman by Robert Guerrero, what are the odds Al Haymon makes a public appearance before Howard Hughes slips in ahead of him?

Slim and none I would suspect, and speaking of suspect, the card was stocked three weeks in advance with referee Kenny Bayless and judges Adalaide Byrd, Dave Moretti and Jerry Roth at the MGM Floyd in Las Vegas if anyone needs directions. That’s an all star Floyd Mayweather line up of home stocked minders that not even he always rates. Such is the canned debut for the new NBC series which is a shame since Thurman and Guerrero have shown themselves to be first rate boxers with fighting hearts willing to leave it all in the ring.

Clearly Thurman is young, undefeated, and telegenic as opposed to Guerrero who has something of a bite the hand that feeds him reputation during his contract disputes with Goldenboy. Guerrero is the highly credentialed veteran here and has that advantage, thus the need for officiating that knows the bottom line in advance. American Boxing desperately needs a new Floyd Mayweather and Thurman is the chosen one. Oscar de la Hoya has been playing that game for ages, trying to replace himself as the golden cash cow, but his handpicked prospects with golden monikers never panned out just as boxing history shows that exceptional talents too often don’t translate into exceptional fighters.

Maybe Al Haymon has a change of heart from his last few years of tepid matchmaking since this bout has some high action and drama potential, but will boxing allow fair officiating? We’ll be watching.


To Be Or Not To Be Undefeated, Is That Really A Question?

To be, or not to be–that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Or to take arms against a sea of troubles. And by opposing end them.


In tribute to the most ballyhooed undefeated record of an active boxer since Julio Cesar Chavez ran his record out to 89-0, and perhaps with the gentle lassitude of centuries passing, a comparison to the first great undefeated boxing record, that of John L. Sullivan to that of Floyd Mayweather Jr might be instructive.

John L, The Boston Strong Boy

John L, The Boston Strong Boy

The Boston Strong Boy turned “modern” boxing on it’s nascent head by not only becoming the first recognized heavyweight champion under the new fangled Marquis of Queensbury rules, but he became boxing’s first “fully unified” champ of sorts when he also claimed the last remaining bare knuckle title claim under Revised London Prize Ring Rules in a memorable, a quite remarkable contrast of styles against Jake Kilrain down Mississippi way.

Sully was in the final days of his long standing dissipation from the ravages of a great fighter’s most formidable enemy, that of the gross excesses of wine, women, and song, unceasing calls carousing like sirens set loose in the night ensnaring those possessing such great fame and fortune as did Sully. He was only at age 30, a figure usually considered near the peak of most traditional sports, but not necessarily so in such a brutal sport of the era of boxing that he fought in.

Sirens singing their fatal calls for Ulysses

Sirens singing their fatal calls for Ulysses

John L reaped a fortuitous turn of The Luck of the Irish when impossibly he agreed to the spartan training regimen of the champion Greco-Roman wrestler and physical trainer of the era, William Muldoon, a son of Irish immigrants just like Sullivan who cut his own swath of considerable size and strength to match his advanced theories of physical cultivation that brooked no stick from any man. In short, he was the last man standing in the world that John L could respect enough to set aside his massive ego and pride to be ruled over those many months it took to cut out the fifty some odd pounds of flab and add the hard conditioning and strength that the 220 lb Sullivan commanded at his best.

William Muldoon

William Muldoon

Sullivan had already “unified” any of the standing claims to the Marquis of Queensbury gloved rules and really had no need for another bare knuckle unification added on to his own claims. The problem he shared with Floyd Mayweather was profligate spending that ultimately left him in needs of funds despite being literally a walking mint in his prime years, an estimated ring earnings of near one million dollars on top of his considerable touring exhibitions of boxing, plays, and other public appearances that likely exceeded his ring earnings.

Consider how staggering those figures were in the considerably deflated 19th century dollars where few American citizens earned more than a few hundred dollars every year, if even that.

