Tomasz Adamek Vs Big Baby Miller @Crossroads

Former P4P rated heavyweight, Tomasz “Goral” Adamek, looks to make a title shot comeback against the new baby on the heavyweight block, Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller, and Big Baby is a big’un alright, generally around the 300 lb mark on a 6-4 heavyduty frame. They’ll kick it off @Wintrust Arena, Chicago, Saturday, October 6th.

Now coming up on 42 years of age, Adamek’s career record is 53-5, 31 KO, vastly more experienced at the high end of boxing and boxrec rated #16, yet undeniably near the end of his stellar career as happens to any fighter. And Big Baby, 21-0-1, 18 KO, and Ring ranked #8, is hardly a baby any more at 30 years of age, yet still short of top level experience, a modern dillemma typical of today’s contenders who simply lack the overall numbers of quality fighters of the past generations to develop properly. We all know Chicago is filled with ethnic Poles, and with Adamek, being a Polish native, he will most certainly be the fan favorite, additionally boosted by the traditional underdog role fans love whenever a David vs Goliath matchup occurs.

The winner of this fight will doubtless be fighting for one of the titles next year, it’s preordained.

All those Polish fans won’t be able to physically help Adamek in the ring though. Even absent ring craft and nuance, the one thing Big Baby has over him besides immense size and strength is an aggressive punch output, perhaps the highest in the division. Though lacking a big punch thus far, just the sheer mass of his size coupled with his unceasing onslaught is enough to overcome every opponent thus far, and the once Ironman Adamek no longer possesses his super solid punch resistance and invincibility, so boxing fans best plan their expectations accordingly.


Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin

Anthony Joshua continues to take the heavyweight world by storm when he laces up against the long time top ranked fighter Deyonce Wilder shamelessly ducked out on, Alexander Povetkin, taking place Saturday, September 22 at Wembley Stadium.

For the 39 year old Olympic Gold Medalist, Povetkin, this could be his last chance saloon moment in the High Noon of sun if he can pull off the upset in the unified champ’s own backyard. Any fighter worth his weight will have dreamed of this opportunity, but previously Povetkin, 34-1, 24 KO, was never so ambitious. He turned pro to much acclaim, yet was soon seen as too small with no mitigating power to offset this behemoth generation of heavyweights and could only net nominal titles. When he finally stepped up after his own spate of ducking to take on the legendary Wladimir Klitschko, what an humiliating, man verses boy beating he took, but he took it well and is as tough as they come.

For Joshua who is 28 years old and 21-0, 20 KO, this is another moment to carve his name into fistic stone as one of the greatest fighters ever, so I expect both fighters to be in great shape with great battle plans, and given the stylistic and size differences, I expect a high end tactical fight early as each runs through his gears to test the other out. However, if only looking at the traditional boxing numbers that can be crunched on paper regarding the assets and liabilities of both fighters going into this fight, they heavily favor Joshua.

It would take the exceedingly rare, one off fighter to overturn the immutable laws of the universe, but not this time.

Boxing On Notice~Canelo vs Gennedy Golovkin 3.0…Maybe…

Saul Canelo Alvarez and Gennady GGG Golovkin are scheduled in Vegas for all the belts in Vegas this Saturday, September 15th Mexican Independence Day weekend, but like so much of the hooey in boxing these days, we cannot know if the scheduled fight can actually take place. Their previous Cinco de Mayo weekend rematch was quashed by bogus drug accusations that resulted in Canelo’s backdated 6 month suspension by the Vegas commish.

So yeah, hungover boxing suits, upon reflection in the dawn’s early glare after their Bacchanalian at the strip club, checked their empty pockets to find they had blown their paychecks. Now I see them in a desperate scramble of “treading on eggs” in the selection of officials for the rematch of the previously aborted rematch. The first Canelo/Golovkin fight was a good one  unfortunately marred by an outrageous 118-110 score by Adalaide Byrd, one of a host of horridly incompetent and/or corrupt judges and sundry officials across the global boxing world. Please also note that the 2020 Olympic committee banned “boxing” from those games after years of consecutive participation dating back to the first modern Olympic games, a shot across the bow of the ship of state of boxing that is no longer regarded as a fairly officiated sport in Amas or pros.

