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Olexandr Usyk vs WBO Champ Krzysztof Glowacki

The latest Ukrainian juggernaut, Oleksandr Usyk, 9-0-0, 9 KO, will challenge the WBO World Champion, Krzysztof Glowacki, 26-0-0, 16 KO, at Ergo Arena, Gdansk in Poland this Saturday, September 17th.

Usyk won the Heavyweight Gold Medal at 2012 Olympics and looks like the real deal save for his inexperience. I wouldn’t give him much of a chance right now against most title holders, but then I don’t know anything of Glowacki’s ama background. What I do know about the Pole is that he looks a bit soft at the weight and may not have been the best boxer, but he’s been boxing professionally since 2008 and game as all get out. Also packs a big punch to make up for his shortcomings as he showed when he KTFO out of longtime cruiser champ Marco Huck to win his title. Then he defended against former champ and long time contender Steve Cunningham by means of multiple knockdowns and looked to have improved his ability and boxing style, so Krazy is in the serious hurt business to stay for the duration.

As you can see, Usyk has some good size in height and reach over Glowacki, so he’s at least got that going for him as well as the natural talent advantage. In short, might as well throw the dice for this fight. Looks like an ol’ fashioned ding dong slugfest to me, the fans’ favorite, so let’s hope Usyk gets a fair shake in Poland.

This is Glowacki’s homecoming as a champion, so I expect the absolute best out of him as you can see from the above photo. He’s pumped and Usyk looks ready to rumble, exactly the way it should always be in boxing.

On Being Ruskie~Roy Jones Jr

What’s on my mind lately is Roy Jones applying for and being granted Russian citizenship. I hope he knows what he’s doing as he goes into Crimea to build a premium training facility to promote his fighters. Crimea is hotly disputed territory. I suggest Roy ask Vitali or Wlad Klitschko all about that to be clued in what you may be looking forward to.

Roy Translation To Putin~Lemme In!

Roy Translation To Putin~Lemme In!

It’s a shame really that such a wonderfully bountiful, beautiful spot is in danger of being seriously damaged by manmade conflict beyond the common citizens’ control who live there, but such destruction of nature and human life has always been our lot in this world as powerful self interests battle for supremacy without regard of the rules set forth by Marquis 0f Queensbury so many ages ago.

Roy has recently been quoted variously of wanting to challenge Krzysztof Glowacki for his newly won WBO cruiser title, or alternately Marco Huck who was obliterated in one of the most violent fights of this decade between those two big men. Roy is not a “big man” nor does he have his legs under him any more nor does he have the big punch to keep them off him. While admiring his warrior spunk that was somewhat MIA during the latter years of his prime, I thought he had at least one biological child or more that he should think about before attempting a return to the top level of boxing.

He was also quoted as saying he expects to earn some $2-3 BILLION dollars! Not to toss cold water on his ambition, but that just seems unrealistic. How much has Bob Arum made promoting the most successful modern boxing promotional company these past 40+ years? I doubt we’ll ever know that, but surely no where near 2-3 billion.

Go forth with God’s good graces as well as Vladimir Putin with eyes and senses on full alert. You’re a stranger in a strange land now.

Marco Huck vs Krzyzstof Glowacki

Long time German boxing icon Marco Huck, 38-2-1, 26 KO, defends his WBO Cruiserweight title against Krzyzstof Glowacki of Poland, 24-0, 15 KO, Saturday, August 14th. It’s the first time the two have ever fought in America but they should have plenty of their native emigres in attendance when they square up at the Prudential Center Newark, New Jersey.

Huck made the change to self-promotion after his contract with Sauerland finally expired. Hard to know if he will fight here long when so many worlds of opportunities still exist for him in Germany and even Russia, but it’s here in America for now with his new trainer Don House. Glowacki looks to be a solid physical challenge, yet without the experience of Huck who could set a new world record for cruiserweight title defenses if he wins. He may be looking past Glowacki though as he’s talking about defending against Roy Jones Jr next, but then again, that might just be some marketing nonsense to get Huck’s name out in America for recognition.

I’m expecting Huck makes this action fight with Glowacki Polish fans dominating the cheers and screams. We’ll be seeing how that works for him as he’ll have to greatly exceed his best performance to beat Huck who may no longer be the best cruiser, but is still tough, can punch, and a lot craftier about how to get the job done.

