Money Mayweather’s Pie in the $ky vs Dangerous Donny Moore in Dubai

The 44 year old “retired” Floyd Mayweather Jr continues to Mint Money with exhibitions after last seen having the stuffing beat out of him by the celebrity boxing novice Logan Paul. Here he will now be gloving up against his former sparring partner, “Dangerous” Don Moore this Saturday, May 14th on the “surreal” helipad of Dubai’s opulent Burj Al Arab Hotel.

The PPV exhibition is supposed to be available worldwide on an exorbitant pay-per-view basis with extraordinarily limited “precarious” event seating as can be seen in this artistic rendering.

Dangerous Donny, now 42 years of age, 18-0-1, 12 KOs is a former tallish featherweight who never fought a single fighter with a winning record nor fought for a single title with his last fight being 6 years ago. There will be a women’s title fight on the undercard along with former titlists and contenders in real boxing bouts.

Dubois is an extraordinarily opulent oil rich Arab Sheikdom equipped with the most outstandingly opulent modern architecture money can buy as can be seen.

Hope and pray nobody gets dizzy and falls off………aieeeeeee!!! 





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