Pro Boxing has no such far ranging committee oversight save for the American public who has been fleeing the sport for over a decade now such that it has become a fringe sport. There are less than a handful big names that “might” register with the public, and none are native born Americans. Recently some two bit you tube punks who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag staged a faux feud leading to a “boxing match” that garnered a reported 100 milion PPV buys if the high end numbers hype are to be believed. They made millions,  more than 99.99% of today’s boxers command for a match, so there it is as today’s state of boxing goes. They’ve scheduled their sissyboy rematch, and who knows, maybe a new fad, a two bit punk boxing league and their aspiring wannabes.

For this misbegotten, reinvented 3.0 rematch after the grotesque failure of 2.0, the Vegas Commish will only be using one Nevada official, the long time and now elderly, yet always guaranteed to toe the Vegas commish line, judge Dave Moretti. Moretti also worked GGG-Canelo I, scoring it 115-113 for Golovkin, a reasonable score to be sure in a fight most thought Golovkin won, but certainly not all including this observer who scores “even” rounds that are not allowed in boxing to understand where the endless controversies are. Giving Golovkin all my “even” rounds gave Canelo a 1 point win on my card, not so far apart from 2 of the 3 official cards. The official fight result was a Split Draw with 114-114 being the “splitter” between the previously mentioned 118-110 score for Canelo and 115-113 for Golovkin.

Point in fact: Adding up those “official” scores for each fighter yields 345 points for Canelo vs 339 for Golovkin, an obvious advantage for Canelo if used as a tiebreaker in the current outdated 10 point must system of scoring that boxing uses, but of course that kind of advantage weakens the control of the suits determination of the results, hence the “draw” of the 10 point swing between 118-110 for Canelo and 115-113 for Golovkin, all strategically penned for more lucre. Could you imagine the outroar if the NFL/MLB/NBA kept 3 such disparate scores for every game?

Net result is that such boxing monkeyshines expose boxing’s many fault lines to erupt a flaming, vocal set of bipolar antisocial media segment of fans only caring to see the loser of any big fight being banned from the sport, or at least restricted to the small halls away their volcanic awareness so as not to defile their winner with his lowly loser presence.

They “wuz robbed” in classic boxing vernacular!

The other two judges are Steve Weisfeld  from New Jersey, and Glenn Feldman from Connecticut. None of those jurisdictions have any more credibility than Vegas, but at least Vegas offloads some of the potential blame in case of further controversy, but again, the fighters still have to toe the scratch line and fight, something that has become more and more problematic in boxing today after cancelled big fight headliners.

The referee will be Benjy Esteves Jr, also from New Jersey after Kenny Bayless wisely developed “personal problems” in advance of this “hot patootie” assignment as the Vegas premium choice, and then Tony Weeks got axed by long time Golovkin trainer, Abel Sanchez as the 2nd choice. Usually opposing teams are thrilled to have a big name officiate such a high profile match as are the chosen ref, but not in Vegas this go round.

The fighters are making the usual noises about knocking each other out, but the one who carries the biggest grudge is Canelo who has already lost out on a big payday with subsequent suspension as his reputation got dragged through the antisocial media cesspool, and his sin? Why he made beef, a longtime staple of fighters in training a part of his, specifically Mexican beef.

Sacre Bleu Mon Dieu! Now, according to Canelo, he’s has to train on fish and chicken instead of beef…the only available choice left in the modern nanogram lite in the loafers world of boxing folks!

Ironically, though the long delay is the longest period of inactivity of Canelo’s very busy career, it favors a refreshed and vengeful Canelo. He only just turned 28 and is at the cusp of his peak athletic years, whereas Golovkin is 36 and now aging in dog years for boxers. Oh, to be sure, Golovkin still has plenty enough left to beat Canelo, but then all Canelo has to do is make his aggressive showy flurries a more regular occurrence and he wins…well, maybe only sorta.

Because of the corrupt way boxing scores fights, just about every other weekend brings new outrage by the few fans boxing has left, and even if I scored it by one point for Canelo, it was too close for the current ham handed, low brow 10 point must scoring system in place. I’ve written extensively about their vestigial padded 10 point must system that ends up like some kind of weird transcribbled basketball score and their refusal to score even rounds where most of the controversies arise. Another negligence is too often being too stupid to add up the points correctly resulting in changed scores, sorta like if football used movable goal posts benefiting the home team. No other pro sport has such a sloppy, incomprehensible system as boxing and I fear it’s only gonna get worse in this epic drought of integrity before it gets better, so we’ll see soon enough…err…maybe, sorta!

