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The 6-9 Tyson Fury Emerges From Hibernation vs Sefer Seferi?

The considerably self maligned and self abused Tyson Fury makes his return to boxing after his self imposed 3 year hibernation this Saturday, June 9th @ Manchester Arena (formerly M.E.N Arena), Manchester to defend his Gypsy honor and “Lineal” heavyweight title against a 39 year old Albanian listed on Boxrec as the 2nd rated Albanian cruiserweight, Sefer Seferi.

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus, and also a Tyson Fury as you can see here:

Before seizing the unified heavy title from future record setting HOFer Wlad Klitschko in the pink of condition and fight ready at 260 lbs.

Fit and ready to FIGHT!

First title fight and he’s Fit and ready to FIGHT!
Aftermath is time for SANTA EATS and EATS and Pies and Kebabs and Boars and ready to ROLY POLY PUDDIN’N PIE @ 360 lbs GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE YUM YUM YUM!

twitter javascript:; @anthony_joshua boring hay! We see who is boring when U face me! A big bully is what you are u big dosser. Big femi your bully street name. I’ve seen your type many times. The man who can’t speak his own mind, the plastic Nigerian 🇳🇬 I’m more Nigerian than you! I’ll fly the flag for Nigeria when we fight. GYPSY MAN. Represents the world 🌎. Ali had words for a man like you, they were Uncle Tom.

Ahem, returning to a sense of decorum, Seferi is being dismissed as a cruiserweight who lost his last fight to the now WBA “Regular” champ Manuel Charr, but make no mistake folks, I reviewed that fight. This the 2nd ranked Boxrec Albanian dwarfed by modern heavies used ring movement and fast aggressive flurries to burn the Charr off Charr who simply got whooped badly. Thing is Seri is a nobody in boxing and there’s more money to be made propping up Charr, so there it is, the dirty underbelly of boxing.

The 6-9 Fury dwarfs modern heavies, so the fight has that comic ridiculous aspect to it, and it remains to be seen if Fury has enough skills left to catch up with this quick little ethereal waterbug, so the potential for Fury looking like a clumsy oaf is there waiting.

I predict Fury is looking for a nice, really fast handed, fleet footed spar and will adopt that early motivation, however, after running through a few gears and shaking off cobwebs, he lowers the proverbial (((BOOM))) Then we’ll be graced with more of the live action Tyson Fury juggernaut as he moves towards his big Anthony Joshua rumble in Merry Aulde England for both a King’s and a Queen’s ransom.


Mighty Joe Parker vs Hugie Fury

This Saturday, September 23rd, Mighty Joe Parker defends his WBO heavyweight title against Irish Traveler Usurpist Hughie Fury, he of the notorious heavyweight champion Tyson Fury traveler stock @ Manchester Arena (formerly M.E.N Arena), Manchester, England.

This donnybrook of undefeateds has the prevailing look of the  “weird beards” of modern boxers, so of course the notoriously unreliable BBB of C enlisted the notoriously unreliable referee Terry O’Connor for 3rd man duties in the ring. Also, by modern heavyweight standards these are veritable kids, only 25 and 23 years old respectively, and Hughie ain’t even ranked by Ring or Boxrec, the two most dominant rankings. By WBO in house rankings which are bought by the fighters, young Hughie bargained his way into a mandatory ranking, so here we are with this the rescheduled version of the fight after Hughie literally left Parker in a lurch by pulling out two days before their last fight, citing a “back” injury.

By size these two are near equal, and by styles Parker has resisted the brutish Samoan stereotyping to become a very underrated boxer with some pop. Hughie is also a boxer type without any apparent pop, so this is not likely to be an action fight, but rather tit for tat moving smoothly about the ring. Parker has been in with vastly better competition though and should pull this off rather easily, but he’d better bring his knockout punch because the decision rendering business in boxing these days is more akin to crap shoot than a studied analysis, and the ref  certainly won’t be doing him any favors.

Nor will Big Tyson, the King of Verbose Gaseous Vapors missives will be suffocating Parker all night. It should be further noted that both the Furys may or may not have been involved in a minor Performance Enhancing Drugs mishap that the BBB of C seems to have had a hand in, but in that the alleged parties have largely remained mum on the issue, and thus ignored, the issue steadily receded to be now rattling around the dustbins of dubious history. But, wait, wait, the BBB of C cut a new stacked deck with the reassignment of O’Conner to judge duties with a new British ref, Marcus McDonnell.

