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Not Much Goin’ On~ Danny Garcia vs Paulie Malignaggi

Danny Garcia tip toes forth ever so gently to take on the flying feather fists of Paulie Malignaggi on a painfully slow Saturday, August 1st, at Barclays in Brooklyn, New York. This non-event was conjured up by Al Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champions league, an attempt by Haymon in his own feather duster fashion to replicate the Ultimate Fighting Championship mixed martial arts billion dollar enterprise formed by Dana White. If the public could ever catch a glimpse of the hidden from view Haymon, they might see the murderous gleam of a young Cassius as he looks to wrest boxing away from the current Cesar, 80 something Bob Arum.

Yes Virginia, there’s an unholy power vacuum brewing in boxing since Golden Boy has been knocked for a loop, now left hoping beyond hope that their $300 million dollar lawsuit against Haymon is successful. It’s only natural for future shady boxing operators to make their move now, but in a surprise move, Arum joined in the fun with his own $100 million lawsuit against Haymon who’s now find the going considerably less lucrative. Lawyers to be swarming and storming in for their share of the pie of the orchestrated Mayweather juggernaut. Mr. cent already made his bold move only to be shot down in flames of his fighter’s losses, and now in a bankruptcy filing.

The mouse that squeaks Malignaggi hasn’t fought since Shawn Porter pounded him into Brooklyn meatballs in April of last year. Likely he has little ability left to avoid the hard punching Garcia who may not be the best boxer, but packs a big punch. He also has the suits behind him as one of boxing’s propped up and undefeated darlings. Malignaggi did manage to further expose Adrian Broner in 2013 to no credit, but Broner punches like a jelly doughnut, so it’s not an analogous fight.  However, if Garcia can’t knock Paulie out, it’s gonna be ugly since his growing fan base has been fleeing in droves after he unveiled his light in the loafers Haymon schedule designed to keep him undefeated.

In the end, words simply fail to convey the useless hopelessness that this bout represents as the supposed future of boxing. Lord help us.