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Fat Boy Andy Ruiz vs Mighty Joe Parker For WBO Honors

Andy Ruiz Jr steps up for a big fight for the vacant WBO title against Joseph ParkerVector Arena, Auckland this Saturday, December 10th.

Though this pairing of a fat Mexican against a packed Kiwi down under in New Zealand seems unlikely because of ample Ruiz girth that we rather enjoy our mirth with, this fatboy knows how to fight. He’s very much like Tony Tubbs, Buster Mathis, Tony Galento and Willie Meehan before him, but can he match the girth of achievements of Big George?

We’ll find out after a really bad bummer year for boxing. Both have been very active, so this early December Christmas present for we the fans will be the 4th fight for each this year. When the fight was announced, Parker immediately went public with a painful recollection of the first sparring encounter between the two that left him with a huge cut in his mouth that kept him from eating for a few days. That, of course, was then, with this being now and both more experienced. Parker has faced better opponents the past couple of years whereas Ruiz slacked off in 2015, perhaps due to personal problems. His weight this year has been between 248-253 lbs which is a good range for him considering his past fluctuations, but supposedly he’s targeting 245 lbs for this fight.

As a regrettable side note, Anthony Joshua defends his IBF heavy title against journeyman Eric Molina on the same date in Manchester, but the good news seems to be that finally all the wheels got greased to put both Josh’s IBF belt and a WBA Super belt tossed in for added incentive against Wladimir Klitschko in spring of 2017 in an expected sellout of Wembley, the current capacity of 80,000+. Not to worry for fans though since there are over 2000 toilets to choose from.

Here these dynamic former spar mates are in Las Vegas after attending the Pacquiao/Vargas bout. The size differential is deceptive because Parker as the bigger is out front when in fact Ruiz will come in 10 lbs + heavier:

Samoan Prime Minister Tuilepa Alono Sailele Mallelegaol is said  to have been the primary financier for the fight so it could be held in New Zealand. To wit: “We are proud to be able to support our son Joseph Parker in his quest to become the first Samoan world heavyweight champion, and believe he possesses the qualities required to succeed, strength of body, mind and soul. In addition to this, this event will be a great opportunity for Samoa to promote our beautiful country to what will be a massive international audience.”

An additional wrinkle to this fight is Bob Arum has obtained 50% of Parker and other Duco Event fighter contracts, so will be co promoting him and them for the immediate future including this fight. Top Rank, win, lose, or draw, are back in the heavyweight champion biz again.

I really like the pace and skills of Parker, so of course I think he wins, but I also think Ruiz may possess hereto untapped potential waiting to be released, like maybe for this fight? Regardless of the results, the die is cast. Either the first ever Samoan or Mexican will become a world champ, unless……unless there is a draw or other such monkey business that boxing too often brings to fight results, yet still…only in boxing!

255 lbs vs 246 lbs

255 lbs vs 246 lbs



New Gen Joseph Parker vs Old Gen Kali Meehan

One of the top heavyweight prospects goin’ today, the 23 year old Joseph Parker, 15-0, 13 KO, steps across a couple of decades to go against the 45 year old Kali Meehan, 42-5, 32 KO, for a veritable blizzard of African/Oriental titles in a 12 rounder, Thursday, October 15th @ Trust Arena, Auckland, New Zealand.

Going way back to when Parker was just a schoolboy, Meehan lost a very hotly contested split decision against WBO titlest Lamon Brewster in Las Vegas. Outraged fans raised holy hell, increasingly fed up with mounting Don King promoted outrages. Fast forward 11 years later and nothing has changed in boxing save a few fresh new faces creating new officiating outrages like the TUE 49-0 “record.”  This time though, crooked Americans are not likely to have any say in this outcome given the exotic location and foreign titles at stake. Both are native Aucklanders, so both will be favorites as the fan friendly old lion takes on the popular young lion.

Meehan will be the best fighter Parker has ever fought and he’s got some size to him as well. He’s ranked 29th on Boxrec at the time of the fight, only 11 spots behind Parker. He’s still crafty, can box or slug, so Parker needs some good nuance on top of a good night to see him off as Meehan won’t go lightly. 

Auckland vs Auckland

Auckland vs Auckland

Young Gun Joseph Parker vs Ol’ Sherman Tank Williams

Young prospect Joseph Parker, age 22, has a stiff challenge ahead to climb the big hill of the heavyweight rankings when he takes on 42 year old Sherman Williams October 16th in Aucklands, New Zealand. Already he’s breathed some much needed fresh air in the division by his youthful exuberance in and out of the ring, but he’ll need to be minding his schoolboy Ps and his Qs if he is to hurdle the shopworn but always dangerous Sherman Tank.

Mighty Joe Parker

Mighty Joe Parker

This new kid on the block with an exciting take no prisoners style has down unders in New Zealand and Australia looking for their first ever heavyweight champ from those parts. Truth be told, he’s got a good shot at winning a title if he can overcome the usual personal, promotional, and fight setbacks, and more importantly, doesn’t become locked out of a title challenge due to boxing politics, something even the best heavyweights have sometimes had to overcome.

Williams who was last ranked 95th by boxrec is a good test, but my view is the one feature lacking from current heavyweight contenders and pretenders is a fatal failure to mix it up with fellow up and coming prospects who learn more fighting each other than against cagey veterans who usually only have a few tricks left in their bags that most everyone in boxing have already has figured out.

Will Young Gun Joseph Parker figure out the ol’ rusty beat up Sherman Tank Williams or is Parker to be left for road kill after Williams goes on a rampage through his artillery lines? We’re fixin’ to find out soon enough.