Coming to America

Coming to America


Time to Laugh–The Povetkin vs Rahman Comedy Hour.

Well, folks, The Povetkin vs Rahman Comedy Hour is almost upon us as Saturday winds down. The real fight action of course will be provided by the defacto main event when undefeated Kubrat Pulev, 16-0, 8KO rumbles with the former kickboxer, Alexander Ustinov, 27-0, 21 KO, a mountain of 300+ solid pounds spread out uniformly on his 6-8 Russian grizzlybear frame.  

The much awaited comedy hour endured delays from alleged injuries sustained by Hasim Rahman when he attempted to drop the blubber of some 300 lbs of inactivity. It was way back in the Pleistocene era when Rahman last beat a Ring ranked fighter though to be fair, since then all his losses were at least against contender types or champs such as Wlad Klitschko. It must also be noted that Rahman was quite literally robbed after landing a 1001 jabs along with a stiff right hand that knocked James Toney clear across the ring in the reverse ring waddle of the year. Unfortunately the routine nature of true robberies gets mixed into the howls of lesser robberies that typically accompany most every fight card in the world, so Rahman never got credit, the last fight he was in any semblance of shape.

Well, folks, the current WBA champ Alexander Povetkin is very much like all the previous WBA champs going back well over a decade now, he desperately needs a 40ish tubby former American champ or contender well past his best in order hold on to his Comedy Crown. It should be noted that Wlad Klitschko easily dismissed the last two WBA champs, Ruslan Chagaev and David Haye, but then Klitschko is so much more than a mere WBA champ that he is excluded from any comparison.

Povetkin was signed to fight Wlad a few years ago, but the fight fell out on a supposed tear of an ankle tendon, an Achilles heel as it turned out for Povetkin. He has since gone from being the touted Olympic Gold Medalist and top contender to a running joke trained by everyone’s favorite Uncle Teddy into a disaster case.

When he faced the best ever fighter of his career, fellow Sauerland stablemate and Cruiser champ Marco Huck, he resembled more the drunken Russian sailor on shore with his head between his knees for defense as his guts convulsed in horror. Poor Huck was reduced to bouncing Povetkin’s noggin off the canvas with rabbit shots, the only punch available to him to crack Povetkin’s illegal defense that he was never warned penalized for.

Teletubbies 256 lbs vs 229 lbs

Teletubbies 256 lbs vs 229 lbs

Never seen a fighter more punch drunk reeling about the ring on spaghetti legs than Povetkin, yet he won the decision, natch. Enter long time Don King fighter Hasim Rahman into this fetid mess with a chance to tie Muhammed Ali’s three heavyweight titles won.

Yup, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and you laugh at the WBA matchups so hard that you cry.

Well, folks should be well set up  in a fine fettle after the colossal battle between the Bulgarian Pulev and the Russian Ustinov who may be of Belarus origin. Both are classic come forward offensive fighters swinging some serious clubs, so short of a draw, someone’s zero is got to go since the stakes are the EBU heavy title and IBF International title.

Three of these four heavyweights are Eastern Europeans of undefeated contender status as befits the current international intrusion on the former American stronghold. Hasim Rahman may no longer be in their class, but he knows that he could well deliver another peach of a right hand to make the history, so laugh at your own risk, or cry, or grin and bear it, the choice is yours. 

Käpt’n Marco Huck Sails Into Heavy Waters Looking For Povetkin

 Käpt’n  Marco Huck sails into heavyweight waters with his debut against WBA titlest Alexander Povetkin this February 25th at Porsche-Arena in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Great White Surfacing

The Great White Surfacing

Alexander Povetkin is the heavyweight version of the seldom sighted Great White Whale of Lore, Moby Dick. At one time he was an up and coming heavyweight contender and former Olympic Gold Medalist with some solid fighting qualities. Then he dived deep into the dark depths where it became difficult to watch him as he made one after another excuse why he wouldn’t exercise his hard fought status as the mandatory to Wlad Klitschko. Instead he hired an off the rails celebrity trainer for ponderous combat against a plethora of hand selected journeymen types well short of contender status.

Povetkin did finally step up to beat fellow Russian Ruslan Chagaev for the WBA consolation strap left over after Wladimir Klitschko had already swept out the WBA dustbunnies that had previous claims to the infamous WBA belt. Povetkin nominally outworked the Hepatitus plagued Chagaev in a lackluster fight before defending against 40 year old fringe American Contender Cedric Boswell.