Building the secret Mississippi venue

Building the secret Mississippi venue

Jake Kilrain was something of multi sport athlete, being both a champion sculler in his early days before turning to boxing and the considerable income brought in by being a claimant to the heavyweight bare knucks title. His style has some overlap with that of Mayweather, being a lithe 178 lbs against the considerably stronger, more powerful Sullivan, and of being a wrestler and clincher of considerable skill combined with a limited light tapping offensive arsenal operating out a running, contorting defense that went down upon the landing of any heavy or light blow landed by the soon to be frustrated Sullivan. Kilrain’s style was the practice of the defensive masters under LPRR rules.

Last Bare Knuckles Fight of Champions, Jake Kilrain vs John L Sullivan

Last Bare Knuckles Fight of Champions, Jake Kilrain vs John L Sullivan

The reigning consensus of the day was that Sully could not maintain his strength over distance much less in his current bloated, dissipated state, so imagine the Kilrain shock as Sullivan stripped down to reveal a Muldoon rejuvenated John L in better condition than ever. There were at least three dozen knockdowns and throwdowns or more of this contest that went 75 rounds, too many to count with most every one being the game Kilrain hitting the turf. He was successful in defensively extending out Sullivan beyond the point of no return, alas, to no avail by the end. Kilrain retired on his stool at the end of 75 rounds, pulverized beyond recognition after going far beyond any prudent notion of survival instincts, unable to do more than lift a pinky to wipe his bloodied face while drawing painful breaths.

Sullivan was undefeated under Queensbury rules, an amazing 38-0, 32 KO record of what would prove to be one of the highest knockout ratios in boxing history at 84%.  He was also undefeated under his dozen or more bareknuck fights with many more savage knockouts. He promptly sauntered forth on a greatly renown tour to be feted by his fans, yet still savaged by his enemies who had long spared no expense with full page challenges of his reputation of being an intemperate, bull necked, drunken brute of a bully. Sullivan did not have to return to the ring some 3 years later in a such a poorly trained corpulent  state to go against his former sparring partner and touring buddy, James J. Corbett. They had conducted a boxing exhibition in formal dress attire when the cocky, youthful manner of Corbett became the final challenge to the fierce pride of Sullivan.

So Sully ultimately went out on his shield, finally giving satisfaction to his vehement critics, but not before 21 hard rounds against a lithe boxer and mover in his prime. Noteworth was that Corbett was also considerably bigger and stronger than Kilrain with more offensive nuance at his disposal.

Fast>>forward 123 amazing years later spanning three centuries and here we are again in 2015 with Floyd Mayweather currently standing at 47-0, 28 KO after having finally rising to the top of the monied food chain of boxing. He rakes in more than his fair share of the billions, sometimes trillions the US government issues in printed money and debt every year. Where does boxing and Mayweather go from here?

He has more in common with James J. Corbett who was 9-0-2, 3 KO than he has with the powerful John L who was the proto undefeated Mike Tyson of his day. Corbett had also had defeated the unbeaten under Queensbury rules version Jake Kilrain who was also closer to Mayweather than to Sullivan. Kilrain was 19-0-9, 12 KO coming off his grueling bareknuckled beating by Sullivan the year before going into the Corbett 6 rounder which can hardly be seen as significant given the light nature of the fight.

Kilrain would log several more wins culminating with his last significant win in a fight to the finish under Queensbury rules against era black contender George “Old Chocolate” Godfrey. It was recorded as a thrilling contest of skill until Godfrey landed face first in a pile of straw after having been knocked out of the ring after 44 rounds.

Unlike Mayweather, Sullivan fought all across the country, taking the fight to the people wherever it could be arranged in those “illegal days” when boxers had to dodge the authorities as much as they did punches. He even traveled to Great Britain and France because that’s where the money and the challenges were.

Floyd Mayweather is obligated to fulfill his last two fights under his Showtime contract. He will be in his 8th straight year of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, almost half of his career and all of his most acclaimed period of a fighter. No fighter in history has ever been so confined, coddled, swaddled, and rewarded in such a single venue, there is no precedent. He will be looking more and more like an aging, shopworn 38 years of age if his last two fights against Marcos Maidana are any indicator. The emasculated Mayweather nation can blow their smoke up his keister ’til Gabriel blows his horn in the end times, but the plain truth is that Mayweather didn’t fight his main rivals during their prime years, most especially Manny Pacquiao, a fight that will continue to be floated to the public by the press in fruitless efforts 6 years after it’s primacy has passed.

