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First Boxer To Win MMA Title, The Preacher’s Daughter, Holly Holm, KOs Ronda Rousey

The photo that follows this commentary demonstrates the reason I don’t watch women’s combat sports, never have and never will. That said, the incredible spunk, will, and determination to master yet another sport shown by former Kickboxer, Boxing Champion, and now UFC bantamweight belt holder, Holly Holm, deserves some serious plaudits. Her spectacular knockout of media darling Ronda Rousey is everywhere, the first champion boxer to win an MMA title, and she’s a grrl!

I’d also note that after all the media attention given to the unprecedented rise of Rousey in the UFC ranks with the lack of given to Holms in the boxing ranks, both have shown more cajones in the ring and octagon in promoting their sport than the recently retired TUE, 49-0 ever did for men’s boxing, man being the inoperative word here.

Rousey even made the rounds at combat sports averse NPR in advance of this fight here:


Much derision now comes Rousey’s way by the usual low browed, anti-social media misanthropes ganging up on the brave loser as they jump on the bandwagon to bleat out their poison for the winner, a sad statement of the human condition. A fantastic outcome for Ms. Holm nonetheless. Ms. Rousey certainly has no shortage of Hollywood projects and corporate promotions to complete before her next venture into the Octagon. I figure she could retire tomorrow and never lose a beat as to all the opportunities that have opened up to her.

As to Ms. Holm, well, down goes the Queen and say hello to the new Queen. Pretty good work if you can get it, congrats.