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Dillian Whyte vs Oscar Rivas @O2 London For Heavyweight WBC Interim

Longtime British contender Dillian Whyte, 25-1, 18 KO, never received his mandatory shot against Deontay Wilder, but now the blessings of the WBC have bestowed a title for his fight against new Colombian contender Oscar Rivas, 26-0, 18 KO this Saturday, July 20th at the O2 in London. Rivas would be the first ever Colombian Heavyweight champ if victorious, and truth be told, Whyte is far more qualified for a title shot than the guy who ducked him, Wilder, who had never faced a top 10 contender before getting a title shot.

Rivas will be giving up some size and a lot of high end experience to Whyte who is one of the most accomplished heavies going these days by record in spite of only 26 fights. Whyte’s style is that of a straight up, unrepentant slugger that guarantees a slugfest, and I’d have to think Rivas could never be more motivated for a fight knowing he could be the first heavyweight Colombian champ in history, so here we go again!

Skouser Tony Bellew vs Skynt David Haye~Bell & End Coming Together Again~Part III

Oh dear, it’s Play it again Sam time for Skouser Tony Bellew vs Skynt David Haye~Bell & End Coming Together Again, Part III scheduled at the O2 in London just like the first, only this time May 5th during Cinco de Mayo celebrations for the Americas, but not in Merry Aulde England.

Their first little snit fit had been prematurely kicked off two months early when the skynt Haye became overwhelmed by the immensity of their 1st prefight pressor and let fly ye olde sucker punch. Skouser Bellew giggled, shook it off, and lectured the skynt Haye for his lack of professionalism.

Call it a NWS Newspaper Win for Bellew, or an an ND No Decision in the unofficial books, neither result counting on their records. And of course in the real fight, Bellew not only humiliated skynt Haye with ring craft, but damn near knocked him out of the bleeping ring for the KO, a spectacular ending. As Bellew predicted, skynt Haye proved to be “A Broken Man.”

This will be is the 4th installment of the skynt Haye’s celebrity boxing reality show after coming back from the ignominy of yet another long retirement looking to make some easy money, but this time with skynt Haye and skouser Bellew both unranked in both Ring and Boxrec because of mutual inactivity. Remember though Bellew had a much higher rankings over skynt Haye in their first fight who Bellew called a “broken man.”

I am always fond of remembering my favorite skynt Haye farce here that made him ooodles of money along with howls of derision.


Lead up to first fight here near the same as this time with Haye playing mum this go round:


Bellew is still the true fighter here that the skynt Haye used to be. Skynt Haye in his celebrity comeback has yet to face a Ring ranked heavyweight, a streak several years in the making, and we have yet to know if skynt Haye’s little pinky toe is up for this rubber match, yet we shall soon see what we shall soon see and amen to that.

Whoa, Nellie~Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook?

Boxing for all it’s flaws seems to be shaking up the status quo this year with yet another fight that nobody ever thought to call for, Gennady Golovkin, 35-0, 32 KO vs Kell Brook, 36-0, 25 KO. What’s more, Glolovkin caught an overseas flight to Merry Olde England to enter into Brook’s stronghold heavily buttressed by his biased hometown BBB of C officiating. That would be Saturday, September 10th in O2 Arena (Millenium Dome), Greenwich, London.

Though the usual suspects howled mightily over the injustice of this fight, it has much historical precedent that has been lost to a new age of the new generations of softer metromen and yummies whose memory is limited by their narrow twittering nanosecond attention spans in a sport that traces as far back into the millenniums to ancient civilizations. Welts have always moved up to fight the middle champ, even the heavy champ in further bygone modern eras, and hopefully always will though modern junior divisions make that unlikely these days. Brook is considerably bigger than most welts moving up as we shall see in the weigh in and may well actually outweigh the traditionally sized Golovkin on the night of the fight.

Golovkin vs Brook

Golovkin vs Brook

The fight became a necessary no brainer when Golovkin had the 9/10 HBO date penciled in without a dance partner due to egregious boxing politics that serve to rob modern fighters of their true legacies. Brook had a dance partner, but spent too much time noodling over nickles and dimes to make the fight against Top Rank’s Jessie Vargas, so when he suddenly got a bigger offer to fight Golovkin…((BooM))…It’s on!