In short, he will not have any “signature fights” of note to be remembered by. It’s his money, his many “retirements, and his hometown venue that will  that stand out as his legacy when future historians rate him. We can only judge in our days where he manages to cover much of the full range of the spectrum from a so, so great to the best ever, but we have no final word as ratings of boxers goes up and down all through history with every new generation.

There are near some 50 fighters of any note who retired with undefeated records, most not being HOF fighters and none making the International Boxing Research Organization, IBRO, their historical rankings of P4P top 20 fighters. Such is a perspective to consider as Mayweather and his here today, gone tomorrow bandwagon fans proclaim him The Best Ever.


Retirement is near and beckoning while the siren sings the eternal song of mo’ money, Mo’ Money, Lot’s MO’ MONEY We Gots Next!   We’ll see how that all works out for him come 2015 after a long rest from his recent “grueling” schedule of 2 Mexican Holiday fights at the MGM Grand per year with two more TBAs in the queue waiting, waiting…forever waiting….until…..and……?  

Boxing Enters Dead Zone Until July~Say Bye Bye To Swiss Pie, Richard Schaefer.

 Boxing officially enters a summer “dead zone” with the recent completion of Miguel Cotto’s signature win over Sergio Martinez. Certainly the hard core fan can still see plenty of good fights featuring top fighters most every week, but there are no more “Big” Fights” until July. That’s when Canelo Alvarez fights Erislady Lara in an exploratory Vegas MGM Grand PPV and Tyson Fury rematches Derek Chisora in a big stadium fight to be held in Manchester, England. Often the general fan’s schedule is unable to make time for these summertime blues “dead zone” fights, and I won’t be writing about them, so the question gets begged before the stifling summer ennui sets in: What of Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer’s recent adversarial departure from his long time gig at Golden Boy? Alvarez vs Lara was his last creation as it were and he won’t be around to massage the final details.

Oh for sure, the “boxing expert” world is agaga over what the impact will be not to mention all the anti-social media monkeys over flowing their shorts with competing befouled projectile offerings of what the former Swiss Banker Schaefer and the rest of his boxing crew does next.

Myself? Neither boxing expert, boxing insider, nor fly on the wall of Richard Schaefer am I, but I can guarantee a big shakeup in the boxing world that’s been a long time coming. This arcane 17th century sport looks to be setting up a scramble for big international dollars as boxing is being developed in the Asian markets as it wanes in the American market. The European market seems to be holding with the Brits and Germans hanging in there as Russia is gaining traction to pull even with them.

So Golden Boy is conclusively split up with Floyd Mayweather Jr also announcing he’s exiting the ranks. And mum’s always the password at the Al Haymon underground boxing works buried somewhere deep down in a former Howard Hughes bunker in Las Vegas, still stocked with thousands of rows of kleenex box slippers ready to be shuffled around in me thinks. Schaefer has given no indication of what capacity he might continue in boxing, but if he does he will have to start from scratch and get to working with as many promoters not named Golden Boy or Top Rank if he is to continue his adversarial relations with Oscar de la Hoya and Bob Arum even as he is still a shareholder in Golden Boy.

Bad Marriage

Bad Marriage



And where do the Showtime contractual obligations land?

Another sticking point is the many Golden Boy fighters also signed with Al Haymon. Word is many of those fighters don’t actually have a contract with Golden Boy and may no longer be promoted by them, not the least of which is Floyd Mayweather who has his big Mexican Holiday set for his 10th consecutive appearance at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for September 13th. That would be vs TBA, of course with a TBA vs TBA supporting undercard. Sticky Mayweather negotiations are typically settled at the last minute, but now they may be stickier and more unsettled than usual. His promotional company supposedly lacks a license to officially do business, but no problems when he was aligned with Golden Boy. Just slap his logo up on all the promotional banners and and reap the extra profits.

The Logo

The Logo

Somebody somewhere running some connected responsible promotional entity has to come up with those monstrous 30 and 40 million dollar guarantees that Mayweather has enjoyed, but by whom and by what means will that be accomplished?

