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Juan Manuel Marquez Tries For 4th Title in Mexico City

Thirty year old Ukrainian light welterweight  Serhiy Fedchenko travels overseas for the first time ever to contest the WBO Interim Junior Welterweight title that could  earn Juan Manuel Marquez his 4th divisional belt. Come April 14th, Fedchenko should have quite the eye opener against the certified future Hall of Famer boxing’s most rabid capital, Mexico City.

Oddly enough, the native Mexico City born Marquez hasn’t boxed in Mexico City since 1994, fighting primarily in California and Nevada, so that’s some kind of 18 year Mexican homecoming he may have coming. Truth be told, Marquez was always the odd amigo out in the popularity stakes dominated by Los Otro Amigos,  Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales who often fought in Mexico, but I’d guess his stature has grown there since they have more or less been in the retirement phase.

Sergey Fedchenko

Sergey Fedchenko

Since almost all of Fedchenko’s bouts were staged in Ukraine, not much is known about him other than his record, 30-1, 13 KO as the current “WBO European Lightwelterweight titlest.” The only name opponents on his record are his sole majority decision loss to Kaizer Mabuza and a unanimous decision against DeMarcus Corley.

It goes without saying that Serhiy “The Professor” Fedchenko has never been stopped and is following on the heels of a stampede of talented Ukrainian champs and contenders in boxing. With only 13 KOs of European quality fighters, he is a boxer, not a slugger,  and boxing his only hope since the last 5 of Marquez’s 6 losses have come at the hands of highly rated boxer types of various styles, Freddie Norwood, Manny Pacquiao x2, Chris John, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

Fedchenko is obviously not in the class of the above, but he could move up to the bigtime if he were to knock the heavy favorite Marquez off his throne. Hungry East Europeans have made a pretty fair name in boxing doing just that, but can Fedchenko adjust to the manic atmosphere likely to accompany this fight?

Manny vs The Juan

Manny vs The Juan

I see this as a stay busy, wow the Mexican crowd with a homecoming in advance of Marquez’s next blockbuster fight. That could come against Manny Pacquiao in an epic 4th encounter IF Pacquiao wins his bout against undefeated Ring P4Per Timothy Bradley, a much bigger challenge and certainly not an easy victory.

Canelo & The Killer Collide–Saul Alvarez vs Kermit Cintron

Mexican phenom Saul Canelo Alvarez makes his most dangerous fight yet, defending his WBC lightmiddleweight belt against former titlest Kermit The Killer Cintron November 26 in Mexico.

Killer Kermit Cintron used to be the young phenom, a KO artist coming up, but once in the mix against a better class of fighter, his knockout has almost disappeared, only a single KO over the past 4 yrs.

In a twist of boxing fates, Cintron won the WBC eliminator in 2009 against an ailing Alfredo Angulo before literally taking a dive off the deep end onto the ring floor against Paul Williams and then dropping a noneffort against Carlos Molina. Angulo has won some big bouts since and is currently WBC #1 while Cintron has slumped to 14th and has never fought for the WBC junior middleweight title until now.  

There have been questions about his heart and dedication to boxing, but here he is in arguably his biggest fight ever, a Puerto Rican taking on the undefeated Mexican legend in the making. We should all be so lucky as to have such a grand opportunity fall into our laps

The Canelo Crunch
The Canelo Crunch

Meanwhile, young Saul Alvarez may have his own demons to conquer as Mexico’s latest undefeated darling. He is only 21 yrs old, but he owns the WBC title, a 200 MPH Maserati and seemingly has his pick of the bevy of beauteous Mexican senoritas flocking to see him.

Femme fatales have been the bane and downfall of many great historical figures through the ages, and someone who cares about his future should show him the  death scene of the great Mexican legend, Salvador Sanchez , who crashed of his mere 130 MPH Porsche on the way home early one morning after a late night tryst.

vs Archie Solis

vs Archie Solis

Now Canelo is being accused of beating up former light flyweight champ Archie Solis for making time with his girlfriend, a charge he denies although it seems at very least his “camp” was involved.

Where will it all end with the young phenom?

Cintron's Big Right Hand

Cintron's Big Right Hand

Cintron would like it to end with his big right hand crashing over the defense of Alvarez.

