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Marcos Maidana Tracks Down Adrian Broner

Looks like Marcos Maidana gets another shot at redemption against Adrien Broner at the Alamodome in San Antonio December 14th. Maidana has actually done quite well for himself after his torpid debut at welterweight against Devon Alexander last year. He is really a small framed junior welter, but he takes his orders from Golden Boy who wanted him in a more glamorous division where they needed quality name opponents, opponent being the operative word here. Maidana has been used in the non starring role against heavily hyped Golden Boy “stars.”

The Golden Boy promoted Maidana got off on the wrong track with  when he knocked out their Oscar de la Hoya heir apparent Victor Ortiz in a spectacular encounter. It didn’t help that competing manager contract disputes over his services soon combined with a terrible traffic tragedy in Argentina that made his services in the US problematic for a spell. He was then poorly served by unsporting officiating in the big name Amir Khan and Eric Morales debacles, yet onward he punched with a current 84% KO average, one of the highest in boxing in support of his 34-3 record.

Tubs & Lean

Tubs & Lean

Adrian Broner has been the heavily hyped Al Hayman fresh flash posterboy, yet now looking quite corpulent around his corpus, seemingly so “flush” as to “dump” $20 dollar bills during his potty sessions if his inflated ego video productions offer up any proof. After being touted as the next Floyd Mayweather Jr by the Hayman/Golden Boy combine, he’s been matched against an assortment of carefully selected featherweights, dwarfs, and feather dusters who have actually done quite well against his plodding defenseless version of the Floyd Mayweather shoulder roll. Now he goes against a true  slugger in Marcos Maidana who has knocked out the bigger, stronger, more talented Victor Ortiz and the tougher Josesito Lopez.

While only 24 years and still developing, Broner is still officially unblemished at 27-0, 22 KO, 81% knockout ratio. Most of those fights were at 130 or 135 divisions before completely jumping over the 140 division, now in his 2nd fight at 147. Likely he’ll never make 140 and why should have have to if the bigger money is in 147?

Yet ridiculously the Gimpy Ring ratings continue to rank him at both welter and lightweight and P4P, a total failure of logic other than being a rubber stamp for the Hayman/Golden Boy paymasters who have taken over the spare bones and mangy hide of what used to be a proud magazine in the days of Nat Fleischer.

Fortunately for Broner, Maidana is no Fancy Dan in the boxing department though he can box some when he has a mind to. Unfortunately for Broner the Maidana power is proven at higher weights. Broner has shown poor defense in his career, probably due to being in against little guys with little demonstrable power at those lighter weights. Hard to say if he can improve his defense, but on any fair playing field, Maidana must be salivating at the thought of an easy to hit plod forward style, a perfect stylistic match up for him, but that may be illusory.

The reason being that Maidana is seemly yet again “the opponent” if recent form of Hayman/Golden Boy fights follows script. They continue to prop up Broner and Amir Khan as stars for example against all evidence of their limitations with the hope they can maybe make a decent PPV with Floyd Mayweather Jr who doesn’t have any credible Golden Boy fighters left to dance with. No problem, this combine will manufacture cardboard cutouts for Mayweather to “fight.” 

Golden Boy has actually had some really great fights over the past few years, like James’ Kirkman against Carlos Molina and Angulo for example, but poor Kirkman can’t seem to stay out of trouble and jail. He’s recently been released from captivity, signed with his new 50 cent manager, and rushed on a ‘Top Rank card this weekend in Madison Square Garden, so strike him as savior for Hayman/Golden Boy when Mayweather retires. Keith Thurman has discipline and potential, but he’s been way underpromoted for whatever reason. Meanwhile the GB Argentinians, Matthyse and Maidana, they’re poor boys from a poor country, so they’re willing to brave the ring officials stacked against them, yet against the odds they somehow managed to make some the best fights in boxing.  And you wonder why they claim boxing is dying when the best, most exciting fan friendly fighters willing to fight anytime, anywhere get the short straw in what should be their biggest opportunities.