Stay tuned for the gold rush crush as everyone and his aunt and sister stake a claim as lawsuits whizz by like bullets in an OK Corral Shootout. It may not be pretty, but sure as shootin’, “It’s Boxing!”

Finally~Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley~The Rematch

Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley finally have a their big rematch come Saturday, April 12th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas as they look to assauge their wounded pride from their fateful encounter almost two years before. Then n’er do well boxing gods, ring officials, and fans conspired against both of them in one of the biggest controversies of the new millennium.

Grrls In Support

Grrls In Support

Unfortunately, big boxing controversies are becoming a dime a dozen these days to be quickly buried under a never ending avalanche of new controversies, yet some of us still remember. Top Rank head honcho Bob Arum called for an investigation of himself to wash away the stench as the WBO reviewed the fight and concluded that Pacquiao had won a wide decision, not that it mattered one whit to the Nevada honchos who run Vegas boxing events.

This time around there is a new commish and new director in Nevada courtesy of yet another controversy over the scoring of the Saul Alvarez/Floyd Mayweather fight that didn’t even affect the final result for the fighters. Their “new and improved” mantra is that they will no longer be “rubber stamping” fights as they admitted to in the past.

Golly gee, and who to thank now?

Whatever. We know leopards don’t change their spots and boxing remains the only pro sport I can think of where the outcome is so uncertain and irregular than nobody in authority can make a good case as to who deserves to win in many of the matches because the rules are so poorly enforced and subjectively written. Just fill in some blabber with a jigger of opinion and a shot of balderdash before staggering on to the next round of controversial fights.

Boxing as currently scored has about 90% useless padded points added that make the results read like a typical basketball shootout of 100+ goals being scored, yet is actually ass backward one spare point at the time penalty oriented that defines the loser rather than the winner. Sometimes scores are even recalculated after the announced results PO some Big Shot who pulls rank.

Add on all the even rounds that boxing ignores by insisting judges pick the loser of every round no matter how poor the fighters looked or how mightily contested the round was, and it doesn’t matter how many think a fighter may have won or not. Boxing can fill in the result to fit their hidden agenda any time they want just like contract terms of the ring conditions such as ring size, surface, gloves, rehydration limits, ect are almost always hidden from the public view like a pea in a 3 shell monte game.

In that respect, I must applaud the WBC requirements for open scoring where ongoing scores are revealed in the 4th and 8th rounds of championship fights before final results are announced. That recently helped keep the hometown judging of Tony Thompson vs Odlanier Solis on a leash as compared to previously announced results of an undercard split decision where the scores were never revealed at all. The scoring and the judges may still be questionable as in the recent Danny Garcia/Mauricio Herrera controversy, but at least the fighters and fans have a sense of transparency that they never had before.

That’s a better start than incomprehensible half point nonsense or placing judges on pretentious pedestals looking down their noses on the fighters that boxing has been making noises about implementing. Yeah, right, and how about let’s put the ref in a clown suit and the judges in black robes and powdered wigs too while the promoter grinds his organ for their monkey dances?

Of course Bradley was rightly miffed at the official snub of his hard fought victory and grabbed all his marbles to go home to nurse his injuries while pondering the misanthropic death threats against him for the rest of the year and into the new year. He was finally coaxed out by Top Rank into fighting Ruslan Provodnikov and then baited by Freddie Roach into fighting toe to toe with the vicious punching Siberian Bear, almost a fatal mistake since Bradley got rung up hard and often, barely scraping himself off the canvas in the first and 12th rounds to hear the final bell for yet another disputed though exciting win. That fight was chosen as Ring Fight of the Year and led to the match against Juan Manuel Marquez, a weepingly dreary fight as Bradley put his defense on the back foot to make the 40 year old plodding counterpuncher trail him around the ring trying to force the action. The close split decision resulted in yet another dispute where Marquez claimed to have been robbed, his own personal mantra these days since nobody has yet been able to knock him out, not that knockouts have any more credibility than scoring these days either, but I regress.

