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Tyson Fury vs Derek Chisora, Rematch~Part II

This much savaged and justly ravaged rematch might possibly take place at the ExCel Arena in London on November 29th, a Saturday. Last I heard Tyson Fury hadn’t yet signed off against Dereck Chisora, but since their “Allegedly” fight has taken on the look of a promotional disaster, few would notice any news if he did finally sign. 

Welcome to review the breakdown of their first rematch that was rescheduled due to Chisora injury. Poor Fury has been so much poorer now for 3 straight big money fights being canceled, but Fury’s dilemma is to be expected after working with a weak promotional team just as he was ready for his title shot. The kid desperately needs a new promoter as he’s becoming stir crazy what with all usual monkeyshines, fines, deaths in the family, and other such that have kept him penned up like a caged tiger at a circus with his cage constantly rattled. Not much has changed from the original fight breakdown save for Fury’s fury and frustration level. He’s still favored over Chisora.