Young cocky boxing phenoms are the historical mothers milk of boxing, making for some all time great fights with plenty of spectacular crashes. Alvarez thusly to be quite confident going into this bout as will the oddsmakers in his favor. A Cintron upset wipes out many of his previous boxing sins and make him a major player again. It wasn’t that long ago that Cintron was being talked about as the opponent for Floyd Mayweather Jr, so how much more motivation does a fighter need?

If Cintron manages to stink out the place as he did against Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez, this would be the third recent Golden Boy promoted fight featuring their biggest stars tainted by what could best be described as incompetant travesties or worse.

Such are the precarious road hazards in the fast lane of a young Mexican boxing star.

Undefeated Mexican Standoff
Undefeated Mexican Standoff

The ever clamoring critics want Alvarez to fight whomever their favorite fighter is as boxing holds it’s breath with fingers crossed until the big superfight can be made with the Juniors,  Julio Cesar Chavez Jr or Floyd Mayweather Jr.

We may call it boxing, but the historical roots are prize fighting, so in the scramble for the big money fights, look for Saul Alvarez to make his mark at the Monumental Plaza de Toros, Mexico City so he can mint his fortune at a future date, TBA.

An American Holiday–Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Magic Matthew Hatton

The current EBU welter champ, Magic Matthew Hatton, will be travelling to the Honda Center, Anaheim, California on Saturday, March 5th, for a fateful encounter against widely acclaimed Mexican wunderkind, Saul Canelo Alvarez.

Magic Time

Magic Time

This is a bit of a novelty bout in that normally we don’t see EBU champs abandon lucrative title defenses to fly over the pond to challenge a red hot Mexican contender, but truth is that Magic Hatton has won all 6 of his fights in the US and should in theory feel relatively comfortable fighting a fighter looking like just another Irish fighter in Alvarez.

The comfort level won’t last long after the first bell chimes in since the 20 yr old Alvarez is in reality already near legendary in Mexico and hopefully wrangling his promoter, Golden Boy, to make this his breakout year. Hatton has also pressured his promoter into making this his biggest year, and his promoter is none other than acclaimed older brother, Ricky Hitman Hatton, who has strong Golden Boy ties which is the impetus for this classic confrontation.

The breaking news going in is that Golden Boy petitioned the WBC to make this a vacant WBC junior middleweight title fight since Alvarez is the #1 mandatory and “Silverbelt” holder.

The previous title holder was Manny Pacquiao who relinquished the belt shortly after winning it in his last fight against Antonio Margarito.

Magic Hatton is at a traditional athletic peak at age 29, and has a bit more ring experience, 299 ring rounds at 41-4-2, 17 KO to Canelo’s 213 rounds at 35-0-1, 26 KO, but experience seem to be his only advantage going into this bout. They are otherwise about the same size and strength with Canelo having a speed and power advantage and harder overall competition coming up the rankings compared to Hatton who has stepped up his competition recently to get to this point.

A significant common denominator is Lovemore N’dou whom Hatton struggled to a draw against whereas Alvarez laid a technical thrashing on him.

I’m thinking Alvarez is the big betting favorite here. Hatton is a strangely awkward fighter for being so technically oriented, but the few times I’ve seen him he always looks off balance and off his timing to start a bout. While his chin has proven solid at the Euro level, Alvarez is a grade above and could take him out early before Hatton warms and adjusts to the fight.

Many regard this as a mismatch with Magic Hatton being long derided as a joke because he never lived up to Ricky’s achievements, but few fighters ever do. Persistence pays dividends though since Magic Hatton has proven to be a solid fighter in his own right and seems to have finally won over the respect of the British boxing public. It helps that brother Ricky is no longer in fighting trim these days, preferring the role of promoter and thus relieving Matthew of the immediate comparisons.

Bottom line is that many in boxing see so much more untapped potential in Alvarez than they do Hatton, and doubtless that should be the case come fight night. More importantly, win, lose, or draw, both fighters will have increased their international exposure which is a win/win scenario for Golden Boy in what could be an entertaining bout if it manages to go more than a few rounds.


Newest Old School Flash

Newest Old School Flash


Young Canelo has a mean and hungry old school look about him this time out, so what say you tune in for the first hand results?