Well, folks, it’s a new millennia, a new era of English heavyweight boxing, and such monkey shines are the current state of English boxing, indeed, boxing is just about every jurisdiction sad to say, but lookie-lookie, both the fighters properly shaved their beards!


Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko~A Battle of the Unknowns?

Anthony Joshua defends his IBF heavyweight belt with the chance to win the vacant WBA Super Heavyweight and IBO heavyweight belt against former forever champ, Wladimir Klitschko, Saturday, April 29th @ Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London. That’s in merry olde England for those that need to know.

Anthony Joshua vs Wlad Klitschko~It's ON!

Anthony Joshua vs Wlad Klitschko~It’s ON!

This is a huge opportunity for both with each being a magnificent scalp for the other in the legacy of great fights that this promises to be. This also represents a prime 27 year old fighter with an 18-0, 18 KO record against a past prime, 41 year old fighter with a 64-4, 53 KO record coming off a terrible loss when the plagues of his personal life heavily shackled him against his biggest ever, most fight worthy opponent in Tyson Fury. Nobody really knows just how good Joshua may or may not prove to be just as nobody really knows if Wlad is truly washed up as his critics are want to say. Prior to  his loss nobody but the loony Uncle Teddy’s of the world would be picking Josh in this fight, but now Josh is the slight favorite going into the fight. That tells me that the gaming pros who make their living having to set the best odds to rake in the greatest number of bets to turn a healthy profit on whomever wins essentially see the fight as even. That the fighter mutual unknowns seems to be lost with regrettable “Ring boxing experts” picking Josh by a 29-1 margin is one of a host of sideshow stories created in the big excitement of the biggest heavyweight fight in many years.

As a point of comparison, 19 year old Mike Tyson was also 18-0, 18 KOs early in his career, but he was still just a developing kid. Josh is much more mature 27 years old and has a rather settled, pacific way about his public profile for a young man, full of the trappings and fabulous purses of an all time great champion, yet still a gangling teen in accumulated pro rounds, only 44 compared to Tyson’s 34 rounds at that same stage. Josh has already defeated better fighters than Tyson though, so perhaps those 44 rounds represent a soon to be great all time prodigy. Thing is, Wlad is going into his 69th fight with all the twists and turns of 358 pro rounds, and in no way looked past his sell date until the Fury fight.

Folks have been asking how long will it be before we have another dominant heavy champ like Wlad. All I can say is just as Joe Louis was a record setting, once in a lifetime heavy making his debut in 1934 some 62 years prior to Wlad making his debut in 1996, so by those numbers it won’t be until 2058 until a fighter of their caliber makes his debut to fill the Wlad gaping gap. Much of Wlad and his brother Vitali’s careers have been spent getting little respect from the public fans and media save for their high Ring and Boxrec ratings, yet here now strides the affable British colossus with enough natural attributes, prime, youth, and unbeatable career momentum to knock Wlad out of boxing and upset cold statistical models.

Some 90,000+ rabid fans will be cramming Wembley Stadium to stress out their facilities to the max in anticipation of a monumental battle, so both have much to be thankful for as the heavy division becomes the most relevant division in boxing for at least this fight in this year.

However, bizarre performance reports out of the Wlad camp would seemingly indicate he is “shot.” I can guarantee he is no where near shot, but in spite of his breezy self confidence going into the fight, I could in no way guarantee the result because both have so many unknowns going into this bout. The bad rumors are likely planted by the betting agencies to spur what is near guaranteed to be monumental money being wagered. The gaming industry has a dirty business model in that regard. Wlad, although quite experienced, has an additional uphill battle with the traditionally dirty BBB of C oversight of judges, referee, and other official selections that have as much influence as the fighters have on the outcome. Such is the current shameful nature of boxing’s dubious official oversight of the sport.

The still young Tyson Fury who is turning 30 this year can be blamed for creating this perfect storm of an all time heavyweight boxing promotion when he mentally unraveled after his grand upset of Wlad in 2015. Now he weighs in as blob like 350+ lbs and has been seeking treatment for cocaine dependence and depression, so he’s out of commission until sometime next year, if ever though he has reported to have, cough-cough, entered training, perhaps for a Kebab eating championship. For now he’s pretty much confined to buckets of kebabs and idiotic twitterings.