Greetings from Lebedev

Greetings from Lebedev

Marco Huck is similar in stature to the chubby Povetkin as he steps up from his longtime anchor spot in the cruiser division as former EBU and WBO champ. Both fighters are fairly aggressive though Huck got away with attacking in straight lines because of his size and strength. That style became problematic for him against Russian Denis Lebedev who has a similar crouching style to Povetkin albeit from a lefty stance.

Povetkin will be bigger, stronger, and busier from a right handed stance, so we’ll have to see if Huck breaks out a new style in the more powerful division and how and where he packs on his extra pounds. He has the advantage of being at a traditional athletic peak age of 27 to Povetkin’s 32 years, and also with the more ring experience, 34-1, 25 KO in 227 rounds to Povetkin’s 23-0, 16 KO in 130 rounds. 

In short, Huck will be the best fighter Povetkin has faced over the past 3 years, so plenty of unknowns indicate this fight could go either way although Povetkin will likely be the substantial favorite. And to think that the winner will go on to face the #1 mandatory contender, 39 year old Hasim Rahman, last seen at 284 whale blubbering pounds when he surfaced briefly last year in the Mississippi mud flats with a resounding thump of Galen Brown.

Such is life in the WBA great northern white whaling fleet.

A Fighter’s Fight–Marco Huck vs Denis Lebedev

The cruiserweight division has been long maligned as a refuge for overweight lightheavies or undersized, heavies, but Marco Huck and Denis Lebedev will be the same ring sizes of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in their Fight of the Century.

Be there.....What ever recognition their careers may lack with the general public, make no mistake, these are some seriously strong fighters who can bang with the best. All the public attention will be on the hyped Pascal/Hopkins clash in Montreal this Saturday, but it’s almost guaranteed this is the fight real fighters are gonna watch for a treat.

Be there…..


Denis the Menace

Denis the Menace

Denis Lebedev is a throwback to rugged frame of Sailor Tom Sharkey at the turn of the 19th century. He doesn’t impress physically with his size and cut, but he absolutely imposes himself his opponent in the most nightmarish way possible, knocking out 8 straight opponents since his comeback in 2008 after a bizarre 4 yr layoff from boxing. They could only last a collective  27 rounds, or about 3 rounds apiece, so clearly the sabbatical did him a world of good as well as moving up to the cruiser division.



Käpt’n Huck turned pro in 2004, so his is a classical journey of a solid championship fighter, taking about 5 yrs to secure a title and now with 4 defenses notched. As you can see, this boy has some size on him, bigger and stronger than anyone he has faced, and at 30-1, 23 KO, he’s racked up a great deal of experience for a 26 yr old and been in with a collection of the best.

Huck is gonna need it because Lebedev is a murderous southpaw coming off his best win yet, a 2nd round KO of highly regarded Alexander Alexeev in the style of Mike Tyson’s storied knockout of Trevor Berbick.

This will be irresistible force colliding with irresistible force with both having unmovable chins, so someone has to crack, but who?

Huck is well experienced in 12 round fights, so one need not be a seer to look at Lebedev’s lack of extended rounds during his comeback to figure that dragging him into the later championship rounds is where you might want to drown him. That would be safer than trying to exchange with him early, but Huck is a fighter’s fighter so he loves a good mano a mano collision. Can he contain his enthusiasm and box?

Huck has shown some more boxing discipline in his defenses and he seems to be totally dedicated to boxing and wanting to hang around for some good number of years, so he might play cagey hard to get with Lebedev. I’m sure that’s what his trainers want out of him.

Lebedev I know less of which is not surprising since he’s contested so few rounds in his comeback. He has a bandy legged awkward menace to him in the ring although there is nothing fancy in what he does but simply stand in front and pick rights and lefts until he hits his bullseye. It would appear he has that awkward sense of timing that opponents cannot train for compounded by his southpaw stance, something they can only experience the fatal results in the ring. Don’t know how good Lebedev is at chasing, cutting off the ring, fighting off the ropes, fighting inside, mauling and grappling, or moving inside the range of the rangy Huck who will be popping him from outside.

Even the ring stare down will be a deadly treat, so stay tuned this Saturday and we’ll find out in German time at Max Schmeling Halle, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.