Where’s Waldo or Where’s America’s Next Heavyweight?

 Where’s Waldo was a popular ’80s children’s book where readers got to look for the cartoon character Waldo in crowds.



Fast forward to the ’10s with all the football bowl games and superbowl settled, and it’s deep into winter wonderland in the boxing world with little scheduled, so enter one David Nino Rodriguez announcing a “comeback” of sorts to save the heavyweight division that you can read here:


Can you spot him next to Waldo?

Where he be?

Where he be?

David Rodriguez is currently 33 yrs of age, 33-0, 31 KO, last seen on the undercard of the Erik Morales comeback against Jose Alfaro in Mexico, so what’s he coming back from, Mexico?

Who knew?

It ain’t like he wouldn’t stand out in a crowd, being a prime, tall, big, strong, handsome guy, but with his current Boxrec ranking of 141, damn, he’s hard to spot between Henry Fuentes and Maurice Byarm after 12 years of boxing.



What? Impossible you say, right? How could that happen?

Reminds me a bit of America’s last boxing Olympic medalist Deontay Wilder whom you can read about here:


In spite of Deontay fighting inferior opposition to Rodriguez, they passed each other in Boxrec rankings sometime last year with Deontay currently sporting a shiny 103 ranking thanks in a large part to a 33 sec KO of Ty Cobb, “Nino’s” scheduled opponent this coming Saturday.

Is it Ty Cobb now that America’s next Heavyweight has to pass through? What, does that mean we are we to be blessed with a showdown between Nino and The Bronze Bomber? Would it be in Mexico or Alabama?

Do these guys really want to fight? Or do they want to pose as fighters in Mexico and Alabama while ignore all the stupendously silly money and acclaim ready to be minted for America’s next heavyweight champion?

Can’t speak to the sentiments of their fighting hearts, but it ain’t a stretch to think there must be millions, no make that billions in the world who would love to have their size and physiques who might make better use of their obvious opportunity, yet were not so blessed.

Que lastima.

So, like trying to find Waldo, boxing fans have to scan a mighty large crowd to spot America’s next “Heavyweight.” It didn’t used to be like that.

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez vs Lovemore N’dou-Future vs The Past

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez has another Herculean task ahead of him for his latest impossible labors assigned by Golden Boy Stables.

Canelo Crunch

Canelo Crunch

Alvarez has been busy cracking the iron chins of a cast of former champs and fringe contenders, and his next opponent, Lovemore ‘The Black Panther’ N’dou is no exception, never having ever been knocked out before.

The Black Panther

The Black Panther

N’dou is a tough as nails South African fighter in a proud tradition who has made hard challenges to the likes of Shamba Mitchell, Miguel Cotto, Junior Witter, Pauli Malignaggi, and Kermit Cintron over his career.  He may be 39 yrs old, but good enough still to warrant being tapped as a sparring partner for Floyd Mayweather Jr.

In short, N’dou is a former IBF belt holder who knows his way around a boxing ring and knows an upset of the highly groomed Alvarez can mean yet another title shot.

I’m not sure why the 20 yr old Alvarez has been held back this year when he’s clearly ready to challenge for one of the main titles other than boxing politics that has kept him mostly buried in Mexico. Building a fanbase is the usual justification in spite of already being wildly popular there, probably more so than the Marquez brothers for example.

 There is little doubt he will be a big favorite, and the kid can fight with anyone if he’s ever given a chance. I don’t see how knocking out older, durable fighters and yet another fringe contender properly prepares him for a title challenge against a prime champ, but the schedule tells us he’s due to fight this Saturday, December the 4th in beautiful Vera Cruz, Mexico.

Heck, when you put it that way, damn, I’d be happy to swap out a fight with Canelo just to spend some down time in Vera Cruz. Man, that sounds luscious, so maybe he’s one smart cookie!

Anyway, it’s not that big of a fight, but rather more of a Golden Boy watch. He’s their best prospect, and at 34-0-1, 24 KO, it begs the question?

Oscar, why is the kid still playin’ in the minor leagues?

He could beat Berto, Mosley, and maybe Mayweather, or at least a higher ranked contender. C’mon now!

