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Los Grandes Mexicanos~Jhonny Gonzalez vs Jorge Arce

Long time Mexicano Grande Jorge ‘Travieso’ Arce will be showing some big cajones when he challenges another long time Mexicano Grande Jhonny Gonzalez for his hard won WBC featherweight belt this Saturday, October 4th. Los Mochis, Sinaloa is the appropriate location for an all action mano a mano duel that greatly favors Gonzalez.

Jhonny vs Jorge

Jhonny vs Jorge

Win or lose, he never draws, Jhonny Gonzalez has proven to be one of the most exciting fighters of his era. While Arce is a very aggressive, exciting fighter in his own right with a superior numeric record, 64-7-2, 49 KO in 426 rounds compared to Gonzalez at 56-8, 47 KO in 313 rounds of boxing, the 32 year old Gonzalez is still near the top of his game compared to the grizzled 35 year old Arce who looks to stage another comeback in a new division. That would make Arce the first ever Mexican 5 division titlist if he can pull it off depending on how anyone might count his dozens of interim, regular, and super titles not to mention his many more title eliminators and other minor belts won.

Arce may be the naturally smaller fighter giving up significant height and reach to Gonzalez, but he is the charging bull in this fight. Though Gonzalez is adept at fighting both inside and outside the range Arce operates in, he is really going to have his hands full when the bull tries to turn this into a brawl.

Los puños estarán volando!