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Alex Leapai Leaps Into Wlad Klitschko Danger Zone

The current Ring heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko defends all his multiple titles against WBO mandatory Alex The Lionheart Leapai next Saturday, April 26th in Oberhausen, Germany.

Ukrainian vs Samoan

Ukrainian vs Samoan

Most boxing fans know little if anything about the Samoan challenger  now living and fighting in Australia, but Leapai is a charismatic all action slugger with a feel good story that can be easily promoted. The popular heavyweight from down under previously endured more than his fair share of personal and ring setbacks typical of young hardscrabble boxers as he fought his way up the food chain, but now he’s in a “the sky is the limit” moment that may see him utilize his full potential.

He did pretty well for himself training part time for his WBO eliminator against long time Ring ranked  Denis Boytsov, knocking him down a couple of times to stay on top by a commanding decision even as Boytsov fought a heroic losing battle in their surprising matchup. With this awe inspiring performance bolstering him,  Leapai will now be able to train full-time against the best sparring partners of his career to whip himself into the proper mental and physical form needed to topple a Klitschko, but only if he can stay away from his bountiful wife who has already blessed him with a half dozen children.  Continue reading