Golovkin was looking tubby at the scheduled pre fight weighin several weeks ago where both were well within the maximum weight allowed. I’ve never seen Canelo out of shape even though his walking around street weight is probably in the 180s, not that far removed from his fight night weight. Golovkin pulled in a handsome purse last time and now lives a pretty good life between them proverbial “silk sheets” that Marvin Hagler used to talk of, hence the tubbiness. He and his manager Tom Loeffler now have enough sense of royal entitlement to have lobbied Vegas to have have Canelo suspended for perfectly legal nanogram ghost traces of Clenbuterol found in the Mexican food chain, and now return to the scene of their crime begging for more?

If Canelo was really a drug cheat, then why are they fighting him? And if they were really worried about drug cheating, why did they signup for BALCO Vic VADA “clean boxing” program that makes them eligible to access his BALCO vitamins? Do they even realize that by supporting the architects of an extortion racquet that forces Canelo to join the same program with access to the same BALCO vitamins, that the playing field is actually level this go round?

Seems to my predatory eyes like Team Golovkin may be the ones in a crisis of confidence that they could even win such a tough fight that most fighters shy away from in these padded record days. Still plenty of time to pull the plug on this doohickey as feets gets colder.

But wait, wait, “A hell-broth boil and bubble, Double, double toil and trouble, Fire burn and caldron bubble” in the Golden Boy paradise that has been instrumental in Canelo’s development, accolades, and riches. Oscar De La Hoya tells us he may become our new Hail to the Chief president in the 2020 election!

The undercards are also telling of the current state of boxing in that a top 10 American cannot be found, but thankfully we have plenty enough top 10 foreigners boxing. We have French Canadian David Lemieux going against Gary O’Sullivan, an Irishman from Cork in a slugging donnybrook, then a fresh Mexican slugger junior middle, Jaime Munguia vs another Canadian, Brandon Cook, and finally recently deposed Ring P4P # 1, Roman Gonzalez from Nicarauga fights Mexican Moises Fuentes in a flyweight spat.

Picked Canelo in my predictor league again, but in the last fight he could’ve been much more offensively active to edge out the fight, and conversely Golovkin could’ve been more aggressive, but both fought a good fight showing skillsets not always appreciated by the unwashed public. A dash of more heart displayed please coupled with good officiating and we could be looking at a classic trilogy instead of canceled fights and soiled reputations, so let’s go!



Adam Kownacki vs Charles Martin

This an unusual bout of a native Pole, now presumably American citizen and a new heavyweight contender, Adam Kownacki, 17-0, 14 KO, against a likewise relatively untested former WBA champ Charles Martin, 25-1, 23 KO being held @Barclays Center, Brooklyn, Saturday, September 8th.

Kownacki is rated 10th in Ring, and 12th in Boxrec whereas Martin is unranked in either because of inactivity. Both are sluggers, so I doubt we’ll see much in the way of Fancy Dan boxing, but more likely a war of attrition. Kownacki looks like a chubby choirboy without his beard, whereas Martin began looking like a jellied crack daddy with or without a beard after getting badly whooped by the now unified champ Anthony Joshua. After that fight where Martin netted a purse greater than the career earnings of TBA champ, Deontay Wilder, Martin got hisself shot up on the bad side of Las Angeles in the early AM hours while engaged in some shady business. Both have limited Ama careers and are in their prime athletic years, 29 and 32 years of age respectively.

I see it as pretty much a 50/50 fight of aspiring contenders. Never watched Kownacki save some fight highlights that show a face first, high intensity slugger, but I saw the regrettable Vyacheslav Glazkov and Joshua fights where Martin looked down right terrible, clueless really, and that IBF scrap he won had been stripped off Tyson Fury before the week was up after his epic Wladimir Klitschko victory, reduced to sham title with no credibilty whatsoever with the public until Joshua unified it with the other titles.

Nonetheless, this is a decent fight regardless of the limitations of the fighters, so who could ask more of a fighter than to toe the scratch line for another good go?

Canelo vs Golovkin Again~Let The Poisoning Begin

Or alternately titled, Poisonous Euphemistic Derivatives, or perhaps more aptly PEDs in nano miniatures in shorthanded modern lingo.

If Canelo does fight Golovkin again this September 15th in Vegas, and that is a Supersized “Big IF,” his purse stakes are considerably greater than the previous still birthed agreement after getting stiffed by Golovkin and his boxing suits. Be a shame if this historically well fought first match of this rivalry was killed by the poisonous boxing politics of modern bogus drug testing results.

Golovkin’s self chosen smaller fight with Vanes Martiroysan was fought for small patooties, so the question is does Golovkin have the cajones to man up to the rematch Canelo for the fortune he previously walked out on? His ring courage has never been questioned before, but here it is with at least myself if not others questioning his desire to make the rematch lest he lose a close fight.