Perhaps there’s some hope in that the fight is in San Antonio which has a rich boxing tradition. San Antonio is where Manny Pacquiao burst into the spotlight in his demolition of P4P great Marcos Antonio Barrera not that many moons ago, but another era in the flash primes of typical fighters. The dubious Laurence Cole is the likely assigned ref, a dissertation of all his ring transgressions being the perfect submission for the ambitious business or a law grad. I should note his near flawless handling of his last fight I witnessed, the Alvarez vs Trout highly technical boxing match. He only made one mistake when he broke them up in the first round while they were in an exchange. He immediately recognized his error before laying back to enjoy one of the cleaner boxing exhibitions this year, so maybe there’s some hope for this fight since it could be a great slugfest if there is no interference..

We’ll be watching.

The Prince & The Pauper, The Tale of Two of Boxing’s Native Sons

Boxing’s closest thing to Mexican royalty, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr will be going mano a mano this Saturday against Boxing’s current resident native pauper, Ireland’s John Duddy for one of the WBC’s freshly minted titles, the WBC Silver Belt.

Junior, by way of Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico, is a chip off the old block of Senior, the Son of the Legend as the promotions go. He’s young, age 24, darkly movie star baby face handsome, undefeated with a 41-0-1, 30 KO with his sole blemish, the draw against Carlos Molina promptly avenged, and Junior is a fringe contender, holding WBC youth, Continental, and Latino titles.

Duddy, by way of Derry, Northern Ireland, is a chip off ye olde Green Shamrock, the Son of the Leprachans of the Emerald Isle. He’s prime, age 31, movie star ruddy red handsome with jagged scar tissue, and once defeated, 29-1, 18 KO, his sole blemish coming against recent middleweight title contender, Billy Lyell. Duddy is also a fringe contender with near identical boxrec ranking to Junior and holder of WBC Continental and IBA middleweight titles.

Even their native flags are near identical:






Both turned pro in 2003 and have been promoted smartly ever since in their selected ethnic markets, such that this match could easily be conceived by those of a more nationalist bent as Mexico vs Ireland in this season of the world cup.

Critics of the two who are many and quite vocal, insist they are nowhere men, severely lacking in skills, nuance, art, and heart, well protected from the big dogs of the division. The problem with that argument is there are few big dogs in the division they might need protection from. Both have come up against their fair share of prospects and fringe contenders, and Duddy has faced genuine contenders and former champions.

Now is the time chosen to move them along to a real title challenge, and one can only hope it’s the winner who gets that call, but such is not always the case in boxing.

You can safely dismiss the critics for this one as far as the fight goes. Both are decently skilled distance boxers who love nothing more than to end up in a good old fashioned nose to nose slugfest, exactly the mix of styles the casual boxing fan loves that has made these two big ticket sellers in fan friendly fights.

Chavez Jr is the bigger name, and thusly attracted the attentions of Boxing’s current Svengali, Freddie Roach, who assiduously adopted Junior for some 3 weeks of tweaks and fine tuning in advance of the expected pre 4th of July fireworks. That type of grooming alone makes Chavez the favorite, but Duddy’s stiffer competition makes this a close enough fight that you might want to lock away the deed to the family farm in a secure location and handoff the key to the wife.

Chavez vs Duddy

Chavez vs Duddy

Both are also near identical height and reach also, but the intrigue is that both are new to this, the biggest, most acclaimed fight of their careers, so how do they react to the attention and pressure?

My theory is that Junior has been under public pressure from his first day as a pro, being constantly compared to his legendary father, and yet has remained unblemished. Duddy has been under a different pressure, coming up the hard way, slowly building the public acclaim to finally arrive on his biggest stage yet. It’s fair to say that he is the hungrier fighter, and I think he will recognize the rowdy San Antonio boxing crowd in a similar vein to the raucous Irish boxing fans at home.

Everything is pointing to a spirited, hotly contested fight, the kind that can only benefit both fighters no matter the winner. My crystal noggin foresees a Junior victory, perhaps Duddy being a victim of his previous scar tissue. I do see Duddy has having the slight power advantage with perhaps Junior’s chin not yet being properly tested, so this could have a surprising end.

Regardless, it’s Win/Win for the fans, so get ready for a rumble down Olde San Antone Way.