Someone had to fill his big shoes, and as it turned the Fates have lined up young Joshua for opportunity of a lifetime. And then they lined up Wlad for the same opportunity. The only two fights that have bitter rivals Showtime and HBO working together were Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson and Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr, and both of those fights were duds because they happened way past the fighter’s best years. Wlad may be past his best, yet still in tremendous shape, but here is Joshua at his very best and still rising, so I smell knockout by one or the other.

Wlad also has a rare opportunity to beat his 3rd Olympic heavyweight Gold Medalist in Ray MercerAlexander Povetkin, and now Josh. Wlad may be the only one to beat two heavy gold medalists as it currently is.

Josh vs Wlad~Who YOU Got?

Josh vs Wlad~Who YOU Got?

Josh vs Wlad~Who YOU Got?

Josh vs Wlad~Who YOU Got?

It’s rare to have such a big fight between heavyweights with so many unknown factors going into the fight, and don’t think the fighters don’t know it as well. These are top, highly motivated pros and will be looking to exploit the least little edge, so, Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Tyson Fury Won Battle, But Wlad Klitschko Wins The War

Their big fight almost a year ago ended with a monumental upset as Tyson Fury took a solid unanimous decision over Wladimir Klitschko for the victory. Since then it’s been a slow spiral down the hill of ignominy for big Tyson as personal problems couched in the language as injuries and health issues have twice caused cancellation of the big rematch where he was reported to earn $10 million or more.

I’m reminded of the epic battle of undefeateds Ike Ibeabuchi vs David Tua back in 1997 that set the heavyweight record for most punches thrown, over 1700 of them in a 12 round fight. Tua was named 48th greatest all time puncher in a 2003 Ring all time top 100 list, and Ike was similarly predisposed as the proverbial bull in a china closet, so there was some long term damage. Ike complained of headaches after the bout as might be expected from eating hundreds of punches by Tua, but a hospital evaluation showed no immediate damage.

While the misanthropic anti-social media monkeys bemoaned the lack of offensive effort by Wlad, according to Fury, “You all heard about Doctor Steelhammer, about how hard he punches, how strong he is, you know…he caught me flush on the button with a straight right hand; I never felt it. He caught me in the temple, I didn’t feel it at the time, but I’ve been feeling it for two days after (smiles) I’ve been taking pain killers, my head has been going, ‘bang, bang, bang.’ “

Ike fought 3 more times, but he was a goner just 2 years later, hustled off to prison after repeated incidents such as kidnapping his girlfriend’s teen aged son and crashing his car into a highway pillar down Texas way to battering a Vegas escort he called into his room for a strip show. He blamed demons and evil spirits that were talking to him, so he was hustled off to a maximum security facility for 20 years and released right around the time of the Fury/Klitschko fight. In short, David Tua lost the battle but won the war. He ruined Ike and had a long storied career that could’ve been so much better with honest management than the crook who managed him.

The Fury/Klitschko was considerably less compelling than that fight, but no less hard hitting to Fury’s health. Tyson did well to survive, but he came to various post fight press conferences with a headache that wouldn’t go away in spite of liberal use of pain killers. And now he needs therapy.

Just like Ike who was just undefeated as well.

We can’t say if Fury can overcome these humiliating setbacks, but in the meantime a Wlad Klitschko vs Anthony Joshua fight is being mooted for both the IBF and WBA titles as Fury seems destined to be further stripped of his titles. Shame such an anticlimatic upset as this ends with a nary whimper, but many good things can still happen in boxing and there’s always next year.

As for now, Wlad vs Joshua…make it so and much outrage over boxing this year can be forgiven.

Fury vs Klitschko

Fury vs Klitschko

Wladimir Klitschko Down For The Long Count

A torn tendon is being blamed as the culprit behind the postponement of the Wlad/Fury fight scheduled in Germany this October 24th. This will be his 2nd postponement out of his last three fights, so it looks to be the predictable slow motion physical breakup being played out as he nears 40 years of age. 

Klitschko training camps tend to be so much harder than his fights due to his heavy sparring schedules, so he might consider lighter sparring and alternative conditioning routines as he closes out his career after an incredible record setting and tying run. Not my place to tell such a champ supported by a doctorate in physical education, but nobody can put off Father Time forever.

Good Luck with the rehabilitation.

Poor Fury is getting quite the reputation for knocking out big name opponents trying to train to fight him. Not the most lucrative setup, but becoming legendary in his own right. Nice Batman stunt too, and how on earth does 6-9 ever fit into a yellow Lamborghini without the use of Houdini spirits?