And, yeah, Canelo even volunteered the hair sample that incessant nanogram IQ antisocial media were screaming about, reportedly the first boxer to ever do so, and in spite of no clenbuteral traces, it still wasn’t enough to secure the rematch with a couple of ghost nano grams being one billionth of the ant that moved the proverbial mountain, the mountain in this case being, what, a $60+ million dollar purse lost forever? The main professional sports of MLB/NBA/NFL wouldn’t let Conte within’ spittin’ distance of their operations, but now he’s King Rat running a premium drug testing extortion as the 3rd millennium boxing racket and their unwashed, untutored anti-social fans shoot themselves in the foot yet again. I can’t make this stuff up, it’s already done happened, settled history!

The deplorably infamous Conte ratted out his BALCO client list in a US Justice Department plea bargain to reduce his felony sentence of money laundering and steroid peddling, yet his supposed expertise proved to be so incapable of finding new cheats for the FBI such that they stopped following his leads and set him loose again to prey upon the soft public underbelly of boxing. Now he fishes the waters of boxing for minnow nanogram testing results, that’s one billionth of a gram, proclaiming he caught a whopper…only in boxing!

In short, if a fighter signs up for his nuevo BALCO program where he sells designer Peformance Enhancing Drugs guaranteed to pass VADA drug testing, it’s now WBC certified legal!

Canelo has maintained his popularity with his Mexican culture who has seen that these officiously damaging actions represent a war on their culture where clenbuterol is legally used by Mexican ranchers in the raising of their beef, thus entering the food chain legally. We live in a drug addled world so full of  prescription drugs that they now contaminate the waters we and our wildlife drink from. Are we to ban ourselves and our wildlife too?

Apparently in this crooked boxing world of today.

Manny Pacquiao already took on the scions of boxing to little credit. As it turned in the end, it was his accuser, Floyd Mayweather allied with the deplorable Travis Tygart and the Vegas Commish that were the drug cheats, officially pardoned by themselves!

We know that Conte and the WBC, VADA, and Vegas honchos could never pass a VADA test, but here it is like the King of England’s tax henchmen sent out into the populace to shake down tribute.

It’s now a brave new world order where the vacuous suits can now order equality in women’s track and field by forcing this woman, who has passed dozens of their sex tests and drug tests to ingest their poisonous meds so as to reduce her above normal testosterone count. In short, we are all being dumbed down drugged into perfect bureaucratic equality.

Nothing like watching a good gaggle of gelded gerbils come together for a public cluster fest, and only in quasi criminal drug testing cartels!

Big Tyson Fury in Belfast vs Francesco Pianata

Big Tyson Fury, 26-0, 19 KO came out of hibernation for his fans in Manchester a couple months back, so here he returns to console and consolidate his Irish fans in Belfast against Francesco Pianeta, 35-4-1, 21 KO, currently ranked 140th on Boxrec, but a former title contender before taking some hard losses. That would be Saturday, August 18th @Windsor Park.

Fury Fun & Games

Fury Fun & Games

One would suppose Fury’s previous rust removing Sefer Seferi bout was training for a Tony Bellew sized fighter who is currently boxrec ranked 4th over the 5th ranked Fury. Pianati would be a practice against an Anthony Joshua sized fighter, currently the boxrec #1. Along with Joshua and Bellew, the three Brits dominate the top heavyweight rankings and are currently the three most popular English fighters in Britain, so Fury seems to have got his natural promotional wits about him in his heralded return.

Pianeta wouldn’t normally have much of a chance against Fury in the past, but here he could catch a lackadaisical, carefree Fury clowning around for for a big downing, so we shall see.

Sergey Kovalev vs Eleider Alvarez in Atlantic City

Krusher Sergey Kovalev 32-2, 28 KO defends his WBO bauble against longtime Canadian lightheavy contender, Eleider Alvarez, 23-0, 11 KO @Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City this Saturday, August 8th.

Alvarez has fallen into the Montreal vacuum of boxing after his natural rival, Adonis Stevenson, avoided most every fight against legit contenders during his WBC run with the belt, a shameful stain on Canadian boxing and the WBC not to mention Stevenson himself, but of course this former pimp has proven throughout his career to be utterly shameless. The good news though is with Montreal being so close to Atlantic City, this fight has a feel of an easy regional commute with plenty of Alvarez’s Montreal fans showing up.

