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Gennady Golovkin vs Willie Monroe Jr

The fast rising, always smiling, always affable Gennady Golovkin goes against a hungry southpaw, Willie Monroe Jr this Saturday, May 16, The Forum in Los Angeles being the place to be.

Triple G

Triple G

The WBA/IBO/WBC beltholder Golovkin is coming off a somewhat difficult bout against the game, well skilled Martin Murray was difficult to hit cleanly, making reverse his primary gear until Golovkin finally managed to catch him solid for the stoppage. Monroe will likely provide more of the same, but can that light hitting, spoiler style ever be enough against the new beast from the east who’s modis operandi is a distinctive bong of the big noggin gong, separating every mental sense of his overmatched opponents.

Thing is, it’s always a dangerous fight against these spoiler types from a prospective loss stand point for a slugger, especially one as acclaimed as Golovkin. If he fails to knockout the spoiler, he “failed expectations” and the spoiler will have “exceeded expectations,” thus claiming credit for surviving on some scorecards in spite of generating next to no offense, offense supposed to being by far the most important factor in judging a fight.

Boxing judges tend to be like beauty contestant judges with preferences for a certain style of a fighter, American judges in particular rewarding a stinker/spoiler style regardless of lack of their offensive capabilities. Golovkin may be the fresh rising star here, but he’s a foreign interloper, (re: a no good Russian to certain types of the low brow American anti-social media fan base, never mind his Kazakhstan origins) as opposed to Junior being the American heir prince to the royalty of Willie The Worm Monroe who holds a win over the magnificent Marvin Hagler among his many other wins in his day.

Lord only knows how American judges will view this fight if Golovkin can’t knock out Monroe. Thank goodness the Canelo/Kirkland ref that night got it right in Texas this past Saturday. The internet would have melted had Laurence Cole got his grubbies on that fight.

Though not a compelling fight on paper, maybe Monroe can be more aggressive, but I doubt it, so here we go again, holding our baited breath against the next officiating travesty. Or maybe just be pragmatists and refuse to watch like most fans turned off by the current state of modern boxing. You be the judge.