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Russian Rampage~Povetkin vs Wach & Lebedev vs Kayode

An odd, outlier Wednesday fight come November 4th promises some serious action as the consensus 2nd best heavyweight in the world, Alexander Povetkin, defends his WBC Silver against Polish giant Mariusz Wach at Basket Hall Arena in Kazan, Russia, wherever the dickens that is. 

The 6-8, 35 year old Wach, 31-1, 17 KO, is as about tough as they come, but also about as disgraced as they come when he was caught by brother Vitali in the Wladimir Klitschko fight with tampered gloves that had the padding removed. If that wasn’t bad enough, he also failed the post fight drug test showing high levels of steroids and was suspended from boxing. Then the mess in Poland where he was involved in some kind of drug smuggling network and maybe served some time in jail. He was in good position to go to the top of the heap once Wlad retired, but instead took to running with a bunch of thugs who have helped to ruin his career, a real shame that.

Now he has a chance to prove something against the vastly improved Povetkin who seems to have had a mysterious heart transplant after floundering during his lost years while boxing’s maniacal Uncle Teddy was training him into the dirt. The 35 year old Povetkin also sports a similar record to Wach, 29-1, 21 KO, also suffering being shutout by Wladimir, yet somehow he managed to rebound with 3 of the most venomous knockouts in a row over top opposition that we just don’t see in this current light in the loafers generation of American heavyweights. I can’t think of another modern fighter who made such a strong comeback so soon after such utter humiliation, but Wach is a huge tree to chop down, so he’s got his work cut out for sure.

Povetkin vs Wach

Povetkin vs Wach

Undercard features current WBA cruiserweight champ Denis Lebedev against Lateef Kayode. Both recently suffered knockouts against huge heavyweight types, Guillermo Jones and Luis Ortiz, except that afterwards both monsters were caught by the post fight drug tests. In another odd twist, though Jones was stripped of his WBA title, the KO against Lebedev still stands under Russian federation rules whereas Kayode got his result changed to an N/C, only in a sport so disorganized as boxing can such diametrically opposed results stand without any question.

I see the heavyweight bout as evenly fought in the early rounds with plenty action as Povetkin slowly pulls away from Wach for a decision. The southpaw Lebedev put up one of the most impressive fights I’ve ever seen against Jones, fight of the year quality by both, but he also took an unholy beating that may have taken something out of him. Kayode is fresher from fighting lesser comp, but not as proven as Lebedev, so this ends up being one of those crossroads types of fights that tend to be some of the best fights as both have extra incentive.

Classic Blonde Bombshell Double Loaded

Classic Blonde Bombshell Double Loaded

And if the stakes alone aren’t extra incentive enough, a certain Russian blonde bombshell, Ms. Svetlana Kulakova  will be contesting Ms. Ana Laura Esteche in a rematch of their recent draw for the WBA superlightweight title. Now I don’t watch women boxing, never have and never will, but it’s undeniable that there are some capable of giving any healthy guy a major league shot of testosterone upon first, 2nd, and 3rd glances, so hopefully not so much that the guys can’t pass their post fight drug tests!

Anyway, I’m guessing this Russian Rampage can be viewed by Americans in the wee early morning hours, so set your clock. Russian based fights really rock.

Time to Laugh–The Povetkin vs Rahman Comedy Hour.

Well, folks, The Povetkin vs Rahman Comedy Hour is almost upon us as Saturday winds down. The real fight action of course will be provided by the defacto main event when undefeated Kubrat Pulev, 16-0, 8KO rumbles with the former kickboxer, Alexander Ustinov, 27-0, 21 KO, a mountain of 300+ solid pounds spread out uniformly on his 6-8 Russian grizzlybear frame.  

The much awaited comedy hour endured delays from alleged injuries sustained by Hasim Rahman when he attempted to drop the blubber of some 300 lbs of inactivity. It was way back in the Pleistocene era when Rahman last beat a Ring ranked fighter though to be fair, since then all his losses were at least against contender types or champs such as Wlad Klitschko. It must also be noted that Rahman was quite literally robbed after landing a 1001 jabs along with a stiff right hand that knocked James Toney clear across the ring in the reverse ring waddle of the year. Unfortunately the routine nature of true robberies gets mixed into the howls of lesser robberies that typically accompany most every fight card in the world, so Rahman never got credit, the last fight he was in any semblance of shape.

Well, folks, the current WBA champ Alexander Povetkin is very much like all the previous WBA champs going back well over a decade now, he desperately needs a 40ish tubby former American champ or contender well past his best in order hold on to his Comedy Crown. It should be noted that Wlad Klitschko easily dismissed the last two WBA champs, Ruslan Chagaev and David Haye, but then Klitschko is so much more than a mere WBA champ that he is excluded from any comparison.

Povetkin was signed to fight Wlad a few years ago, but the fight fell out on a supposed tear of an ankle tendon, an Achilles heel as it turned out for Povetkin. He has since gone from being the touted Olympic Gold Medalist and top contender to a running joke trained by everyone’s favorite Uncle Teddy into a disaster case.

When he faced the best ever fighter of his career, fellow Sauerland stablemate and Cruiser champ Marco Huck, he resembled more the drunken Russian sailor on shore with his head between his knees for defense as his guts convulsed in horror. Poor Huck was reduced to bouncing Povetkin’s noggin off the canvas with rabbit shots, the only punch available to him to crack Povetkin’s illegal defense that he was never warned penalized for.

Teletubbies 256 lbs vs 229 lbs

Teletubbies 256 lbs vs 229 lbs

Never seen a fighter more punch drunk reeling about the ring on spaghetti legs than Povetkin, yet he won the decision, natch. Enter long time Don King fighter Hasim Rahman into this fetid mess with a chance to tie Muhammed Ali’s three heavyweight titles won.

Yup, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and you laugh at the WBA matchups so hard that you cry.

Well, folks should be well set up  in a fine fettle after the colossal battle between the Bulgarian Pulev and the Russian Ustinov who may be of Belarus origin. Both are classic come forward offensive fighters swinging some serious clubs, so short of a draw, someone’s zero is got to go since the stakes are the EBU heavy title and IBF International title.

Three of these four heavyweights are Eastern Europeans of undefeated contender status as befits the current international intrusion on the former American stronghold. Hasim Rahman may no longer be in their class, but he knows that he could well deliver another peach of a right hand to make the history, so laugh at your own risk, or cry, or grin and bear it, the choice is yours.