Maybe he can borrow Ricky Hatton’s fatman suit for the rematch presser, ya think? Link here:


Lookee Ma, It's Batman!

Lookee Ma, It’s Batman!


Big Fist Fest @ O2 London~Tyson’s Fury vs Christian’s Hammer

This may well turn out to be Tyson Fury‘s year if he can successfully do a number on tough fringe contender Christian Hammer come Saturday, February 28th at the O2 Arena in London. Of course fighting the squat Hammer will do little to prep him for a challenge against big all everything record setting champ Wladimir Klitschko, but if press release noise counts for anything,  freshly minted WBC beltholder Deontay Wilder is a more likely and much less dangerous target to hit.

Tyson's Fury vs Christian's Hammer

Tyson’s Fury vs Christian’s Hammer

It’s a new start for Fury after The Boxing Fates washed out what was supposed to be his huge 2012 year with repeated cancellations of his projected £5 million purse with the late not so great ingrate David Mr. Pinky Haye. That left Fury fighting for table scraps in the 2013 fight den of the greatly diminished Frank Warren. Fury managed to bookend those two minor fights in between a series of family tragedies starting with the still born death of his infant child and then the shocking sudden death of his Uncle Hughie.

I see this fight pretty much as a replay of Fury’s last comprehensive beating over Derek Chisora that ended when Chisora was pulled out of the fight between rounds after being well pulverized. Whether Fury will switch to his southpaw stance as he used against Chisora remains to be seen. Hammer is about the same size and quality, but you never know with heavies who always have a puncher’s chance, and the winner is…….?

Kimbo Slice Replaced By Chauncey Welliver vs Alexander Ustinov

Kimbo Slice for whatever reason has backed out of his scheduled fight against Alexander Ustinov and officially replaced by longtime fringe heavyweight contender Chauncy Welliver. That would be Saturday, December 11th at the Dynamo Palace of Sports, Moscow


Be interesting to see Ustinov against any number of American contenders, but there’s a reason both Tyson Fury and now Kimbo Slice backed out of fights with him as he’s very high risk and low reward, the kiss of death for otherwise worthy fighters of every era going back to the beginning of time.

What was going to be a fairly high profile fight of contrasts might well still be a decent fight from a technical perspective with the blubbery Welliver lasting longer, but the end result looks just as inevitable as the Kimbo fight with Welliver to be knocked out. The 38 year old Ustinov has been a credible top 20 contender who’s time is quickly running out and such will be the hope of the 31 year old Welliver who is quite experienced at 55-9-5 with 22 KOs, that youth and experience will be served.


Tyson Fury vs Derek Chisora, Rematch~Part II

This much savaged and justly ravaged rematch might possibly take place at the ExCel Arena in London on November 29th, a Saturday. Last I heard Tyson Fury hadn’t yet signed off against Dereck Chisora, but since their “Allegedly” fight has taken on the look of a promotional disaster, few would notice any news if he did finally sign. 

Welcome to review the breakdown of their first rematch that was rescheduled due to Chisora injury. Poor Fury has been so much poorer now for 3 straight big money fights being canceled, but Fury’s dilemma is to be expected after working with a weak promotional team just as he was ready for his title shot. The kid desperately needs a new promoter as he’s becoming stir crazy what with all usual monkeyshines, fines, deaths in the family, and other such that have kept him penned up like a caged tiger at a circus with his cage constantly rattled. Not much has changed from the original fight breakdown save for Fury’s fury and frustration level. He’s still favored over Chisora.



Tyson Fury Fight With Derek Chisora Scratched!

Poor Tyson Fury must be bemoaning the pitiable state of Britain’s top heavyweights when The Fates killed his third big splashy payday in the last week of preparations when training camps are supposed to be winding down.


So The Legend of Tyson Fury grows when his touted rivals can’t even make it through their training camps, Chisora with broken hand and Mr. Pinky Toe Haye with ongoing pinky toe malfunctions requiring surgery or rest. Fury has even started to sense something amiss in advance in his twitters:

“Don’t even think of pulling out of this fight bitch. Don’t do a @mrdavidhaye & be a s**thouse c**t. You’ll be a laughing stock.”