148.9-In Fine Fettle-149.6

148.9-In Fine Fettle-149.6

So here we are. 

Canelo is charged with mowing down Lovemore N’dou, so if you like hard, scrappy fights and want to see the probable future of boxing, AND you can find a Mexican channel, the kid delivers plenty of action, excitement, and maybe a big knockout, so there it is.

El Matador de Canelo

El Matador de Canelo

Pacquiao vs Margarito ~ Superbowl del Boxeo

Superbowl del Boxeo is what the Mexican boxing magazine, Boxeo La Vista, has tagged this promotion.


Not exactly a poetic amalgamation of tongues this combination of Spanish mixed in with an American original euphemism that has become the crown jewel of a multi billion dollar business, the NFL.

Spanish and English are among the most poetic of languages, and boxing can be among the most poetic of sports, but any poetry in this matchup will have to be found in the rhythmic sounds of abrupt combination impacts of gloved fists slamming into faces and soft body tissues.

The Superbowl of Boxing is an apt translation of Pacquiao vs Margarito given the kill or be kill nature of the way the fight is likely to unfold. The shiny new billion dollar domed wonder, the Dallas Cowboy Stadium,  is the venue as well as coincidentally the site of the next Superbowl, although Top Rank has tagged the promotion more simply as Pacquiao/Margarito.

Pacquiao vs Margarito

Pacquiao vs Margarito

Pacquiao attempts to win a record setting 8th divisional world title with the vacant WBC junior middleweight belt up for grabs. There is a catch however, that catch being a catchweight being imposed on Margarito of 150, 151, or 152lbs, I’ve heard all three numbers being bandied about. Regardless, the catchweight adds to what is already a controversial fight in many quarters, a fight which seems to be gathering strength much as a hurricane sitting out in the Gulf of Mexico before it makes landfall to sweep over the populace with deadly force.

I’ve also heard whispers of a limited rehydration clause in the contract for Margarito, something that first surfaced when Pacquiao first fought Oscar de la Hoya. I can live with the idea of a reasonable catchweight, but limiting rehydration would be very disturbing if true.

Make no mistake, Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito are two of the most seriously trained ring assassins in the game regardless of what anyone may think of their matchup. Every fighter who has ever existed had weaknesses to offset their strengths, and savvy managers, matchmakers and promoters have made and lost fortunes with the selections and conditions they make, and this promotion means to make a fortune.

Bob Arum is a wily, grandfatherly, meaner than a Chinese junkyard dog lawyer with 5-6 decades worth of boxing experience who is the promoter of record with the Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones massaging the promotion with his magic.

Manny Pacquiao has become the crowning achievement of Arum’s long HOF career. Proven beyond a doubt to be the most well known and respected boxer in the world currently practicing his craft, Pacquiao has been at the apex of his career for the past few years. The physics of boxing and by extension, life itself, those physics are well known to Arum.

What goes up must eventually come down.

No fighter can remain at the top forever except in the minds of the most rabid fans for whom a Rocky Marciano or Muhammad Ali are the best who would beat the best no matter the time or place. Manny has risen to that point in time where he has many, many millions of those kind of fans around the world, too many in too many far and away corners of the world to count, and to be fair, his has been a storybook fairytale type of the most flea ridden rags to the most incomprehensible riches and acclaim imaginable.

This simple, humble man has proven to be a swift and fit warrior beyond belief, headlined more than a dozen PPVshows, swept the fighter of the decade awards, has his own band where he is the lead singer, is the lead actor in movies written and directed just for him, and most recently elected to the highest legislative branch of his country, the Philippines.

There has never been another like him and likely never will be into the distant future.Yet all those accolades and earnings are but a bunch of fluff to be dismissed by the first Magarito punches when the first bell sounds for the first round, so there is more to lose than any other fighter today for Manny if the unthinkable happens.

Antonio Margarito has 36 minutes to bludgeon him into chopsteaksuey and Antonio has had the look of a lean and hungry ripped to the gills Cassius sizing up his fat emperor, Cesar, since the promotion was first kicked off.His style may appear crude and simple to unstudied eyes like his horrific beatdown of the highly acclaimed, undefeated Miguel Cotto, but his sole mission has to be one of seek and destroy since it’s highly unlikely he could ever actually outbox the speedy, highly skilled little southpaw to win a decision on the cards any more than he could against Cotto.

