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***VADA Spoiler Alert***Alexander Povetkin vs Deontay Wilder

WBC heavyweight belt holder, Deontay Wilder, 36-0, 35 KO, goes against mandatory challenger, Alexander Povetkin, 30-1, 22 KO, at Khodynka Ice Palace, Moscow, this Saturday on May 21st.

Or not.

Seems the dirty sport of boxing and drug testing have created a mess that threatens each more than they realize. You can read about my previous take on the grazing herds of the fighting boxing media and neo-Nazi drug testing cartels here that ultimately exposed the hypocrisy of TUE 49-0 Floyd Mayweather as the liar and cheat he deserved to be all along.


However, this is all about Alexander Povetkin vs Deontay Wilder on May 21st, 2016, where after 3 previous April drug tests were passed by Povetkin, suddenly he failed 4th one with a low doses of what was a legal substance until January 1st of this year, meldonium, triggering the fight cancellation or postponement depending on which official or which fight camp is talking.  Jeez, you might ask, just what in the name of John L Sullivan is this meldonium stuff and how can it just suddenly appear?

One might suppose that meldonium is related to vibranium mixed with tooth faery dust, but NOOOOO, over 100 athletes have been caught unawares this year already for meldonium traces. No telling how many were caught for using asthma inhalers or the thousands of supplement products causing trace drug fail results every year, likely much like this case where many Russian supplements may well contain some meldonium because it’s perfectly legal there. How can we tell when most all the world is infested with what the drug testing cartels deem illegal?

Why o Why? Some of us ask the same suspect boxing officials and drug testing employees, why they can’t pass their own tests? I’ll tell you why, because they’re not obligated to test themselves, but instead chose to insure that their own messes don’t stink by not participating in their fraud. I myself could pass every test but the one for beer traces, and oh to hear the slings and missives hurled my way for being a drug cheat…only in boxing.

This latest drug testing disaster was all foretold in advance when the two different classes of snakes decided to engage the unholy marriage dance with each other. There have been no big fails as the boxing cognoscenti predicted, only little nickle and dime stuff with the one exception, the USADA’s TUE 49-0 Therapeutic User Exemption swept under the Vegas commish handy rug with the rest of the trash they try to hide. The  exemption was found to be  submitted for approval  to the Vegas commish a full 3 weeks after the fight ended, utterly shameless.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have already been lost in expensive training preparation for the Povetkin/Wilder fight, and may magnify to 20+ millions lost if this fight can’t be properly rescheduled as the usual shady suspects dicker over what amounts to much ado about nothing. Just pitiable, but such is not only reflective of the current state of boxing, but also that of the world.