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New Ruskie Roy Jones Jr vs Enzo Maccarinelli In Moscow

Future Hall of Famer Roy Jones Jr, 62-8, 45 KO, and Enzo Maccarinelli, 40-7, 32 KO are scheduled to meet December 12th this Saturday at the VTB Arena in Moscow, Russia.

Y'all musta forgot...

Y’all musta forgot…

One scarcely knows how this will go since both are past primes but still game fighters as their strengths and weaknesses play into each other’s hands. The soon to be 47 years old Jones recently obtained Russian citizenship in a move that surprised many US fans. Then the 35 year old Macca signed to fight Jones in a move that surprised many UK fans. Since nobody ever contemplated this matchup, most are just scratching their noggins. Can the freshly minted Roy even be considered the hometown favorite?

One big advantage Macca has over Jones is 6-4 height, size, and reach advantage even if box rec speciously lists their reaches the same at 74″. He also has a big power advantage being a natural cruiserweight. Jones still has the hand speed advantage even if his foot speed and balance are down, and he’s still got his top level experience to guide him.



May the best man win and may both consider finding a nice soft place to land for retirement. They’ve given quite enough to boxing without further risking their health.