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Qudratillo Abduqaxorov vs Charles Manyuchi in Singapore

Qudratillo Abduqaxorov from Qorgontepa, Uzbekistan, fights Charles Manyuchi from Masvingo, Zimbabwe for the WBC Silver welterweight title in Singapore this Saturday, March 25th.

Boxrec ranked them 79th and 23rd, but don’t ask me to pronounce any of those names lest I tie my tongue into a permanent Gordian knot. Such names represent the future of boxing much more than the historical boxing power of the USA. Those days of world domination are in the dust bins of history, but the UK and US still represent most of the big money venues that all aspire to, but even that is slipping as Russia and China are developing rabid followings.

It’s a new world order in boxing playing out, so we shall see where boxing lands in the coming decades.