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Young Gun Joseph Parker vs Ol’ Sherman Tank Williams

Young prospect Joseph Parker, age 22, has a stiff challenge ahead to climb the big hill of the heavyweight rankings when he takes on 42 year old Sherman Williams October 16th in Aucklands, New Zealand. Already he’s breathed some much needed fresh air in the division by his youthful exuberance in and out of the ring, but he’ll need to be minding his schoolboy Ps and his Qs if he is to hurdle the shopworn but always dangerous Sherman Tank.

Mighty Joe Parker

Mighty Joe Parker

This new kid on the block with an exciting take no prisoners style has down unders in New Zealand and Australia looking for their first ever heavyweight champ from those parts. Truth be told, he’s got a good shot at winning a title if he can overcome the usual personal, promotional, and fight setbacks, and more importantly, doesn’t become locked out of a title challenge due to boxing politics, something even the best heavyweights have sometimes had to overcome.

Williams who was last ranked 95th by boxrec is a good test, but my view is the one feature lacking from current heavyweight contenders and pretenders is a fatal failure to mix it up with fellow up and coming prospects who learn more fighting each other than against cagey veterans who usually only have a few tricks left in their bags that most everyone in boxing have already has figured out.

Will Young Gun Joseph Parker figure out the ol’ rusty beat up Sherman Tank Williams or is Parker to be left for road kill after Williams goes on a rampage through his artillery lines? We’re fixin’ to find out soon enough.

Alex Leapai Leaps Into Wlad Klitschko Danger Zone

The current Ring heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko defends all his multiple titles against WBO mandatory Alex The Lionheart Leapai next Saturday, April 26th in Oberhausen, Germany.

Ukrainian vs Samoan

Ukrainian vs Samoan

Most boxing fans know little if anything about the Samoan challenger  now living and fighting in Australia, but Leapai is a charismatic all action slugger with a feel good story that can be easily promoted. The popular heavyweight from down under previously endured more than his fair share of personal and ring setbacks typical of young hardscrabble boxers as he fought his way up the food chain, but now he’s in a “the sky is the limit” moment that may see him utilize his full potential.

He did pretty well for himself training part time for his WBO eliminator against long time Ring ranked  Denis Boytsov, knocking him down a couple of times to stay on top by a commanding decision even as Boytsov fought a heroic losing battle in their surprising matchup. With this awe inspiring performance bolstering him,  Leapai will now be able to train full-time against the best sparring partners of his career to whip himself into the proper mental and physical form needed to topple a Klitschko, but only if he can stay away from his bountiful wife who has already blessed him with a half dozen children.  Continue reading

Evander Holyfield–When Enough Ain’t Enough

Good golly Miss Folly, when will enough be ENOUGH ALREADY for Evander Holyfield?

"The Greenbriar"

“The Greenbriar”

So as not to be a spoilsport, I’m OK that he is fighting  Sherman Williams at The Greenbrier, a historic high end hotel resort privy to the moneyed bluebloods and the ruling establishment of Washington DC.

Hey, it’s the kind of classy soft landing clubfight venue that fans and former fans of 48 yr old Mr. Holyfield have long pined for after a career spent going against most of the best heavyweights of the 1990s, one of the best heavyweight eras of boxing.

Mr. Field notched his first top ten heavy scalp in 1989 against Michel Dokes in a thrilling fight of the year kinda slugfest that wowed boxing fans everywhere. In between his last top ten scalp against Hasim Rahman in 2002, Mr. Holyfield managed to win 4 heavyweight titles, a new record, but the magic was clearly gone when he had to billygoat his way to victory over Rahman in a bizarre technical win that ended with Rahman sporting a lump the size of a softball over his eye.

That’s a long legendary 13 years against the best, and an even longer 9 years afterwards that sees Mr. Holyfield struggling to show any form against top ten fighters. He has even struggled against retired, inactive heavies on the comeback trail, aka Sherman Williams, 34-11-2, 19 KO as it may happen this Saturday at The Greenbrier.

This fight has been bounced around from venue to venue as promoters struggle to put together a viable package they can market as has happened to many of Mr. Holyfield’s scheduled opponents whose fights ultimately were canceled for lack of promotional and public interest. His next fight is supposed to be on March 5th against Brian Nielsen in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The soon to be 46 yr old former IBO/IBC champ Brian Nielson is another retired heavy announcing a comeback after a sweet 9 year vacation. And why shouldn’t he hop on the newly formed Real Deal Senior Circuit?

Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis and Larry Holmes are reported to have received special viewing invitations at this historic West Virginia landmark, so could be a chance for one or all to scout out the promotion and contemplate their own comebacks against Mr. Holyfield.

And I’m OK with that, this new senior circuit league.

What I’m not OK with is Mr. Holyfield’s incessant quest to not only regain a 5th heavyweight title, but to unify the division, something he could never do in his prime, though he did win and go to defend a unified title 3x before losing it to Riddick Bowe.

Don King leveraged the legend of Mr. Holyfield to maneuver him to two consecutive title challenges in 2007-2008 to WBO champ Sultan Ibragimov and WBA champ NikolayValuev. He could scarcely mount an offensive threat against the champs who were clearly wearing the cuffs, not wishing to be the one blamed for scrambling the remainder of his brains for the rest of his life, or WORSE!

In his prime as a champion, Mr. Holyfield’s KO ratio was abysmal and has only gotten worse as his reflexes abandoned him while aging through the decades. It just ain’t a fairfight anymore unless he gets “assistance” from officials as he now requires.

The Greenbrier “Redemption in America” card has been heavily promoted in Fightnews, seemingly some dozen or more articles every week for several weeks now. He did an interview with boxing fanhouse as part of the leadup to the fight claiming the Klitschkos are ducking him:


I don’t know what is more laughable, or is it cryable, when Mr. Holyfield followed the ducking charge on the topic of money, how much he made and how much he could make for everyone, splitting $40 million against one of the brothers in ‘Vander World.

Newsflash for Mr. Holyfield:

Top contenders don’t want to fight you because they don’t want to hit you, and as much as you want to hit them, you can’t any more than you could hit the side of a barn with a sawed off shotgun in your current state of decline.

It Happens

It Happens

Give it up and stay on the senior circuit.

I suspect even the rusting 258 lb Sherman “Tank” will give you more fire than team Atlanta has seen since General Sherman marched through the Atlanta cottonfields some 145 yrs ago. The parallel may be lost on you, but fairplay, we know the fight is the perfect prep for a Tyson rubber match, something more in your league, so good luck, but please, keep your delusions to yourself, you’re scarin’ folks.

George Foreman was knocking around a prime Shannon Briggs like a bowling pin at your age, but you ain’t Big Bad George. You were  lucky enough hang on for dear life in the closing rounds to survive him in your prime, a distant 20 yrs ago.

For the sake of boxing, your fans, and more importantly, your family, especially your children, please do find that perfect soft spot to land your retirement on with a semblance of dignity your career deserves.

Oh, did I mention Mr. Holyfield is defending his newly “won” World Boxing Federation heavyweight title he acquired from “knocking out” Kris Kringle in the form of one Frans Botha?

Yah, va con Dios, mi amigo.