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Tiger Tony Thompson Enters Odlanier Solis Turkey Zone

One thing great about the international expansion of top ranked contenders is that American heavyweights now have more opportunity overseas for bigger purses against higher rated contenders than they can currently find in the US, so enter the infamous “gong” promoter Ahmet Oner. He has set up, set up being a key idea here, he has set up his long suffering project,the Cuban Dancing Bear Odlanier Odlanier Solis, to fight his way back into the title picture against the 42 year old long time American contender Tony Thompson in Kusadasi, Turkey.

Yes, Virginia, there is such a place however remote and goofy the name may seem to Americans. It happens to be a beautiful resort area on the west coast looking out over the  Aegean Sea. The locale also has notable historical ties, such as  Mary the mother of Jesus having lived here in antiquity along with  St John the Evangelist for starters.

Thompson as much as any long time American heavyweight hopeful suffered somewhat coming up independent of the declining Don King heavyweight promotions. He fought mostly away from the glitter of Las Vegas and the glamour of New York in palookaville type of promotions. His first big splash was making it to the finals against Maurice Harris in the 2002 Thunderbox promotion by Cedric Kushner in Atlantic City. He lost that unofficial 3 round fight, yet managed to stay in the mix by fighting fringe contender types and the usual collection of journeymen.

Thompson the Lumberjack

Thompson the Lumberjack

His record became steady enough to make him an untouted mandatory challenger to Wlad Klitschko twice where he was knocked out both times, but he rebounded to land on his feet with a very busy 2013. Two big knockouts of touted British heavyweight giant David Price landed him in another eliminator against current Russian juggernaut Kubrat Pulev.

Thompson lost that fight which is how he landed the Solis fight. Oner needs his Cuban Dancing Bear to face fighters that have vulnerabilities that Oner can exploit in his canned promotions. Odlanier Solis was the heralded 2004 Olympic heavyweight gold medal winner who defected to the US some 8 years ago. At 33 years of age, technically he still has a few good years left, but there is nothing technical about the lard he has padded himself with and the soft opposition he has padded out his record with.

Solis did almost manage to complete one round of his sole title challenge as WBC mandatory to Vitali Klitschko before being clocked out, his highest touted achievement thus far to hear his fans rave about him, so where does he go from from there? Hows about a sumptuous holiday on the Aegean to await another anointment to the summit of boxing.

This scenario is becoming familiar territory for Thompson, that of traveling overseas to fight with all the cards and all the suits stacked against him. He knows he need a definitive knockout as he showed against David Price, something he could possibly achieve against the plodding Solis who tends to look like he’d much rather be dining as opposed to fighting whenever his opponent has a pulse.

Compatriots in Arms

Compatriots in Arms

Sadly, it has become too easy to make sport of the tubby Solis, but he is the big money star for this hometown style promotion of the Turkish born Oner against Thompson who was brought in to lose, probably with Oner devised shennanigans hampering him every step of the way.

 Tony Thompson has the tall, tricky, southpaw style, heft, and experience that has pretty much seen it all and done it all, so we shall see what ultimately transpires in the Oner designed Solis Turkey Zone.

Thompson 266.5 lbs ~ Solis 257 lbs

Thompson 266.5 lbs ~ Solis 257 lbs

Wlad Klitschko’s 50th KO Celebration, aka Mr. David Haye

Flash back 8 years ago and few of Boxing‘s cognescenti and broadcasting wunderkinds would have been predicting the dominant title reign of Wlad Klitschko, but my how the landscape has changed. He’s even been mooted for IBHOF entry by some, but of course a few certain others who need no identification have been publicly picking against him for the duration.

Well, there’s no accounting for their public affinity for self flagellation, but the masochists have a new white knight in shining armour to make their wildest dreams come true when, or rather IF Mr. David Haye takes the long walk to the ring to toe it up against the Ring/IBF/WBO/IBO champ who already beat up the geniune undefeated WBA champ, Ruslan Chagaev some two years ago.

I say IF only because Mr. Haye has delivered a series of soft level WBA fights after announcing he would move to the heavy division and clean it up in between walking out on several Klitschko fights. The beleaguered British public failed to read the fine print that it was actually the WBA heavyweight division where he would be taking out the rubbish, so they made Mr. Haye something of a reality media star. By natural progression of their modern reality world, they figure this fracas is to be Mr. Haye’s coronation into King David, so they will be flocking to tune in come what may of the result.

Hayemaker Time

Hayemaker Time

At one time Mr. Haye was actually a blood and guts action warrior who briefly held the cruiserweight titles, but that seems ages ago. As a heavyweight contender, he has followed the three ring circus approach much in the way of Odlanier Solis who was demolished in the first round by brother Vitali last March.

I imagine Mr. Haye’s brain trust looked at that fight and plan to break out his fleet footed strategy that takes him into later rounds where presumably he will have a better feel for having his face jabbed into mincemeat.