Have to figure Alvarez will be over matched here, but Kovalev is moving up in age, 35, and at least partially if not fully self trained these days though supposedly he hired a staff for this fight. Regardless, they still have to fight in the ring to prove their current mettle as boxing kicks the can down the road as they try to rebuild from their self created travesties marking a long decline in the public interest of boxing in spite of the general gameness of the fighters.

Enough already, let’s get it on!

Mikey Garcia vs Robert Easter Jr

This a traditional clash of undefeateds takes place Saturday, July 28th@Staples Center, Los Angeles with Mikey Garcia, 38-0, 30 KO looking to unify his WBC lightweight belt with the IBF belt held by Robert Easter Jr, who of course has his own plans for unification.

While this is a solid matchup of current champs willing to risk both their belts and undefeated records, facts are Mikey has looked like a million bucks in every one of his fights, whereas Easter, who in spite of looking tall and dangerous in the mold of a Thomas Hearns, has been looking quite fragile and vulnerable, needing at least a couple of questionable judging decisions to bump him down to this rocky landing.

Meanwhile, as great as Mikey has been looking, and as confident as he has been oozing in public, he may be making a mistake by overlooking this fight in anticipation of his welter debut against Errol Spence Jr, the most formidable monster currently serving time in the welter division. From my perspective from afar, that isn’t even a big fight in the risk vs reward assessment as neither fighter is known by the broader general public in this down cycle of boxing, so why bother with such a dangerous fight clearly out of your weight class?

All I know is Mikey better be ready for the best ever Easter who would be quite formidable enough if he ever got his act together, a relative Goliath in height and reach compared to Mikey. Dreams are a good thing for anyone, but they could quickly turn into a nightmare if not based on the realty of physics of boxing mixed up with the best laid plans of Mice and Men.

Everything could change on fight night the first time either gets hit on the jaw, but I’m going with Mikey here as he continues to move forward with admirable pace for any available big fights as an exceptionally well schooled, stellar P4P fighter extraordinaire in his era. Let’s do it gentlemen!

Mighty Joe Parker vs Dillian Whyte With Chisora vs Takam Too

The heavyweight clash between Dillian Whyte and Joseph Parker has now officially sold out after final production holds were released this week. Whyte and Parker collide for the WBC Silver and WBO International heavyweight crowns this Saturday at the 20,000-seat O2 Arena in London.

Parker’s last fight against Boxing’s all everything Big Dog, Anthony Joshua, saw him lose his undefeated WBO champ status in a rather bland performance by both exacerbated by the Italian imported referee who refused to allow the big boys to fight, breaking up all their action.

The face first brawling Whyte has no such genteel notions as to adhere to instructions by a lowly ref and looks to muller pretty boy Parker anyway he can. Longtime top 20 contenders Derek Chisora fights Carlos Takam as the main supporting undercard, yet another all action heavyweight duke’em up.

I picked Parker and Takam in my predictor league, so it’s now up to my boys to prove my genius.

World Boxing Super Series Cruiser Final~Aleksandr Usyk vs Murat Gassiev

The World Boxing Super Series cruiser final between Oleksandr Usyk and Murat Gassiev got somewhat lost somewhere in the dying embers of boxing, but these big boys are definitely the top two cruisers currently fighting today. The battle takes place @Olimpiyskiy, Moscow the week after the World Cup Finals with Mother Russia being  the 24 year old Gassiev’s birth place. Such is a distinct officiating advantage for the Russian over the Ukrainian Usyk, the two countries currently involved in a low level war over territory that hopefully has entered into a diplomatic phase, the prize disputed being the stunningly beautiful Crimea.

Yeah, I know, the same ol’ folly of mankind ruining our paradise of this blue-green crown jewel that we live on, but on Saturday, July 21st in Moscow, we at least have more civil representatives of the combatant countries stripped down to the bare essentials for as close to a fair squabble as ever has existed in history.

Technically, Gassiev, 26-0, 19 KO has more experience and touted as the proverbial beast in this duke’em up, but at this highest level, the 31 year old Usyk, 14-0, 11 KOs holds more world class experience and touted as the arteest, bolstered by extensive Amateur credentials to make up for his delayed pro debut. It’s also his habit to visit the stronghold of his rivals as he does here to kick their tails.

Thus I’m picking the talent and intellect of Usyk to overcome his beastly hometown competitor. The four major trinkets, WBC, WBA, IBF, and WBO will consolidate for whomever wins the fight, ironically making it easier for those salacious organizations to strip their titles if the winner can’t immediately fight their separate mandatories.