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Open Letter to The Association of Boxing Commissions(ABC) and Dick Cole

Regarding ABC recommendations to Dick Cole,
Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation  Combative Sports Program(TDLRC) on Antonio Margarito’s application for a license to box in the state of Texas:

Sirs, recently it has been brought to my attention that the Antonio Margarito/Carson Jones fight has been bumped from “The Event” held in the spanking new Cowboy Stadium recently completed with taxpayer monies in Arlington, Texas. Or at least, such are the reports from boxing news links. I also noticed that no reasons were given.

The implication was clear that Antonio Margarito will not be getting  his boxing  license back any time soon, so instead, his fight with Carson Jones will be in Mexico.

I didn’t see any indication of public testimony from interested parties held by the TDLRC as was requested, so a question arises as to if a decision was made in private and what were the results of that decision?

According  to Fightnews, the California State Athletic Commission is expected to “revisit” the Margarito suspension on February 22 of this year.

Is this to be a private or a public hearing?

During the year of Antonio Margarito’s suspension, there was much speculation that he may have used illegal wraps in previous fights, with his most immediate previous fights being held in Nevada and New Jersey. Has the Nevada and New Jersey State Athletic Commission conducted an inquiry or investigation into the Margarito handwraps controversy?

One reason we the unwashed masses of boxing fans want to know is that we never heard of any suspension of any official for allowing the illegal Margarito handwraps in the first place. We thought the commission was put into place to prevent these types of activities, yet it was apparently done in full view of the commission with the evidence laid out on the training table if reports are accurate.

What were the names of the CSAC representatives and has anyone asked if they were complicit in the attempt to load Margarito’s gloves?

What purpose do commissions serve if they are not properly doing their job other than collecting paychecks they may not be properly earning?

Who is investigating the ABC commission for not investigating the CSAC, NJSACB, and NSAC? Is this something that needs to be kicked upstairs to the US Congress for a federal inquiry, or would this be a state inquiry?

I, we, the unwashed boxing fans have some other questions, so when are the ABC, CSAC, NSAC, NJSACB, and TDLRC going to publically address the issues at stake, which are previous loading of gloves under noted jurisdictions and the future of the Antonio Margarito and Carson Jones fight? Both are US citizens in good standing it would appear, yet denied a place to pursue their profession without having to leave the US?