Though they have about the same number of fights and are undefeated, clearly Golovkin is more accomplished and more powerful. Brook’s only scalp of any note was a disputed majority decision against Shawn Porter, a fight Brook spoiled with a tepid dishwater performance that many if not most fans saw him losing since he was seldom the aggressor and landed few clean punches. Why after 10 years as a pro he put on on such a miserable show in his first title bout perhaps an indicator of his fighting mentality when faced with Class A adversity. As such, I’d imagine he use the same style against Golovkin who has seldom had to face a strong, determined clincher who might limit his always pressing, dangerous offense. Brook may appear to some Brit fans to be “culturally” brave to take the fight, but make no mistake that his plan will be going into pick and peck survival mode to make it to the final bell and hope for the BBB of C favorable ruling.

We need to thank Chris Eubank Sr and Jr who made this fight possible. They balked at making big money against Golovkin by making such demands as to presume to take over the promoter’s duties, Eddie Hearns in this case, without the assumption of the headaches working on the ground to put together such a complicated thing as a boxing promotion, so enter Brook to happily take the same terms.

Here’s the mandatory WBC 30 day prefight weighin where Brook was amazingly 176 lbs to Golovkin’s fight ready 165 lbs 30 days out from the fight. Of course these weighins are designed to insure the fighters have been dropping the weight off well in advance for health reasons, yet we can see here that Brook is bottom heavy in his torso, so how he ever made 147 is probably a story that shouldn’t ever be told.

176 lbs vs 165 lbs

176 lbs vs 165 lbs









This will be both Brook and Golovkin’s largest purses by far thanks to the maniacal devotion of British fans who not long ago packed 80,000 screamin’ meemies into Wembley for Froch vs Groves II. Gonna be hard to beat the primacy of that great fight though, so it’s ultimately up to Brook to decide if he wants to fight or to spoil. I say he spoils a perfectly good fight, but who can really know until the bell tolls and fighters get hit in the mouth? There will always be the mystery of the unknown when the champ travels into hostile hometown territory such as this even if the result seems preordained.

That was never more apparent at their fight weighin, Brook @ 159.4 lbs and Golovkin looking quite drawn @ 158.8 lbs, perhaps beat down by the manical British media attentions that are sure to exceed anything he’s seen before. Or maybe a touch of flu, or a collapse of his love life as happened when Manny Pacquiao was served divorce papers in his dressing room the hour before stepping into the ring for his rubber match against Juan Manuel Marquez. Now that can really screw up a finely tuned fighter, but it’s also quite possible that Golovkin overtrained and hit the wall so to speak, but regardless, something’s up with him. Good luck all.

London Town Square Golovkin Workout

London Town Square Golovkin Workout

Big Fist Fest @ O2 London~Tyson’s Fury vs Christian’s Hammer

This may well turn out to be Tyson Fury‘s year if he can successfully do a number on tough fringe contender Christian Hammer come Saturday, February 28th at the O2 Arena in London. Of course fighting the squat Hammer will do little to prep him for a challenge against big all everything record setting champ Wladimir Klitschko, but if press release noise counts for anything,  freshly minted WBC beltholder Deontay Wilder is a more likely and much less dangerous target to hit.

Tyson's Fury vs Christian's Hammer

Tyson’s Fury vs Christian’s Hammer

It’s a new start for Fury after The Boxing Fates washed out what was supposed to be his huge 2012 year with repeated cancellations of his projected £5 million purse with the late not so great ingrate David Mr. Pinky Haye. That left Fury fighting for table scraps in the 2013 fight den of the greatly diminished Frank Warren. Fury managed to bookend those two minor fights in between a series of family tragedies starting with the still born death of his infant child and then the shocking sudden death of his Uncle Hughie.

I see this fight pretty much as a replay of Fury’s last comprehensive beating over Derek Chisora that ended when Chisora was pulled out of the fight between rounds after being well pulverized. Whether Fury will switch to his southpaw stance as he used against Chisora remains to be seen. Hammer is about the same size and quality, but you never know with heavies who always have a puncher’s chance, and the winner is…….?