All the while Manny Pacquiao was taking a well earned rest at home after a long boxing career and new congressional duties have left him in a precarious state, a state of recovery after being KTFO by Marquez in their fourth installment of what will be known as the greatest modern boxing series of the millennium for many long decades me thinks. Top Rank honcho Bob Arum has been trying to build up their frenzied 5th fight by making noises about staging it in the biggest Mexican bullring in the country with more than 100,000 spectators. There’s also the fallback to trusty MGM Grand or the vast Cowboy Stadium as capable of staging such a lucrative spectacle so as to lure the reluctant Marquez back into the breech of boxing history.

Crazed Filipino Media In Manny Heaven

Crazed Filipino Media In Manny Heaven

The unvarnished truth going into this upcoming bout is that both the 30 year old Bradley and 35 year old Pacquiao have been damaged and are not the same fighters as before. Bradley is no longer that awkward, leg driven irrepressible energizer bunny and Pacquiao is no longer the invincible Pacman gobbling up all who stand before him, but they can still both fight if need be and fight hard they surely will for the respect and acclaim both have lost through no fault of their own. Their first fight was an intense conflict of physical styles and test of mental wills with matching speed for at least the first 9 rounds, but then they ran out of steam. They ended up posing their way to the final bell before relying upon the unreliable crap shoot of judging.

Bradley reportedly fractured his left foot and sprained his right foot in that fight before being brought into the post fight presser in a wheelchair. He has since moved to a more traditional upright defensive style to cover for those leg injuries. After finally returning to the ring at end of 2013, Pacquiao scored a lopsided win over Brandon Rios in Macao, but he was definitely a bit gun shy and chose to box mostly. Bradley doesn’t hit as hard as Rios and Marquez and has his own chin issues with no best use of his legs as backup this time around, so I expect more overall offensive action as Pacquiao should be able to press him to force a fight instead of having to chase him around.

This may well be the best bout by the official rankings as can be made this year and could end up a shootout given the contrasting strengths and vulnerabilities of the fighters. Major props for the combatants in putting aside wounded pride and getting the rematch made. There were mixed announcements as to whether the drug testing was to be by the competing VADA or USADA cartels, but you can be certain results are all funneled through the NSAC.

Can “boxing” can keep it’s sticky fingers from lousing up the results again? We’re watching and we don’t forget.

GOD, Guns, & Holy Ghost Robert Guerrero vs Showtime Debut of Floyd Mayweather Jr

Cinco de Mayo got a whole lot more interesting this year when Floyd Mayweather Jr signed a mega six fight deal with Showtime and Golden Boy Promotions. A preposterous figure of around $220 million was quoted, but regardless, the first installment comes against the interim WBC welter titlist Robert The Ghost Guerrero for the supreme claim to the WBC welterweight title being defended by Mayweather. That’s Saturday, May 4th, but look out and be forewarned all ye Mayweather team and fans. Robert Guerrero says God is on his side and he enjoys packing heat when away from home as happened recently at JFK airport in New York City.

Yes, Virginia, this “event” seems to have taken on a personality of it’s own, perhaps not even being a fight any more. Or it could be one of the greatest fights of this era, or just another Mayweather and Showtime sham. See the Mayweather/Victor Ortiz fight and the Showtime Super Six and Super Banty tourneys for reference.

It’s certainly not the all time P4P matchup of the millennium like Pacquiao vs Mayweather would have been. That horse bolted the gate 3 yrs ago and ain’t been seen in these parts since then. Nor is it the fascination when two big heavyweights meet in that rare ripple of time where the fate of the world almost seems to hinge on the result. This fight takes place in an odd shift where overlapping boxing eras intersect with the supermega money of politics, media business rivalries, and global realignments.

We also have the unseemly specter of the dad trainers polluting the promotion, Ruben Guerrero vs Floyd Mayweather Sr. They vowed to beat the tarballs out of each other in the ring or in the parking lot, so who knows where that goes? Crazy uncle Roger Mayweather started a ring riot years back when he attacked Zab Judah in the middle of a round and wrestled with the referee Richard Steele in a disgracefully officiated match that should have been an automatic disqualification loss for Mayweather according to the standard rule long been in force.