Margarito will be wearing the black hat as the heel to put a euphemistic spin on this promotion. His detractors probably outnumber his supporters at this stage, but it wasn’t always this way.

The Tijuana Tornado is American born who curiously reversed the immigration trend to return to Mexico to live. Turning pro as a skinny 15 yr old, 133 lb nino, his is the prototypical Mexican rise from poverty of their storied boxers in the mold of Julio Cesar Chavez and other great Mexicans who learn to fight tough hombres in postage stamped sized rings where no quarter is asked or given.

He became the King of the Beatdown in his division, so brutally delivered that he had problems landing top fights once he became ranked. He was too much risk for too little reward in the pick and choose promoter’s world that run boxing, but he finally got a shot at a vacant WBO belt that he won and doggedly held on to as Arum stayed loyal to him, trying to hook him up against Oscar de la Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr, but they just wouldn’t bite to be landed in the ring.

Then there was the set back against the freakish Paul Williams, another high risk, low reward fighter in the division who took his title away, and suddenly Margarito was without an anchor and lost at sea. Finally, some good news when Floyd Mayweather Jr retired in a pique of hysteria that left Miguel Cotto without his superfight, so Margarito agreed to a fight in a convenient in house Arum promotion. Cotto put up a huge battle but was ultimately beaten to a pulp, making Margarito the newest boxing sensation after all these tough years of unloved labor.

The tough Mexican’s fall from grace was as brutal as his beatdowns when he was busted for having illegal inserts in his handwraps before he went against hometown California hero, Sugar Shane Mosley in his next fight. His longtime trainer confessed to the set up, but the damage was done. He lost his new title, instead picking up a one year suspension and the ire of the boxing press and public.

So, now Margarito makes his return to his home country after being written off by hasty critics. He’s been at training for more than a very hungry year and we already know what he did coming off a big loss before the Cotto fight against the media and fan favorite, or did we?

The claim is that Margarito also used his illegal inserts in that fight, and maybe previous fights as well. I’ve addressed the handwraps topic repeatedly if you want a more sequential detailed history of the events as they played out:




The controversy will be irrelevant once the combatants enter the ring. Margarito will be watched like a hawk by all interested parties to insure a fair contest, as will Manny, so how does the fight itself actually break down?

Two things really stand out for the fight, the current condition each fighter with both having a history of being among the finest conditions of any fighters in history. These two professional boxers have taken their careers very seriously, but reports out of Manny’s training camp have been troubling, reinforcing my own predictions once he was elected to public office. It’s impossible to be both a full time fighter while representing your people in elective office while additionally being a father and husband and everything else under the sun that Manny enjoys, but he obviously means to try.

Margarito was ripped and ready from day one of the promotion. He is a career welter only fighting sporadically with mixed results at junior middleweight, yet he garnished a #2 boxrec ranking and #1 WBC ranking with his last win over Roberto Garcia in Mexico. The Oscar de la Hoya Ring magazine has refused to rate him after the wraps controversy after near a decade of consecutive welter rankings, but regardless, nobody has ever seen Margarito look so shredded and muscled in his career as now.

Margarito looks drop dead dangerous as hell!

It seems to have been ignored that Margarito’s team claimed he was coming off eye surgery a week before the Mosley fight and was not fit to fight. He was brutalized and knocked out that night, though after one year of suspensions and steady training, he recently walked through a rough tough Roberto Garcia in his shake the rust loose bout.

Margarito has never been tested at the level that Manny brings on fight night regardless of any poor training camp although Paul Williams tested him and won their fight. Williams is a different breed of cat from Manny with an extra 10” of height and reach though both are southpaws.

Then we get into the performance enhancing drug accusations against Manny leveled by Floyd Mayweather Jr and his uncle Roger and Golden Boy counterbalanced by the Margarito illegal wraps. Facts are if Manny and Marg are really cheating than so is the same likelyhood of their opponents and every other boxer since they are all given the same pre and post fight screenings during their careers.

So for me, this is a pickem fight with too many unknowns squirreled away in dark corners to know about. Manny will be the overwhelming favorite in the betting, but being the betting favorite has never been a guaranteed prognosticator of results as new fans found out when Mosley pulled a big upset over Margarito.