I will be more than happy to give Mr. Haye due credit if he upsets the big favorite, but given the farcical nature of his heavyweight career with his general disrespect of fans and boxing, Mr. Haye has earned a level of disrespect that cannot easily be dismissed.

WBA Beatdown #1

WBA Beatdown #1

The easy prediction is Wlad notches his 50th knockout in a walkover . His trainer, Manny Steward has been predicting all these great things Wlad is going to do, but he’s a very cautious technician who prefers to set his own tempo, so I look for a late KO as he carefully walks down Mr. Haye much like he did Eddie Chambers.

If Mr. Haye wants to come straight at Wlad early, that would be thrilling for fans, but Wlad made easy work of the previous WBA champ, Ruslan Chagaev, and similar results are expected against their newest WBA hopeful, Mr. Haye.

Objectivity deserves a better place in boxing though, so Mr. Haye either has to produce a dynamic performance well above his previous efforts, not likely at this stage of his career, or Wlad has to revert back to the form of one of his 3 losses.

Could Mr. Haye leverage one of those off performances?

The best and most comprehensive win over Wlad was when the tricky fast handed South African southpaw Corrie Sanders put him down 5x for the TKO stoppage, but what is forgotten in that fight was the unintentional headbutt to Wlad before the first punch landed.

The strangest loss was to Lamon Brewster who absorbed a ferocious beat down and survived two knockdowns when Wlad mysteriously ran out of steam and collapsed after the bell ended the 5th round. Oddsmakers suspended betting on that fight days before because of a mysterious surge for Brewster who scarcely landed a punch on Wlad.

Wlad’s first ever loss was to big journeyman, Ross Puritty, who also absorbed a beatdown for the ages through 11 rds, a fight he could’ve been stopped for being noncompetitive. He surprised the tiring 22 year old Wlad with a sudden attack good enough that Wlad’s trainers threw in the towel.

This is Wlad’s 59th pro fight and a fighter only has so many bullets to fire, so even Clint Eastwood had to ask the punk, “Are you feeling lucky today?

“Well, do you Mr. Haye?”

Alternately entitled Dirty Wlad’s WBA Beatdown #2, coming soon enough(we hope and pray with fingers crossed xx), Saturday, July 2nd at Imtech-Arena, Hamburg, Germany.

Pro vs Amateur–Vitali Klitschko vs Odlanier Solis

The fight happens March 12, Saturday at  Lanxess-Arena, Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, but let’s be clear here, this is a longtime professional legend having to face his mandatory, the 2004 Olympic heavyweight gold medalist whose professional career has been on the low brow path to no great shakes.

Vitali Klitschko

Vitali Klitschko

Vitali Klitschko holds all the pro accolades with his only weakness of late is that of closing in on 40 yrs of age. That and the WBC ruling apparatus that killed his tribute bout at Madison Square Garden against Polish legend Tomasz Adamek on the 40th anniversary of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier’s Fight of the Century.

Odlanier Solis has been a pro coming in on 4 years now, but his development has stalled with a series of lackluster performances starting against Chancey Welliver in 2008, with his last being a farcical quality performance against a 40 yr old Ray Austin that turned into an ugly DQ win for Solis.

Welliver was some 30lbs over his career heaviest and easily boxed with Solis before a premature stoppage by the ref saved what could’ve been a controversial decision. The less said about Austin the better, but imagine Don King as the promoter and you got the picture.

Each and every one of Vitali’s comeback opponents were vastly superior to Solis in Peter, Gomez, Sosnowski, and Briggs with the possible exception of Kevin Johnson who for all intents and purposes vacated the building before the fight started.

Odlanier Solis

Odlanier Solis

Rumor has it that Solis is shedding his chubby excess, but I doubt even that helps him due to the low path of development he’s taken. He must have some talent to win all those gold medals, but the pro game is another ball of wax entirely that not even Cuban legend Juan Carlos Gomez could put a dent in for his Klitschko challenge.

Typical rinse and repeat Vitali bout goes with a long steady beatdown culminating in a knockout, so unless Solis has some hidden talents melding with highest level training, very quick footwork, and a booming knockout punch, I just don’t see it happening.

Some claim that Vitali has slipped a bit the last few years, yet nobody has rocked him and nobody has ever won even a handful of rounds off him yet.

Maybe Solis’ co-promoter,  Ahmet Oner, can ring the timekeeper’s bell as he did a couple of years back to save a heavyweight prospect from being knocked out, but comedy highlights only go so far against the Klitschko brothers who are deadly with purpose every time out.

I’m thinking most of the betting is gonna be on whether Solis lasts the distance. He is young and looks durable, but he also looks like the proverbial heavy bag hung out to dry. 

Maybe one of Vitali’s aging parts breaks down and comes flying off, that’s the only realistic possibility that I see, but hey, they gots to fight to prove it, and bigger upsets have happened, so there it is.