It’s awfully late to round up a replacement, but plenty of British journeyman around for Fury to vent his frustration on that would at least pay his training camp expenses like former contender and Oympic Gold Medalist Audley Harrison who started training and is in need of a fight or the hapless American Malik”Have Passport-Will Travel” Scott who recently graced British shores and other foreign locales for the expressed purpose of getting beat up for a paycheck.

Don’t know what it is with these soft lads they got boxing these days getting injured in their last days of training when physiologically they are supposed to be winding down and doing the fine tuning. Or maybe it’s the cavemen trainers who don’t understand the subtleties needed to compete at a high level. Old timers didn’t used to have these brutal extended training camps out of the necessity of needing to fight several times a year. Much better to have lots of fights with short training camps than to have long training camps and risk having no fight at all. Fighting keeps fighters in better fighting shape than training camps, but you can’t tell folks who endlessly attempt to pound square pegs into round holes anything.

Oh, well, such is the current British state of boxing. The rest of the card goes on albeit in greatly dwindled attendance of what was supposed to be a big stadium fight.  


Play It Again Sam~Tyson Fury vs Dereck Chisora II

Big British Heavyweight rivalry goes down Saturday, July 26th as Tyson Fury looks to reprise his first schooling of Dereck Chisora when they glove up for the rematch at the storied M.E.N. Stadium in Manchester. Regrettably the stadium has been renamed in some silly modern flash fad name that will only last as long until the next silly fad name comes along. Both the British Commonwealth and European Union title will be on the line as well as the disreputable reputations of the disputants not to mention competing graphic exchanges between their overly vociferous fans.

The Belts

The Belts

The undefeated man-mountain-child Fury, now 25 years of age, why amazingly he was supposed to have scheduled a private preliminary warmup, a 12-round gym fight in April to knock off the rust and frustration he accumulated while watching his  £5 million purse and Mr. David Haye slowly crumble into pinkie toe twinkie dust before his frustrated eyes. Powerful Cameroon fringe contender Carlos Takam was chosen for this private “fight,” likely to have been quite interesting away from the bright lights of the public ring. Seems a bit dangerous because of the possibility of cuts or other physical injuries before a big fight, but Fury is still in full mode of youth’s invincibility and has an overwhelming need for a “real” fight to settle him down. Can’t say how much the somewhat taciturn Takam cooperated in actually giving him a fight or even if it occurred , yet the Fury style would goad him if nothing else. A very aggressive, bluntforce punching Takam has since notched his biggest win against longtime contender Tony Thompson to jump into the middle of the contender fray, so make of it what you will.

The squattish British bad boy Chisora, 20-4, 13 KO, is no stranger to thuggish, threatening manners, yet seems dwarfed again in his assigned British role of the traditional “brave” British fighter losing all his biggest matches  in spite of his busy run of victories against the usual spate of heavyweight suspects. Now he returns to avenge the injury of his first professional loss against Fury.

The voluble Irish Traveler Fury, 22-0, 16 KO, has proven to be a throwback in both his brutal brawling style and bi-polar personality that alternates between the substantial charms of Irish blarney and volcanic blasts of temperament, all now available via Fury’s well traveled Twitter account. Certainly his fights have a similar cartoonish character to them, his last being against Joey Abell where Abell hit the deck four times as the flouncing Fury flab filling out his gut shot forth in comic  staccato bursts that in turn jarred loose the flapping gums of his critics into a bitter twitter strafing of the Fury boxing attributes.

Since Fury was just a goofy, babyfat kid in the first Chisora go round where he was able to outwork and outpunch the teletubby Chisora, I look for a much stronger Fury to really jump on the now 30 year old Chisora who not only lacks a big punch to get Fury’s respect, but is cursed by a forward plodding, easy to hit style. Fury is also the boxer in this bout whenever he chooses to be, capable of cruising to a wide points decision if he chooses to go that route. Fact is anything could happen in this fight up to and including a double disqualification, now that would be a sight to behold. For certain their fans won’t restrict themselves to the Marquis of Queensberry Rules of etiquette.



Chisora will have to perform well beyond any of his previous fights to win this whereas all Fury has to do is be himself, a much easier and more natural undertaking, yet the odds will likely close fast because of heavy betting by their rabid fans. Their rivalry has become such a big British event that the publicity spillover will grab some of the international market.

Guaranteed a donnybrook anytime Fury and Chisora collide, so keep a wary eye out for flying chairs come crashing through your tele and enjoy.