Stuff happens.

A more solid prediction would be that this could be a fight of the year type which is why Arum was willing to match two of his stars against each other. The time is ripe with Manny rapidly running out of big opponents in what may be his last bout, the Dallas Cowboy Jerry’s World new shiny cool venue being made available, and the combatants as game as it gets with a white hat against black hat, a Pinoy Mexican assassin against the biggest, strongest, toughest Mexican gunslinger available in their new division.

Perhaps the most undersung part of the promotion is the storied Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders going up against the red hot Ines “L00kie-L00kie” Sainz for eye candy honors.

L00kie-L00kie- Bring Your X-ray Glasses.

L00kie-L00kie- Bring Your X-ray Glasses

This is the biggest fight of the year, and with near 50,000 thousand watching Manny shutout the unknown African, Joshua Clottey in his last fight, it’s possible 80,000 could pack Cowboy Stadium and raise the roof.No doubt there will be a few heart attacks and dozens of fights breaking out among the viewers before the dust clears.

It’s that kind of epic battle.

Little Big Men, Calderon vs Segura

This Saturday we have a special treat when long time champ and modern day legend Ivan “Ironboy” Calderon attempts to unify his WBO jr flyweight title with the WBA title held by Giovanni “The Aztec Warrior” Segura.

The Pose

The Pose

This is a premium time immemorial battle for the ages of two little big men, a Pure Boxer vs Pure Puncher. It is also a battle of many more categories, the best of Puerto Rico against the best of Mexico, the aging sheriff against the prime young gun, Iron Boy against The Aztec Warrior.

Calderon is also holds the Ring belt and Segura is the Ring #1 ranked contender, so who could ask for more?

Ivan Calderon is 35 years old, 100 years old in flyweight years, and a perfect 34-0-1 looking for his matching 35th win in what could well be a Hall of Fame career if he ever decides to hang em up. He’s held a WBO title since he first captured the strawweight title some 7 years ago, 18-0-1 in title fights, more than half his career.


Ivan Calderon

Ivan Calderon

Scraping 5’ tall on a generous day with only 6 knockouts to his credit, it’s safe to say his footwork, angles and counterpunching have proven to be near impeccable to thrive at the top for so long. He has struggled somewhat since moving up a division against hugely bigger, stronger fighters and seems to have lost those youthful sharp edged reflexes that now see him hanging out in the pocket longer for incoming, but he’s still the quickest fighter around and keeps himself well conditioned.

Standing only 5’4”, Giovanni Segura will find himself towering over Calderon come fight night, yet wondering where he is since Calderon will be making himself as scarce as possible to avoid the incoming cannon fire Segura lobs his way while maneuvering for position for his frustrating counter flurries.

Segura at age 28 has impressive credentials with his 24-1-1, 20 KO record and fight ending one punch power that few fighters have survived beyond a few rounds. He’s not the best boxer, but adequate enough to protect himself to set up his big punches.

No way does Segura match the hand and foot speed of Iron Boy, but Segura’s game has always been about timing his big punches, an innate ability that can trump speed when it’s switched on.

Calderon’s unorthodox freewheeling southpaw style is all about disrupting timing and precision, so these fighters’ strengths and weaknesses play into each other’s hands perfectly. The site is Calderon’s favored Puerto Rico hometown style setting, so with his rabid fans at full volume, it seems unlikely Segura could win a decision in a close fight. He will need some knockdowns if not a knockout against a fighter with a perfect record, but Segura may be a special fighter.

Stripped Photo Op

Stripped Photo Op

He quickly avenged his only two blemishes, a draw and loss by big knockouts in the rematches, and he’s won 5 of his last 5 title fights by KO.

I think Segura can do it and history is on his side as the old lion eventually succumbs to the young lion and Calderon has had a look of being on borrowed time of late compared to his prime fine form.

We shall see since you can never count out an undefeated fighter  of Iron Boy’s proven heart and credentials, even on the slide.

Regardless, both fighters and teams deserve full props for putting together a fight of this caliber, so it’s win/win for both from my point of view.

Don’t miss! 

Bare Knucks

Bare Knucks