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Pongsaklek Wonjongkam, World’s #1 Superflyweight

Another Thai boxer will be the top fighter this coming weekend, longtime WBC flyweight champ, Pongsaklek Wonjongkam who will defend his title against Thai compatriot, Surivan Por Chokchai in Thailand.

Just this last week, the other top Thai fighter, Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym shockingly dropped his WBA Superbanty title to Japanese fighter, Ryol Li Lee in an away defense in Toyko, Japan.

The “fancy dan” fashion in which Lee sprang the upset on Kratingdaenggym may have been questionable, but in the comfortable confines of Thailand, it is highly unlikely a fighter could pull off such a stunt against a Thai legend that Wonjongkam has become.

Chokchai is a very young 21 yrs old with nothing in his record suggesting he would even be a favorite against a top 10 contender, much less the Ring champ and ranked p4per that is Wonjongkam at this point in his career.

Ring Champ

Ring Champ

However, Wonjongkam has the wear and tear of being 33 yrs of age with 80 pro fights and 521 rounds chalked up in a long career. There is an old saying old salts are want to quote that sometimes a fighter ages overnight come fight night.

Chokchai is extremely fresh and very hungry compared to the old mossback Wonjongkam, but he has little demonstrated power which has been the traditional preferred way to pull off the upset. He would have to pull off a fancy dance combined with eye catching counters to have any chance of upsetting the applecart, but stranger things have happened.

Regardless, from my perspective, it’s been a great opportunity to get these little Thai warriors out in a public cyberspace for some well deserved plaudits in a slow period of activity for top fighters.

These little champs like to fight often and risk much by putting everything on the line against less than stellar competition, but they always make up for it by eventually going up against the best and prevailing as any quick glance at their records will show.

It may be difficult to catch this fight, but at least you’ve been alerted to what may well turn into a war for as long as it lasts.

Tough Thai Battle

Tough Thai Battle