Mayweather thus far in his career has received every benefit of every foul ruling and final decision to accumulate one of the best known safety records of his era. He trains year round but only exposes himself to one fight a year against a carefully selected opponent for the past 7 years, all while a golden era of welters fought each other tooth and nail for supremacy.

Getting back to boxing basics, on paper the Ghost only has a ghost of a chance, but look again. It took a Ghost to track down the ghost of the ever elusive Mayweather and badger him into signing the fight contract, so already Guerrero is up on the cards of opportunity. Speaking of opportunity, the Mayweather main supporting undercard bolted to ol’ San Antone for greener pastures when Saul Alvarez took his WBC/WBA unification fight with Austin Trout there to score one of the higher level checkmate boxing wins of this era. The antisocial media howler monkeys hate him, but Alvarez has officially arrived as the A side to any proposed match for him in boxing, including the aborted fight with Mayweather. The pressure is now on Mayweather to see if he can keep up with the rapidly advancing 22 year old kid in the perfect record department, 42-0-1, 30 KO compared to the Mayweather 43-0, 26 KO record. Moreover, can Mayweather recover the considerable Mexican PPVs lost with the Alvarez defection?

There are many other variables affecting this fight, so it’s hard to touch on all of them in an orderly manner, but let’s start with the Guerrero losses. How a fighter loses and his reaction to it is often informative. His first loss was to Gamaliel Diaz, an unheralded fighter who has since maintained a high Ring rating until a loss dropped him only a few weeks ago. The Ghost lost the split on the official cards, but I scored it for him by a couple points in a sloppy uninteresting fight where he looks to have fought down to the level of his opponent. He knocked him clean out in the rematch with solar plexus shot in the 6th, very impressive in that Diaz had never been put down before much less out.

Then the Orlando Salido fight that Guerrero lost, yet was overturned when Salido tested positive for steroids. I had it a close competitive fight with Salido eeking the win, but what was telling is that Salido had most of the fire and offensive activity. Guerrero looked like he was sleepwalking at times, scarcely even bothered when Salido landed flush and also looked painfully slow. I’m thinking he was probably tight at the weight given his ample frame that has marched rapidly through four more divisions since then. That was also 6-7 years ago, light years in time as applied to a boxer’s short career, but nonetheless a window into the boxing development of Guerrero. Perhaps it is not without coincidence that 6-7 years ago is when Mayweather began to command his biggest purses and most acclaim and that Guerrero is also light years younger at age 30 to Mayweather’s 36 and the hungrier fighter by far.

The conclusion is that Guerrero has never been beaten up and seems to have found his perfect niche at welter where he recently relished the combat against undefeated raging bull Selcuk Aydin and then long time former WBC #1 and mandatory, later the WBC  champ, Andre Berto. Guerrero’s new tough inside roughhouse style is always difficult for the pure boxer of Mayweather because the Ghost also possesses decent boxing chops out of the southpaw stance, so the long odds I hear around the 10 to 1 range might shorten up considerably by fight night as big players take a harder look at this fight.

The Eyes Know

The Eyes Know

In a fairly officiated contest, I see Mayweather needing to work extra hard for a win like he did against Miguel Cotto in his last dukem up. Guerrero is a considerably fresher boxer on a long time upswing than was Cotto who has been in some all time wars and is winding down his career. Mayweather has certainly not recently looked the P4P juggernaut the boxing industry has made him out to be, another example being the Victor Ortiz “incident,” a prearranged orchestration ala his infamous dustup with Big Show. If the Ortiz knockout is to be in the record, then the Big Show brass knuckles knockout should be also, both preferably in the official WWE record where they could be better savored as a matching pair of great heel performances of modern times.

Vs Miguel Cotto

Vs Miguel Cotto

Anyone seriously contemplating the Guerrero fight should consider the context of the Mayweather career as he winds down. He turned pro making good money on HBO shows where they promoted him as the P4P successor Roy Jones Jr. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the Manny Pacquiao fight that never was, Mayweather ended up squeezed off between the all time boxing legends of Roy Jones in the 1990s, superseded by Manny Pacquiao in the 2000s by consensus accolades, a snub with a building pressure that put an edge on him. He finally boiled over with a blizzard of felony assault and other charges in 2011 leveled against him resulting in a plea bargain stint in The Big House in 2012. That edge has forced his hand into the type of unsavory comments and accusations against his rivals that he knows will anger his critics and bolster his substantial fan base, so in his world perhaps there is a rhyme to his reason.

