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Russian Rampage~Povetkin vs Wach & Lebedev vs Kayode

An odd, outlier Wednesday fight come November 4th promises some serious action as the consensus 2nd best heavyweight in the world, Alexander Povetkin, defends his WBC Silver against Polish giant Mariusz Wach at Basket Hall Arena in Kazan, Russia, wherever the dickens that is. 

The 6-8, 35 year old Wach, 31-1, 17 KO, is as about tough as they come, but also about as disgraced as they come when he was caught by brother Vitali in the Wladimir Klitschko fight with tampered gloves that had the padding removed. If that wasn’t bad enough, he also failed the post fight drug test showing high levels of steroids and was suspended from boxing. Then the mess in Poland where he was involved in some kind of drug smuggling network and maybe served some time in jail. He was in good position to go to the top of the heap once Wlad retired, but instead took to running with a bunch of thugs who have helped to ruin his career, a real shame that.

Now he has a chance to prove something against the vastly improved Povetkin who seems to have had a mysterious heart transplant after floundering during his lost years while boxing’s maniacal Uncle Teddy was training him into the dirt. The 35 year old Povetkin also sports a similar record to Wach, 29-1, 21 KO, also suffering being shutout by Wladimir, yet somehow he managed to rebound with 3 of the most venomous knockouts in a row over top opposition that we just don’t see in this current light in the loafers generation of American heavyweights. I can’t think of another modern fighter who made such a strong comeback so soon after such utter humiliation, but Wach is a huge tree to chop down, so he’s got his work cut out for sure.

Povetkin vs Wach

Povetkin vs Wach

Undercard features current WBA cruiserweight champ Denis Lebedev against Lateef Kayode. Both recently suffered knockouts against huge heavyweight types, Guillermo Jones and Luis Ortiz, except that afterwards both monsters were caught by the post fight drug tests. In another odd twist, though Jones was stripped of his WBA title, the KO against Lebedev still stands under Russian federation rules whereas Kayode got his result changed to an N/C, only in a sport so disorganized as boxing can such diametrically opposed results stand without any question.

I see the heavyweight bout as evenly fought in the early rounds with plenty action as Povetkin slowly pulls away from Wach for a decision. The southpaw Lebedev put up one of the most impressive fights I’ve ever seen against Jones, fight of the year quality by both, but he also took an unholy beating that may have taken something out of him. Kayode is fresher from fighting lesser comp, but not as proven as Lebedev, so this ends up being one of those crossroads types of fights that tend to be some of the best fights as both have extra incentive.

Classic Blonde Bombshell Double Loaded

Classic Blonde Bombshell Double Loaded

And if the stakes alone aren’t extra incentive enough, a certain Russian blonde bombshell, Ms. Svetlana Kulakova  will be contesting Ms. Ana Laura Esteche in a rematch of their recent draw for the WBA superlightweight title. Now I don’t watch women boxing, never have and never will, but it’s undeniable that there are some capable of giving any healthy guy a major league shot of testosterone upon first, 2nd, and 3rd glances, so hopefully not so much that the guys can’t pass their post fight drug tests!

Anyway, I’m guessing this Russian Rampage can be viewed by Americans in the wee early morning hours, so set your clock. Russian based fights really rock.

On Being Ruskie~Roy Jones Jr

What’s on my mind lately is Roy Jones applying for and being granted Russian citizenship. I hope he knows what he’s doing as he goes into Crimea to build a premium training facility to promote his fighters. Crimea is hotly disputed territory. I suggest Roy ask Vitali or Wlad Klitschko all about that to be clued in what you may be looking forward to.

Roy Translation To Putin~Lemme In!

Roy Translation To Putin~Lemme In!

It’s a shame really that such a wonderfully bountiful, beautiful spot is in danger of being seriously damaged by manmade conflict beyond the common citizens’ control who live there, but such destruction of nature and human life has always been our lot in this world as powerful self interests battle for supremacy without regard of the rules set forth by Marquis 0f Queensbury so many ages ago.

Roy has recently been quoted variously of wanting to challenge Krzysztof Glowacki for his newly won WBO cruiser title, or alternately Marco Huck who was obliterated in one of the most violent fights of this decade between those two big men. Roy is not a “big man” nor does he have his legs under him any more nor does he have the big punch to keep them off him. While admiring his warrior spunk that was somewhat MIA during the latter years of his prime, I thought he had at least one biological child or more that he should think about before attempting a return to the top level of boxing.

He was also quoted as saying he expects to earn some $2-3 BILLION dollars! Not to toss cold water on his ambition, but that just seems unrealistic. How much has Bob Arum made promoting the most successful modern boxing promotional company these past 40+ years? I doubt we’ll ever know that, but surely no where near 2-3 billion.

Go forth with God’s good graces as well as Vladimir Putin with eyes and senses on full alert. You’re a stranger in a strange land now.