His recent regius remunerations have been due to a seismic shift in modern American culture in that his serious felony transgressions have greatly appealed to the hip hop culture where prison time lends street credibility. The troubled man-child, Mike Tyson, had been their posterboy in the past, so Floyd became their unholy mantraman as the national plates of identity shifted with unstable modern American culture.

Thing is, when the historians take over and look at careers to talk about all time rankings and legacies, his record becomes The Big Lie after he leaves Top Rank for Golden Boy. There are huge gaps in his record at a time when equally talented fighters are challenging themselves more frequently with more fights against as good or better competition, but such is the nature of the promotional business that could care less about truth or boxing legacy, they just want the bottom line of his considerable PPV sales when he fights.

And that’s another part of The Big Lie, that he’s the PPV king. His promoter, Oscar de la Hoya, is the all time PPV king by record, and if you average out all of Mayweather’s 8 PPV fights, two with Top Rank and six with Golden Boy, they are almost identical in numbers to Manny Pacquiao’s last 8 , but Pacquiao has many more PPVs that easily put him over the top as the first ever featherweight to be put on PPV promotions. Most Mayweather fans could care less about the facts, it’s the perception that in spite of losing out on accolades, they desperately need to affirm he’s the best not unlike Mike Tyson was made out to be even as his career wound down against vastly inferior competition compared to his peak years that were cut short by long stays in the pen. Tyson was also signed to a Showtime blockbuster contract, but Tyson supposedly did not receive the full value of his contract when Showtime elected to pay more pressing bills stay in business rather than go under, thus leading to Tyson’s infamous bankruptcy.

And you know it’s The Big Lie when Forbes, and other mainstream media outlets report that Mayweather is the highest paid athlete in the world, using his 2 year reported income figures to everyone’s one year figures. Yes folks, it’s not just the boxing press with collective cognoscenti up each other’s arrears, the history of the “mainstream” media is rift with tabloid sized lies, mistruths, and deceptions. They’ve been drafted into action not because of any inherent interest in his boxing career, but because there’s an immense amount of money to be made picking his bones apart before he departs boxing.

Even the infamous Mayweather drug testing program has taken a back seat to this nonpromotion that has scarcely seen Mayweather do more than go between his Vegas lairs at his gym and at home. Noteworthy is that near as I can see, NSAC, Golden Boy, Al Haymon, and Mayweather have refused to address the two part article Thomas Hauser put together last year concerning Mayweather’s alleged positive drug tests and cover up by USADA illicit drug testing cartel:


Meanwhile, recent inroads of BALCO associated trainers Victor Conte and Angel Heridia AKA Hernandez into boxing have stirred up a hornet’s nest of disputatious minor infractions resulting in a NSAC one year suspension and millon dollar fine of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr for smoking marijuana, yet only a minor fine and disregarded suspension of Conte trained Mayweather stablemate Andre Berto for trace steroids. Berto merely moved his show to California to fight Guerrero which is where the Mayweather/Guerrero fight was birthed. 

Boxing has a way of eating it’s own, taking down better, more honorable fighters throughout history than Floyd Mayweather. I’m sensing a lot of rat traps being set around the perimeters as boxing may well be moving past the old into the new as Macao and Singapore and Dubai move to supplant Las Vegas for big fights. More telling is Floyd sporting the “Oscar” shiner of surrender going up against a new gunslinger single handedly promoting the fight in unlikely religious and political circles of God and Gun constituents. Lord knows what happens outside the ring when they clash with hiphoppers in the MGM after typical grevious ring shenanigans fire up the riff raff.

Put on the blindfold to be spun around to toss your dice and throw your darts to pin the ragged tail on the donkey, there’s your winner, but we’ll just have to see for ourselves. 

Shine On Souvenir

Shine On Souvenir